InstaLend Real Estate Crowdfunding and Investment

  • October 19, 2017
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You’ve heard of online stock trading companies for decades now such at Ameritrade and eTrade, but what about real estate? Now there is a new trend popping up that’s just as revolutionary to the concept of online investing as stock trading companies were in the early 2000s. The new trend is online real estate crowdfunding and investment companies. One of those newcomers is called InstaLend. InstaLends is an online lending platform that provides accredited investors with access to senior debt investment offerings.

Whether your an investor or borrower InstaLend will connect you to the right person on their platform. InstaLend works by underwriting the short-term loans, connecting the funding, and managing the investment. For more information in InstaLend visit:

How Does It Work For Investors? 

For investors InstaLend gets you instant access to pre-vetted dealflow.

1) Sign up.

2) Review investment opportunities.

3) Connect your account and deposit money into your InstaLend account.

4) Accrue immediate returns.

Get Real Estate Returns

How Does It Work For Borrowers? 

1) First create a borrower profile.

2) Submit a loan application.

3) Get a response within 24 business hours.

4) Once InstaLend is satisfied with their diligence they will schedule a closing with you per a pre-approved draw schedule and extension options.

5) Make monthly payments.

Submit Loan App

Does InstaLend Provide Analytics?

Yes they do have some analytics. “Detailed metrics on the dashboard help with monitoring and tracing of investment portfolio, diversification strategies and re-investment decisions.”

Are There Fees?

Yes, there are fees. In regards to fees to investor, “While there are no out-of-pocket fees for investors, we may try to collect a spread on each loan to cover ongoing investor reporting and communications relating to the investment.” “Most loans tend to carry an interest rate of 10-14%.” View investor FAQ here: If you are a borrower there are costs as well. “Most of our deals are funded between 11-15% with 2-4 points charged at closing. You are also expected to pay for the appraisal and the closing costs.” View the borrower FAQ here:

Are There Risk?

Yes, there is risk to any investment. There are also many other options in the real estate investment space so do your research. Statement from the InstaLend web site: “PAST PERFORMANCE IS NO GUARANTEE OF FUTURE RESULTS, AND ANY EXPECTED RETURNS OR HYPOTHETICAL PROJECTIONS MAY NOT REFLECT ACTUAL FUTURE PERFORMANCE. ALL INVESTMENTS INVOLVE RISK AND MAY RESULT IN PARTIAL OR TOTAL LOSS. There can be no assurance that an investment opportunity or any projected or actual performance shown on the Site will lead to the expected results shown or perform in any predictable manner. It should not be assumed that investors will experience returns in the future, if any, comparable to those shown or that any or all investors on the Site experienced such returns.” See entire disclosure

There seem to be new, novel investment companies popping up everywhere. InstaLend is just one of those companies, it’s a newcomer. Do your research on multiple companies, but InstaLend looks promising. InstaLend connects accredited investors to borrowers seeking to fund short-term residential real estate investments. For as little as $5,000 start investing on InstaLend today.

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