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  • August 30, 2021
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Before Uber, Lift, and other ride sharing companies I used to use traditional taxis. To get downtown each way it costs about $50 with taxis, then you had to add a 20% tip on top of that. When Uber and Lift came around I thought it was amazing I could now go downtown at about half the price and I didn’t have to tip! The app made it so convenient. The whole concept was amazing. Fast forward a few years and I started to learn that all rides are subsidized losing money on each customer. For this reason the cost increase of rideshare was inevitable.  Also, local governments got involved and begin to put substantial fees/taxes on each ride. That’s coming from the perspective of a customer, things aren’t any better for the drivers. Drivers have to pay gas, car washes, and service for their vehicles. So what does all this have to do with Indiegogo? I’m letting my readers know about a team posed to launch a rival platform that will make the welfare of rideshare drivers a priority. The new rideshare platform is called Newber and it needs your support on Indiegogo today.

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Help Rideshare Drivers

The Newber Rideshare Platform is designed to help rideshare drivers make more money and improve passenger experience. One of the main features of the Newber platform is drivers will actually be able to earn a living. That’s something I’d like to see more of on these so called “gig economy” apps. Why not make gig apps that actually allow people to make full time income? The welfare of rideshare drivers is a top priority for Newber. One of the things I didn’t know about until reading the Indiegogo page is rideshare companies charge high commissions. Drivers of Newber will gain the advantage of keeping whatever they earn without having to split the fare charges.

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The goal of he Newber Indiegogo campaign is $150,000 total. Patrons of this campaign will be paying for high-end servers, user agreement and legal advice, Android and IOS app development, advertisement, human resource management, and taxation. Money will be used to first develop a prototype, production, then completion of the project. The project will not only improve driver experience it also aims to improve the experience of the passenger.


Rideshare Apps were revolutionary when they came out initially, but cracks started forming. These companies can and should be improved. By supporting the Newber campaign you can help make a difference in the rideshare industry. Every penny you donate will help push drivers an inch towards better working conditions and livable wages. Consider support the Newber Indiegogo campaign today.

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