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  • April 13, 2018
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I’m a huge supporter of the personal growth and development community. That’s why I sharing this Patreon with you today. Don Smith has created a Personal Development Growth Channel and needs your support on Patreon in order for it to thrive and grow. Founded in 2015 their mission is to help our personal and professional lives.

Support Don Smith on Patreon Today:

The Personal Growth Channel Patreon

Don Smith’s Personal Development Growth Channel since 2015 has grown to over 20,000 followers scattered throughout various media channels including Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Triberr, and direct email subscribers.

What Do They Do?

Don Smith’s organization produces personal development articles designed to stretch and grow you, highlight and develop courses, share book recommendations and life stories, and provide discounts and networking opportunities for their members. Most importantly they want to improve your life!

Why Patreon?

Don Smith is on Patreon to allow their company to bring you more valuable content and continue changing lives. The more Patrons that give to this Patreon the less they will rely on ads. When they reach $500 per month, they will upgrade to premium web hosting services which means that things will load faster for all of their members and they will be able to start adding more features to the main site.

Are There Any Rewards?

Yes, reward levels go from $1 to $50. $1 gets you a HUGE Thanks! My personal favorite is the $10 level which gives you a thanks, listing in the directory, access to everything they do, and a shout out on Twitter. $50 per month gets you a thanks, directory listing, access to everything, listing on sponsor page, sponsor plaque, snail mail thank you letter, and a shout out on Twitter.


Help take Personal Development Growth Channel to the next level consider supporting Don Smith’s Patreon campaign today.

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