Patrick Stewart Eats Pizza First Time Twitter Pic

72 Year Old Man Patrick Stewart Eats Pizza First Time

Patrick Stewart at 72 eats pizza for the first time. Patrick Stewart Tweeted out, “My first ever pizza “slice”. Please note: the authentic NY fold.” You can see the Stewart Tweet here:

Check out the Patrick Steward Twitter Picture:

Patrick Stewart Eats Pizza


comScore January 2013 Smartphone Subscriber Market Share: Infographic

comScore January 2013 Smartphone Subscriber Market Share: Infographic

The information of smartphone subscriber market share was released by comScore March 6, 2013. See the infographic below of 2013 smartphone subscriber share.

Smartphone Subscriber Market Share

Hawaii Beach Wedding Statistics: Infographic

Hawaii Beach Wedding Statistics: Infographic

See the infographic below on Hawaii beach wedding statistics. Please comment and share the CashSherpa Hawaiin wedding statistics infographic.


RIM Changes Name to BlackBerry, Launches BlackBerry Z10

RIM Changes Name to BlackBerry, Launches BlackBerry Z10

BlackBerry, once THE smartphone in the market, had been under a lot of pressure from competitors, mainly the Apple iPhone and the varieties of Andriod-based smartphones, for the past few years.  While the chances for RIM’s upcoming BlackBerry Z10 smartphone will make a dent in the overall smartphone market, it is believed that RIM may have a shot at gaining back some market share with the new BlackBerry Z10 smartphone.

The Operating System

The BlackBerry Z10 will mark a major transition from the current Java-based BlackBerry operating system to the QNX Neutrino Real Time Operating System (RTOS).  The Java-based operating system allowed RIM to implement added security to its devices.  However, with the release of new and improved smartphones and OS, the upgrade of the Blackberry operating system is long overdue.

The QNX operating system is a very small OS that is based on the Micro Kernel architecture.  This micro kernel design allows the OS to be maintained easily.  The QNX Neutrino RTOS contains two elements: the micro kernel and the process manager.  All apps run as a process, managed by the process manager and executed by the micro kernel OS.

This micro kernel OS architecture is secured and reliable as it protects its virtual memory from rogue apps that haven’t been given access to protected data.  Therefore, in theory, a BlackBerry running on the QnX Neutrino RTOS should be exceptionally stable.

Security remains a top priority with the new OS.  Users can choose from 2 modes of operation: the personal mode and the work mode.  The security settings of the work mode can be customized by a business organization such that their users can use their phone as a personal device without any impact on the work-side of things.

The BlackBerry Z10

According to pictures that surfaced on the Internet, the not-yet-released BlackBerry Z10 smartphone looks very different than its predecessors, which were a bit clunky compared to most other smartphones.  The rumored BlackBerry Z10 has a more slim body.  RIM has also ditched the physical keyboard and opted for a virtual keyboard.  Moreover, the rumored BlackBerry Z10 does not have a navigation or home button at the bottom.  All controls are entirely touchscreen.

Blackberry Z10

Users can access emails, SMS, and social media communication such as their Facebook messages and Twitter Direct Messages all in one app.  This will definitely make the users who live on Facebook or Twitter very happy.

Other rumored specifications for the BlackBerry Z10 include:

Networks: 2G(GSM)/3G(HSPDA)/4G(LTE)
CPU: Dual-core 1.5GHz
Screen: A 4.2″ display
Screen resolution: 1280 x 768 with a pixel density of 356PPI
Cameras: (1) 8MP rear-facing camera with flash and 1080p@30fps recording; (20 2MP front-facing camera with 720p@30fps recording.
Camera features: Geo-tagging, face detection, auto-focus, image stabilization
Storage: 16 or 32GB internal storage.  There is a microSD card slot of external storage.
Sensors: Accelerometer, gyroscope, proximity, compass, magnetometer, ambient light
Connections: Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n, NFC, Bluetooth 4.0 LE, micro-USB, micro-HDMI
Battery: 1800mAh removable battery

The device is scheduled to release on Jan 30, 2013.  We won’t have to wait long to find out if the new BlackBerry Z10 smartphone can help save RIM.

Watch the Entire Blackberry Z10 Launch Video

Guy Crosses Out $150 Adds $200 Tip (PHOTO)

Guy Crosses Out $150 Adds $200 Tip (PHOTO)

Check out this photo. The back story on this photo is his girlfriend got stuck with the closing shift and ended up $200 richer. I wonder if the customer crossed out the $150 tip because he didn’t want to do the math?

See photo of the $200 tip:


Saying Goodbye to the Hostess that Kids Grew Up With

Saying Goodbye to the Hostess that Kids Grew Up With

Growing up, we see certain items and brands that become all too familiar with.  The familiarity would then create an association that would, in our older years, trigger childhood memories.  Most would identify with the Coca-Cola commercials that remind us of our Christmas vacations during our elementary years, and then there’s the Twinkies cakes that we munch on whenever we’re hungry, or whenever we just want something in ours mouths.

List of Hostess Products Going Away

Unfortunately, companies that make these products do not last forever, and Hostess, the makers of our favorite Twinkies cakes, have recently filed for bankruptcy.  Although the owners say that they will try to sell the brand names they hold (and the sale would, of course, come with the exact recipe of the product), the following cakes may never be seen on store shelves again:

a) Hostess Cupcakes – These are the chocolate cupcakes that come topped with chocolate icing and stuffed with vanilla cream.

b) Twinkies – Perhaps the most well known product of the Hostess line, these are the vanilla sponge cakes that have vanilla filling.


c) Sno Balls – Another version of a mini chocolate cake, these bread items have the well known vanilla filling, but have a layer of marshmallow on the outside, further covered with coconut.


d) Fruit Pie – The name does say what the product already is, but the fillings differ.  There is the well known apple filling as well as a cherry and lemon version.

e) Ding Dongs – Could be the next famous product of Hostess.  Another chocolate cake with vanilla filling, but now covered with a chocolate glaze, guaranteeing a sugar high like no other!


f) Mini Muffins – Small muffins sold in boxes, these provide a mouthful of flavor for every person.  Flavors are chocolate chip, banana walnut and and blueberry.

mini muffin

g) Ho-hos – The product would remind any kid of Christmas, and it would taste like the season as well.  It’s a chocolate cake, glazed with chocolate on the outside but with a swirl of vanilla inside, which adds a punch to each bite.


h) Zingers – a variant of the well known Twinkie, these are the same vanilla sponge cakes but have flavors covering the outside, such as raspberry, vanilla and chocolate.


i) Donettes – it should not take much for anyone to figure out through the name that these are mini-donuts, although there is quite a variety to the product.  The flavors are varied, and the way they are flavored are varied as well.  Some are powdered, others are “crumbed” (the flavor comes from the crumbs that are sprinkled rather generously over the mini do-nut), while others are glazed.


j) Pudding Pie – similar to the fruit pies, these are pies that are filled with either vanilla or chocolate cream.


k) Chocodiles – no, they aren’t flavored with crocodiles, nor do they look anything like the animal.  These are small cakes that are coated with chocolate and filled with vanilla cream.

l) Suzy Q’s – No one really pays attention to the reason behind the name, but all would know that this is a sandwich with vanilla or banana filling.

m) Wonder – this is bread, plain, white, and simple.

It is never easy to see a product go, especially when it is a product that we have lived with for so long.  Sometimes seeing the very products in a store would bring a sense of familiarity.  As time moves on though, we just hope that other products just like these find a way to stay alive and keep kids happy as they grow up.

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