The Business Of Fake Twitter Accounts

People Making Fake Twitter Accounts & Making Money

Faux Twitter Introduction:

Selling Twitter followers is big business now days. There are people who can handle 150,000 Twitter accounts and followers at a time and sometimes even more than that too. The more you can handle the accounts, the more chances you have to make dollars. Study found that people can make $800 every day as an average just by selling followers to any Twitter account. One thing is to remember that this process is done by manually only but developers can create some software tools to make most of its steps automatic.

People need more followers to compete their business in the market. They just need to spend their money and they can easily get more Twitter followers than their competitors.  The fact is that money is transferring from one hand to another for Twitter accounts to boost the number of followers.

It’s a profitable business to sell Twitter followers today. PC World’s Christopher Null reports  says that James Clegg, make $128000 in last ten months and hold a large number of fake or bots followers. He created 13 website to sell twitter followers and to prevent rejection by Google, he regularly optimize the SEO tools and continuously get ranked by Search Engines Websites.

Fake seller just provide you the base price for 1000 fake followers and get orders from their websites where they are advertising about their business. A website with large traffic can easily get 80-100 orders in a day. Developers are making bots that creates fake Twitter accounts and they get a part of the money too.

Buyer who what to get more followers into their account includes small companies, minor celebrities, big corporations just to promote themselves. Several high profile cases have been also found in the past months like USA Today sport gambler Danny Sheridan and columnist of Sarah Phillips. The report said that they get the followers by a discontented third party.


It is a new business today to have some tools and create fake Twitter account and make more dollars for you by selling the followers who are in need. The last thing you must know is that it can improve or promote anyone, but at the same time it can also destroy someone when they are get exposed if anyone report for their account to Twitter. Buying or Selling Twitter accounts is clearly violates the Twitter TOS. If any account is confirmed as fake then it will be deleted by Twitter.

Are Pay Per View (PPV) Networks Right For You?

  • May 6, 2011
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Are Pay Per View (PPV) Networks Right For You?

PPV advertising also known as Pay Per View is growing in popularity, but probably advertising you should avoid. Since it is still relatively new there is limited competition which means that you will be able to receive better rates for your traffic using this method. The traffic is cheaper, but are advertisers getting better results than traditional pay-per-click? Some swear by PPV traffic and others say it’s a waste of time. In this article I show you how to get started with PPV traffic and what are some of the best networks and marketing tactics. Just a quick warning traffic from PPV networks is sometimes no allowed. Pay close attention to advertiser guidelines. My opinion with paid to view advertising is stay away it’s better to be safe than sorry.

When you are setting up your PPV account you are able to do more than just bid on keywords. You have the option of bidding on websites (URL’s) where you would like for your ad to be displayed. You are also able to rotate your ad copy for testing purposes which makes PPV a great deal for someone who I is just starting out and is looking to maximize their advertising budget. The obvious URLs have lots and lots of competition, but the nice part about targeting with URLs virtually any URL you can think of is fair game. For you that means it’s virtually impossible to 100% saturate the market like pay-per-click sometimes feels.

Since each network has their own approval process you will want to see the different networks first and see what the requirements are. There are a few steps that you will take initially:

Step 1: The approval process

Step 2: Choose the Offer That You Want To Promote

Step 3: Choose the Keywords (or URL’s) You Want to Bid On

Step 4: Decide On What Your Budget Is Going to be (very important step)

Step 5: Start Tracking and Testing Your Traffic

One word of advice with PPV traffic is always always set a low daily budget. Once again always have a budget! You will quickly find out if the traffic is converting or not. There is a lot of junk traffic in PPV networks.

When you set up your page you will also want to ensure that you have a creative ready to use for your campaigns.

Let’s not forget that while you are tracking you may want to consider rotating your offer, this way you can test to see which ad copy is working and which is not. You can revise and tweak as needed to ensure the highest possible conversions.

How much money you make will be determined by what offer you choose to promote, and this can vary greatly from offer to offer.

From there, you can decide which offers you want to promote and since you can choose which offers you promote you can choose to promote the higher paying offers if you would like. Choose your campaigns carefully, read the terms and conditions if you plan to run affiliate offers, pay close attention to the look and feel of the landing page, and think about your future goals with the campaign. If the point of the campaign to capture e-mail addresses for future sales or generate a quick lead?

Here is a list of the top PPV networks available at the moment according to popularity:

Traffic Vance

Media Traffic

Lead Impact

Addon Network

Direct CPV

CPV Marketplace




Register for the networks you are interested in and follow the steps above to get started on your next traffic campaign. There is great opportunity with PPV networks, just make sure you test lots and lots of campaigns, set a budget, and pay close attention to your landing pages. Once again my opinion paid to view advertising is stay away it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Facebook Ads CPC versus CPM – Which of the Two to Choose?

  • May 5, 2011
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Facebook Ads CPC versus CPM – Which of the Two to Choose?

Quick Overview

Facebook has banned several accounts especially among affiliates which resulted to daily spend limits reduced. After this incident, Facebook announced via notification that they are going to change priorities on advertising which they will prioritize CPC more than the CPM advertisers. This change was imposed early on 2nd quarter of 2010 where CPC advertisers will get more clicks than CPM.

This new system will give clicks to CPC advertisers that are way more than the CPM advertisers which mean to say that if you are one of the CPM advertisers you are going to get affected more.

Comparison between Facebook CPC and CPM CTR of Identical Ads

According to recent study, the CPA ads dominated the stream when we talk about CTR but this result is not conclusive yet.

All the types of ads on the campaign being experimented followed the same pattern which results to higher CTR on CPC ad than on the CPM adverts. This is the fact found on the result of the case study but this does not mean you should change all your CPM adverts to CPC.

One of the factors that you need to consider is the cost of CPC and CPM. According to the case study, CPM ads were cheaper regardless of the fact that it has significantly lower CTR. You need to base your decision on whether you want higher CTR or cheaper CTR.

If you want cost-efficient way of advertising, you could go for the CPM bidding system despite yielding lower CTR but then again the results of the case study is not absolute. This means to say that it is still on case to case basis. But, it is for certain that CPC ads have higher CTR while CPM has cheaper cost per click.

Step-By-Step Guide How to Get Published on Amazon’s Kindle

  • May 4, 2011
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Step-By-Step Guide How to Get Published on Amazon’s Kindle

As a person, it is our nature to have an awesome talent. One of these talents is being a writer. A writer can create novels, stories, publications, or any form of writing which can give people an outburst of emotions, which can be an outburst of hatred, happiness, sadness, love, and many more. As a writer, it is important for them to publish their own articles and be known or famous for their own creation. There are lots of ways today for these articles to be published. You can send your article to any newspaper or you ask a printing press to publish a book or collection of your stories. Or you could just do it online. You can make a blog and post your stories there. And one of the most popular ways to publish your articles online is to publish it in Amazon’s Kindle. But wait a minute, what is Amazon’s Kindle anyway and how does it work?

The Amazon Kindle is portable e-book reader. Stating it more clearly, it is a combined software, hardware and network device developed by in their Lab126. It uses wireless connectivity to let the users of Amazon Kindle to download, shop for, browse and most importantly to read e-books, articles, newspapers, magazines, blogs or even any other form of digital publications. Well it is very evident that a lot of writers can get their articles to be read if they post their articles to Amazon Kindle and the problem of most writers is that they don’t really know how to publish an article in Amazon Kindle.

The solution is simple. Get ready your computer and an internet connection. The next step is to go to the Amazon site and look for the Publish on Kindle link at the bottom of Features and Services on the left side of the page. Open it and you will be instructed to log in, if you don’t have an account you should be instructed to create your account. If you already have an Amazon account you will be able to publish through their Digital Text Platform. Next, type your article clearly and very importantly, type it without mistakes because Amazon doesn’t really check it out. Running a spelling check might not really give you the best results of editing the spelling so you might read your manuscript again or even ask a friend to read it too. The next step is to format your article into .txt, .pdf, or .doc or .docx. Amazon allows you to upload your book in any of these three formats. Avoiding the PDF format is a good ides. It will be hard for Amazon to format it in the Kindle format. Upload it now on the Digital Text Platform. You have the choice to publish it right away or not. Amazon has a built-in dashboard which allows users to publish content any time they want. If you are all ready to publish your book, you can click the publish button and it is published already. It will appear in Amazon after 72 hours. Your pay will be given by Amazon on a monthly basis which is 35% of the profits.

That is how easy you can publish a book in Kindle. So what are you waiting for writers, type your articles now and publish them in Kindle so that you could get known from your own publications.

How to Start Advertising on

  • May 2, 2011
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How to Start Advertising on

Get started advertising on

If you haven’t started advertising on already, you should start now. Think FaceBook ads target users interests well, think again, PlentyOfFish takes this to a whole new targeting level. For many years now there have been a lot of improvements with regards to the world of online marketing. There are already easy and quick steps for you to have money online just like putting advertisements on a self-modified search engine, social networking site, or by investing in stock market online. One of the great achievements online, which maybe you have heard or seen before, is that you can now create advertisements online with advertisement-builder sites in just quick and easy steps. There are thousands and thousands of advertisement- builder websites to date and one of the most popular advertisement-builder websites is the

Get started advertising on is actually an online dating website for singles but the is also offering an advertisement service where you can build your advertisement and generally increase your revenues by up to five hundred thousand dollars a month by taking advantage on their targeting capabilities. Many business owners target their customers according to gender, age, zipcode, education, and profession so that only the visitors of the dating website Plenty of Fish that could be interested of the advertisement can see it.

To create an advertisement in the dating site, you just have to follow five important steps. First, you just have to open the link and then you click the link “Create your First Ad”. You should see a form and complete it. After you created an account by completing the form, you simply have to log in to the system. The second step is to, create a new campaign and simply complete the required fields. The third step is to make the advertisement’s design. Add images, text and links so that it would look more creative, but make sure that they are compliant. You should see your design in the creative preview after you submit the advertisement, which would also appear the same in the dating site of The fourth step is funding. Add funds to your advertisement so that it would run, and this section will also keep track in all your transactions. The “replenish my account” option would be the fifth step. This would still keep your ad running when your funds get to zero. It sure is optional but, recommended. Once you have funded your account, you are directed on the page where you usually start after you log in. There you could see all your campaigns and the reports and impressions that this add has made.  Editing and managing campaigns is one click of a link away. After clicking the campaign name, you can edit and manage your campaign already.

An example of an effective campaign would be the case study posted in It makes almost two hundred dollars everyday just by advertising in You can also be like him if you create effective ads with luring headlines, attractive images, and wonderful rates posted in the ad. Just look at the possibilities that advertising in can bring. So why not start advertising in Who knows? You might earn more than a thousand dollars each day just by advertising there.

Get started advertising on

What It Takes To Become A Successful Niche Marketer

  • April 28, 2011
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What It Takes To Become A Successful Niche Marketer

When it comes to online niche marketing there is probably no better way for an internet marketer to earn a substantial income online than to have a carefully chosen niche.

The reason why a niche is so important is because it allows you to tailor your marketing campaign to a narrower market. What this means is that you are able to focus more of your financial resources on a smaller group of people thereby producing larger conversions for each campaign.

Today we are going to briefly discuss what it takes to become a successful niche marketer.

Step one: Deciding on the Right Niche

Finding the right niche can be challenging, the reason it can be challenging is because you want to be able to keep your competition to a minimum, so you need to ensure that you have narrowed your target down enough to do that. But, at the same time not narrowing it down to the point where there is no longer a demand for the products that you are offering. Finding the right balance is important when determining the right niche.

Here are a few things to consider when deciding on the right niche:

  • What is the demand: When you are able to determine what people are looking for, you will be able to ensure that you are able to provide them with the product that they need. One of the methods that you could use to determine what people are looking for would be to go to a popular online forum. While at the forum you could use the forum’s search feature to determine what the most popular posts are. Look at the questions that people are asking and what they are talking about. This can give you a great idea of what the demand is.
  • Refine your niche: This is the point where you will start to refine your niche. If you have decided that your niche will be the dating market you can now determine which gender you would like to focus on. If it seems that men are having more trouble getting a date you might want to consider your specialization “helping men meet women.”
  • Analyze: You can analyze the information in any number of ways. There is software that you could use to help you to streamline the process, or you can run a keyword search or you could visit the affiliate websites like “Clickbank” to see what products are selling with the highest “gravity.” This gives you a great idea of what products you will want to consider promoting as well as which niches are the most profitable.

Step Two: Selecting the Right Product

As I briefly mentioned before finding the right product can be done in a number of ways. You can use software to assist you or you could visit one of the affiliate sites like “Clickbank” and run a search on the target niche you were looking for. You will want to change the search settings to search by “gravity” what this means is the highest selling product will show up in the results.

When you review the topic you will get a better idea of what products have the highest conversions and this may even help you to decide which product is the right product for your selected nice.

Step Three: Putting it all Together

The mistake that many online marketers make is they believe that since they are promoting affiliate products all they have to do is purchase some Google PPC and they will make sales. This is a very costly mistake.

Establishing an online presence is the best way to ensure that your affiliate links get seen and get clicked. Create mini websites that provide some information about the product, or something that is helpful to the prospect. This way when the prospect is trying to decide where they are going to purchase their information from, your name or your website comes to mind.

It is all about putting the “right information” in front of the “right audience” that is how you put it all together and that is what it takes to become a successful niche marketer.

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