Hyper Epics Original Awesome Comic Books On Patreon

  • May 14, 2018
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Unless you live under a rock you know that comic books and specifically comic book themed movies are huge right now. I just looked up the stats for ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ and it has already grossed $1,606,829,103 worldwide! That’s insane! Lets get back to the source material though, actual comic books. That’s what Tom Hoover of Hyper Epics on Patreon is creating. 100% original, exciting, action packed, better throwback comic book short stories.

Please check out Tom Hoover’s page on Patreon and give your support if you can:


Hyper Epics Comic Books

Consider supporting his page or if you can’t afford a monthly donation share his link on social media. Anything helps! I think the rule of thumb should be, if you like someone’s art, do everything you can to support it. Doing what you love still requires making and living and paying the bills.

What Makes Them Unique?

What makes the “Hyper Epics” comic book series unique is that it’s a throw back to the way comic books used to be. All comics are a mere 3 pages long. All comics are free on their web site: http://www.hyperepics.com. Think of your monthly Patreon donation as a very modest subscription fee. This will help them tell bigger stories, feature industry artists, and hopefully finance print installments, may be even animated Hyper Epics short films. Fingers crossed!

Are There Any Rewards?

Yes, there are several intriguing awards for this comic book themed Patreon. $2 per month gets you a big thank you and your name in the web site credits. $5 gets you all previous plus high resolution digital copies of the stories they publish that month. $10 per month (Top level) gets you all previous plus story credits, sneak previews, and member only benefits. CashSherpa recommended the $10/month level.


At the end of the day, Tom and his team are completely independent without corporate sponsorship. They are telling stories from the heart, and funding all costs out of pocket. For these reasons it is nearly impossible to compete with the giants of the industry with the resources they have at hand, but they have come out swinging and telling stories that they will not. Personal I can’t stand most Marvel movies, so if you’re like me support independent comic book story tellers like Tom and donate today.


Stories From The Holocaust On GoFundMe

  • May 7, 2018
  • Crowdfunding
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Steven is a journalist, a writer, and photographer. His life’s ambition is to bring compelling stories to a wider audience that will educate, inform, and cause a change in our collective way of thinking. Steven has always chooser powerful topics and this, ‘Stories From The Holocaust’, is based on this unwavering principle.

Contribute to the GoFundMe here:


Stories From Holocaust GoFundMe

Steven’s current project focuses on Eva Mozes Kor, a woman who not only survived Auschwitz, but also the tortures of Joseph Mengele. Eva’s is a story of hope, of forgiveness, and the power of life.

More About The Project

There are 3 main aspects of the project.

1) First, Steven will be visiting with individuals who survived the Holocaust. His hope is to have them share their story, as Eva did, based off two questions- questions of hope.

2) Record and share those stories with the world.

3) Third, to bring these survivors to the community of the El Paso, Texas so that others may meet with them, sit with them, and hear their stories first hand.

The reason for the GoFundMe is in order to achieve these three objectives he needs help from the community. He can’t make these things happen by himself.

What Does Steven Want?

Here’s a detailed breakdown of what is needed and why it’s needed.

– $5,000 for travel expenses to meet with survivors, in person.

– $5,496.95 for the Nikon D850 Filmmaker’s Kit. Better equipment, better video.

– $479.94 for editing software.

– $2,599.00 for Apple MacBook Pro.

Total cost of this project is $13,575.86. That’s what the GoFundMe goal is set at.

Are There Any Rewards?

Yes, there are rewards for this very important project. Any contribution gets your name in the video credits. $25 gets you a video copy of one of the interviews, prior to release, as well as screen credit. $50, or more, you will receive a copy of the first five (5) interviews, as well as screen credit, and a copy of the magazine that they plan to publish in connection with this project. $1000 or more will get you all previous plus you (Donor) will become a part of the production. You’ll actually be interviewed in person, or over the phone. Interviews may become part of a special part of the film(s) at the end.


What makes this project different is these are not just stories of survival, but the focus is more about hope. These important stories have already been shared with groups such as Yad Vashem, the Shoah Foundation, and others. Help bring these powerful stories to life and consider funding Steven’s GoFundMe today.

James Marie Parker III Scary Flash Fiction On Patreon

  • May 3, 2018
  • Crowdfunding
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I’m a huge fan of horror movies and ghost stories so when I heard about this Patreon I knew I had to share it with my audience. James Marie Parker III is creating scary flash fiction and needs your support on Patreon.

If you don’t know what flash fiction is, it’s extremely brief, typically only a few hundred words or fewer in its entirety. James Marie Parker the Third is creating this kind of fiction at 500 words and has built quite the audience. In order to continue building his audience ever further, he needs your support on his Patreon today.



James Marie Parker III Patreon

For a long time James Marie Parker III has had the desire to write, but has only half way committed. Now James has decided to go all in wanting to finally make a career out of flash fiction writing.

Scary Stories

What makes James Marie Parker III writing unique is he specialized in the scary story niche. What makes his writing even more of a golden unicorn is his scary stories incorporate humor and heartwarming elements. I think the problem with some scary movies and scary fiction is it can be exasperating and grating when too dark. I think one reason why Steven King is so popular is precisely because he incorporates human elements into his fiction. The fiction isn’t just one droning note of horror.

Where Can I Find These Scary Stories

– Reddit, Short Scary Stories sub-Reddit

– Published works, Book of No Sleep, 1 and 2

Search for these works: Suspension of Outbound Traffic, The Empty, Once More, From The Top, and Auntie Creep’s great rendition of The Recognition He Deserved.

What Can I Expect?

From James Marie Parker III you can expect at least one story a week. They will usually be between 450 to 500 words. Anyone who pays at least 1 dollar will get to read the written story a week early before it goes onto Reddit. As he is part of the No Sleep Writer’s Guild, certain stories will be put up there for narrators to get first crack on. In addition, from time to time, he may put up various things on his Patreon. Rewards start at just $1 per month so there isn’t any excuse not to contribute.



Parker concludes his Patreon by saying “Remember, wanderer. If you ever need a quick moment of excitement and scares, my humble abode will always accept you. And as long as you can find me or my stories, then you are never truly lost.” Consider giving to James Marie Parker III Patreon today.

AutoWater Pro Safest Touchless Water Filtration Faucet

  • April 28, 2018
  • Crowdfunding
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Introducing the AutoWater Pro campaign on Kickstarter. According to the creators The AutoWater Pro is the safest touchless water filtration faucet on the market. While cooking in the kitchen it’s inevitable that you’ll get your hands dirty. So what do you do in this situation? With a traditional faucet you’ll get your faucet covered in filth or even worse bacteria. Hands free operation is just one of the benefit of using a touchless water filtration system. Reaching for the Brita Pitcher doesn’t make sense in most cooking prep situations, but with the AutoWater Pro you’ll get filtered water easily whether your hands are dirty or not.

AutoWater not only makes pouring filtered water easy it works with any faucet. Yes, you heard right it turns any faucet into a touchless, smart filtered water device. With a simple swiping motion turn the faucet on or off. This way you can keep germ free and eliminate cross contamination.

Visit The AutoWater Kickstater Today:


AutoWater On Kickstater

AutoWater is well on its way to meeting its goal (See Above)

How Does It Work?

The AutoWater Pro features one sensor on the left to turn the tap on or off and one sensor on the bottom for short bursts. Compared to other auto faucets the Auto Water is a bargain at $69. For example the Moen Motionsense is a whopping $340 and the DELTATouch20 is $250. Those other faucets btw don’t even use a rechargeable battery. The AutoWater which just one single charge will last 365 days. I would say the only downside on this product is like all water filtering systems you have to replace the filter once and a while, but that’s expected.

How Does The Water Taste?

Within the sensor housing the filter features a 100% activated charcoal system. This charcoal filter purifies 100% of water contaminants. Activated charcoal absorbs organic chemicals, purifies at the molecular level, zero water flow compromise, chlorine absorption, improves water taste, and improves water potability purity.

“ACF is an excellent functional adsorbent material due to its high porosity and large surface area. It has the advantages of fast adsorption rate and ease of handling. It is widely used in a multitude of applications including air purification, water treatment, water purification, air filters in gas masks and respirators, filters in compressed air and many other applications.”

Are There Any Rewards?

Yes, there are several rewards to this exciting water Kickstarter. Pledges like most campaigns start out at $1 and that give you a huge thank you from the company. They couldn’t do it without you! The CashSherpa recommended level is $69 and that gives you the big thanks plus the AutoWater unit. The rewards go all the way up to the $149 level which includes the thanks plus two unit kits. All rewards are expected to start shipping in July, 2018.


What are you waiting for? Don’t you want to turn your boring faucet into a smart faucet? Don’t delay consider giving to their Kickstarter today.

Dungeon Dreams Roguelike-Style Romance JRPG On Kickstarter

  • April 22, 2018
  • Crowdfunding
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In grade school and later in high school I was a HUGE fan of the RPG games. Especially games like Dragon Quest and the Final Fantasy Series. I used to play RPG games on Nintendo, Super Nintendo, and later Playstation and XBOX. That’s why I love featuring RPG Kickstater campaigns on the blog. There is a new RPG Kickstater called Dungeon Dreams with some of the retro touches I saw in my youth. Dungeon Dreams is a roguelike-style romance JRPG. The current goal of this campaign is $2,215, so at about 50% funded they need your help.

Consider supporting Dungeon Dreams on Kickstater today:


Kickstater New Video Game RPG

Dungeon Dreams is designed to be like a roguelike-style romance Japanese Role Playing Game. What makes this game different from many others is your choices in the game matter, your choices change the outcome of the game. Dungeon Dreams features a flexible story system, randomly generated dungeon, town building, relationship/dating sim, and more.

Additional Features

65+ titled sub-quests, 15 recruitable party members + 10 temporary guests/summons, 5 romance options (including marriage), 35+ classes, 12+ minigames, 45 pieces of furniture, 8+ building opportunities, 250+ skills to learn, 500+ pieces of equipment, and more being added soon.

The Characters

I think one of the key features of the most successful RPG games is the artwork. That’s one of the reason I enjoyed the Final Fantasy games so much. The Dungeon Dreams designers you can tell spent countless hours designing the characters.

This is just a sample of the quality of characters/artwork you’ll see in the game.

Jane RPG

Jane from Dungeon Dreams (Above)

Grant RPG

Grant from Dungeon Dreams (Above)

Are There Any Rewards?

Yes, you’ll get several rewards for supporting this awesome Kickstater. Level one starts at $6 USD and you’ll get a huge thanks and name in credits. If nothing else, I’d do this one, how cool would it be to see your name in the video game credits for only $6? $18 is my recommended level of support. With $18 you’ll get a digital copy of the game and your name in the credits. The reward level goes all the way up to $123, it includes original party member, game copy, artbook, 4 HD wallpapers, soundtrack, and name in credits. If you can afford this one I’d say go for the top level.


A big portion of Dungeon Dreams has already been created and is being tested by a small group of dedicated beta testers, but they need your help in order to fully complete this video game. Consider supporting this RPG with 2D retro touches and anime influences today.

Comfortable Travel Stretch T-Shirt Kickstarter

  • April 19, 2018
  • Crowdfunding
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If you are like me you travel frequently for business on lower cost airlines, skipping the business class. The issue you’re probably running into is tiny, cramped airplane seats. Airlines are uncomfortable enough, you don’t want your clothes to make the experience of flying even worse. That’s where the idea of “Travel Stretch T-Shirts” comes in. These shirts features luxury performance fabrics that will fit perfectly on any business traveling man. It’s available now on Kickstarter.

Check out these Travel Stretch T-Shirts on Kickstarter today:


Travel Shirts Kickstarter

The clothing brand behind the Kickstarter shirt is The Stretch Suit, a British fashion brand on a mission to develop the world’s most comfortable clothes, to bridge the gap between work, travel, and play. I like to think of them as yoga pants for men.

Why These Shirts? What’s Wrong With My Old Travel Shirt?

What’s wrong with cotton dress up shirts is that they absorb moisture (Sweat). Again, if you are like me, walking miles from your car, through the airport, through security, to your plane, eating junk airport food, feeling uncomfortable and cramped in your airline seat you sweat. So why not solve that issue with a new type of shirt designed for performance and comfort with its lightweight moisture wicking fabric used in footballer’s and tennis players shirts.

Like the trend with yoga pants for women, they caught on because people tried them, they were so comfortable and dare I say fashionable that women vowed to never go back to traditional clothing. The same is true for business dress travel attire. Just try one of these shirts and the difference should be so striking that men everywhere won’t want to go back to traditional cotton.

The Science Behind The Shirt (Graphic)

The Science In The Shirt

More on why this shirt is superior to old fashion.

Why This Shirt

Are There Rewards?

So you are interested in getting this shirt, but want to know first if there are rewards first. Yes, I can say there are several reward levels to this $3,575 Kickstater Campaign (Already met goal). $1.43 USD gets you a huge thank you plus your name on their mailing list. The recommended level CashSherpa vouches for is the $127 level and that gets you all previous plus a Stretch Shirt. I say if you do in fact travel and wear a dress shirt/business suit while traveling try out this article of clothing and see what you think. If you just want an extra shirt in your closet I’d say pass. These shirts are for the serious traveler or active businessman.


The demanding, fast-paced lifestyle we live in requires men to be adaptable, flexible and enduring; just like The Super Stretch Shirt. Consider contributing to the Super Stretch Shirt Kickstater campaign.

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