Halloween Candy for Your Feet. Here’s Our 5 Seasonal Shoe Picks

Halloween Candy for Your Feet. Here’s Our 5 Seasonal Shoe Picks

With the pumpkins carved and the spider webs hung, Halloween has official arrived. By now, most are scrambling to put together a costume or planning to attend a fabulous Halloween party.

Since Halloween calls for frightening and creative costumes, many of them will call for unique footwear. Shoes generally make the outfit, so let me introduce 5 perfect shoes for you this Halloween? I have taken 5 popular costume and paired them with the perfect shoe.  Making Footcandy’s top 5 Halloween shoes this holiday season are:

1. Masquerade Costumes:

Masquerades emit romance, mystery, and intrigue but who said you couldn’t emulate this on your feet? Charlotte Olympia’s “Masquerade” is a unique and innovative design that will compliment any homemade or store bought masquerade costume this Halloween. The crystal tear drop and cut outs are playful yet mystifying. But perhaps the best part about this shoe is that it is absolutely comfortable and will get you through your night of dancing.

footcandyshoes.com  –  Charlotte Olympia  –  “Masquerade”

2. Insane Asylum Costumes:

You’d be crazy not to want to wear this design by Moschino! Escape the ordinary straitjacket and fly over the cuckoo’s nest with these fabulous high heels. This design might seem frightening to walk in but the three buckle straps actually provide you with the perfect fit. Whether you’re dancing, walking, or just handing out candy to trick or treaters, these shoes will without a doubt make a crazy statement.

footcandyshoes.com  –  Moschino  –  CA1647

3. 70’s Go-Go Gal Costumes:

The 70’s were all about disco, dancing and platform shoes. This very funky 70’s inspired design by Loeffler Randall completely embodies the go-go gal vibrations. So whether you’re wearing hot pants or a multi-colored flared dress these platform shoes will absolutely complement your costume this Halloween season.

footcandyshoes.com  –  Loeffler Randall  –  Chloe

4. Pirate Costumes:

Ahoy, Matey! Pirates are staples for Halloween costumes every year; so we thought we’d show you a boot that will coordinate perfectly with any corset dress, velvet waist coat, and rustic hat. The “Bliss” by Rebecca Minkoff will have you walking the plank, trimmin’ yer sails and watching for ships this Halloween. So sail the seas with this incredible design, you’ll absolutely love how comfortable these boots truly are.

footcandyshoes.com  –  Rebecca Minkoff  –  Bliss

5. Witch Costumes:

Bippity, Boppity, Boo. The “Favell” by Rupert Sanderson is the perfect high heel to complement any witchery this season. Not to mention the rich suede textile and purple hue embodies all things Halloween. So before you head out to your spooky cauldron party, make sure you throw on the “Favell.” They are incredibly festive and perfect for any witch costume.

footcandyshoes.com  –  Rupert Sanderson  –  Favell

We hope these 5 terrifying and sweet shoes will complement your Halloween costumes this season.

To purchase these great Halloween style shoes, or find more of your own, be sure to visit Footcandyshoes.com

PopSugarCity.com Review by CashSherpa.com

  • August 7, 2011
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PopSugarCity.com Review by CashSherpa.com

Today I wanted to let you know about a new deal of the day site called Pop Sugar City. At PSC you can find local deals in your city up to 90% off. Since their beginning in the early 2000s, daily coupon sites, such as PopSugarCity, have given daily discounts of up to eighty percent to many online purchasers.  The whole concept of collective buying was first coined by Andrew Mason, CEO of Groupon.  Sites like PopSugarCity have taken the initiative to follow and create similar sites, and this helps businesses and consumers alike by selling services and items at wholesale.

Visit PopSugarCity.com

PopSugarCity, by offering the great deals that they do to consumers, also helps businesses, as they then have to spend less on advertising because their name is getting out on a daily basis via emails and other methods.  Much the same as Groupon, PopSugarCity displays deals of the day with products or other services, giving the public the opportunity to learn about a specific product or service without having to spend full price.  This is great for companies, because one of the best methods of advertising has always been word of mouth, and when people find that they enjoy a particular company’s offerings, they will tell their friends.  Because of the method of getting their message out there, PopSugarCity’s means of advertising are even better than television ads, as studies have shown that more people check their emails more than they watch television these days.

A lot of the growth and popularity of sites like PopSugarCity has been due to the implementation of the deal of the day being placed on many popular social networking sites, such as Facebook and LinkedIn.  This is not the only method of delivery, however.  People can do a search for deals in their own specific area by going to PopSugarCity.com and performing a search for their state and city.  The results will be all of the deals for that area that are offered by PopSugarCity affiliate businesses.

Like word of mouth, referrals are another marketing strategy used by sites such as this.  People that buy through PopSugarCity can refer their friends to the site and earn ten dollars for each friend that buys through the site, as well.  These dollars can be used to purchase other PopSugarCity deals.  Imagine referring just ten friends or family members, and you could earn $100 in PopSugarCity bucks just for your referrals.

This is what makes PopSugarCity and other similar sites so popular with consumers.  If you have a desire to try out a new company in your area, see if they are affiliated with PopSugarCity first.   If so, you will be able to experience that spa treatment, case of wine, or other product or service at a huge discount over walking in the front door of the business.

Being able to buy the products and services that you need at highly discounted prices is what makes PopSugarCity so attractive.  Some promotional sites offer some things at discount where other items are at retail; but, PopSugarCity’s deals are on every item, every day.  The discounts can be anywhere from fifty to seventy percent off regular prices, so it just makes sense to check out PopSugarCity and see what they are all about.  You will see that this type of shopping may soon replace traditional online and store shopping.

Visit PopSugarCity.com

Disclosure: We are a professional review site that receives compensation from the companies we review. We receive compensation only if a visitor clicks through affiliate link and makes a purchase. We test each product or site thoroughly and give high marks to only the very best. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own.

Need a Gift Idea? ThinkGeek Discount Coupon Code

  • December 20, 2010
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Need a Gift Idea? ThinkGeek Discount Coupon Code

Today ThinkGeek.com is offering a $10 off $50 coupon code. If you need great gift ideas ThinkGeek.com is a great source for inspiration. To get the $10 off $50 use coupon code “CJHOLIDAY” visit ThinkGeek.com and start shopping…

5 Best & Cheapest Places to Design Your Logo

5 Best & Cheapest Places to Design Your Logo

Looking to design a web site logo, but you want to do it as cheaply as possible? Here are the 10 best and cheapest places to design your web site logo.

1) Fiverr.com – Fiverr is a web site dedicated to providing services people will do for $5.00. Everything on the site is $5. Just search “Design Logo” in the search box and there a many people willing to design your company logo for $5. http://www.fiverr.com/

2) GigMe5 – This site is like Fiverr.com it’s a community of people willing to do whatever for only $5.00. http://www.gigme5.com/

3) 19DollarLogos – As the name suggests this site designs logos for a flat fee of $19.00. The only downside is it’s one logo with no revisions. Still a great deal. http://19dollarlogos.com/

4) LogoNerds – Logo Nerds create high quality logos starting at $27. The $27 gets you 3 concepts, free revisions, and it’s delivered in 3-5 business days. http://www.logonerds.com/

5) GotLogos – Home of the $25 is their slogan. GotLogos.com offers high quality logos at a $25 price point. Logo turnaround is 3 business days. http://gotlogos.com/

HostGator.com Black Friday Deal! 50% Off Web Hosting

  • November 26, 2010
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HostGator.com Black Friday Deal! 50% Off Web Hosting

HostGator is having their best deal ever for web hosting today on Black Friday. It’s definitely worth checking out if you are in the market for web hosting. Check out the deal here… This is their best deal in 7+ years of hosting.

Where to get the Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday Ads

Where to get the Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday Ads

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday is the term used for the Monday immediately following Black Friday.

Best resources for Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals:

bfads.net – Black Friday Ads is home to Black Friday 2010, featuring Black Friday ad listings and ad scans, hot deals and coupons.

blackfriday.info – Black Friday Ad for Black Friday 2010, with a complete listing of the Black Friday ads and Black Friday ad scans, along with online coupons.

BlackFriday.fm – BlackFriday.fm is for people to find Black Friday 2010 Ads, Black Friday Sales, Deals, Online, Laptops, Best Buy, and Walmart Ads.

Cyber Monday Information:

2010 Cyber Monday Sales – Cyber Monday 2010 deals and sales in electronics, computers, video games & more, including Cyber Monday 2010’s top holiday gift ideas.

SlickDeals.net Forums – Community driven bargain hunting with thousands of free discounts, promo codes, and freebies.

9malls.com Hand Picked Deals – Find Promotional Codes, Coupon Codes, Discount Codes and more for your favorite online stores at 9malls.com.

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