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  • February 24, 2018
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Reece Ringnald is creating a cryptocurrency news site and needs your help launching it on Patreon. Lets face it when it comes to cryptocurrency there are lots of sites out there, but who can you trust? Some sites seem legit, but you later discover they are trying to sell you a course. That’s why Mr. Ringnald’s site is is so intriguing. His mission is to push truth and responsibility surrounding cryptocurrency information. Consider donating or learn more today on his Patreon campaign:

Crypto Master

Ringnald’s goal is to establish a growing and knowledgeable community around important information one needs to keep pace with the growing world of digital currencies. His vision is to create a comprehensive resource that including articles, videos, interviews and up-to-the-minute news from around the world.

News Site Features

– Daily videos

– Periodic longer essays, and daily tweets.

– Learn technical analysis, termanology, and more! Newcomers are welcome.

– Depending on the funding generated by this new Patreon campaign in the future there may be psychical products as well.

Any Rewards?

Yes, there are several rewards. $1 or more per month gets you videos and articles early and content not seen by the general public. Also as a bonus you get one video topic request per month. $5+ gets you all previous, name in the credits, and two video topic requests. $10 or more gets you all previous, and access to owners business phone line. $20 or more per month gets you all previous and MP3 downloads of all content. More benefits to come says the site.


The importance of cryptocurrency in the financial world and our personal lives has just begun. Everyone is staking out a position and many of the foundations are shaky. Why not support a news site/information source who’s stated goal is to provide truthful and responsible information to the public? Consider support Ringnald’s Patreon campaign today.

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