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  • June 8, 2020
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Artisan Barber of New York wants to keep their business alive and well and needs your help to do so on Go Fund Me. If there is one thing I think people have missed the most during the Pandemic is the ability to get a haircut whenever you want. Somehow our politicians and people on TV have access to haircuts, but for the average person we’ve either done them ourselves or just gone without. Keep the brand alive and let people continue getting great haircuts in the future by supporting their campaign today.

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Artisan Barber of NYC has been around for 3 years and needs your help to continue thriving for years to come. They are inviting all friends, family, past clients, citizens of New York or anyone else to consider donating to this small business GoFundMe campaign. As the Covid Pandemic restrictions start getting lifted it’s more important than ever to go to the businesses you love, giving the workers generous tips, etc.

If there is one leason I learned from the Pandemic it’s how fragile society is. How the thin veil of life, the part that we normally take for granite can be taken away very easily. For example getting toilet paper from the grocery store, getting bottled water, cleaning supplies, going out to your favorite sit down restaurant, and yes getting a hair cut. All these things we normally didn’t even think about or appreciate before were almost taken away from us.

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Now that we are starting to get these things back. We need to support them so they stay here for good as we solve this pandemic issue. Artisan Barber New York was started by Charlie McCoy when he was just 15 years old. In 2012 McCoy became a Master Barber and Brand Ambassador with Kiehl’s 1851. Slowly but surely he built up his reputation as a men’s grooming expert. In 2017 McCoy decided to start his own thing, launching Artisan Barber as a haircare company and lifestyle brand based in Manhattan. Business started to boom! McCoy even opened up a 2nd location in 2019 on the Lower East Side. Life was good and getting better.


The success that seemed almost inevitable for the Artisan Barber, but that was about to change with the coming Pandemic. In March 2020 Governor Cuomo made the decision to suspend all barbershops. The formally bright future turned into a dark nightmare for this business. After three zero-revenue months Barber Shops are in the hole for a entire quarter of rent, utilities, and taxes, etc.

On top of that, there will be limits to reopening – new regulations that will restrain growth, operations, and revenue. McCoy is looking to raise a $100,000 Recovery Fund to cover the debt, expenses, and arrears for his two Manhattan Barbershops and the inevitable difficulties that he will encounter re-opening in the not so distant future.


This Covid Pandemic obviously hasn’t been easy for anyone, but if you resonate with his story or just want to support a great brand and business visit their GoFundMe today and consider donating. The more people that are aware of the issues small businesses are facing, like the Artisan Barber Shop, the better. Lets get America back to business as soon as it’s possible, even if it’s a new normal.

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