4 to 20 mA Convertor Apple App Store

  • September 27, 2019
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I haven’t written an article in a long time, but I plan to start posting consistently again. Today I’m reviewing an app for engineers on the Apple App Store. It’s a 4 to 20 mA Convertor Process Value Convertor by Nico Sterckx and it’s only 99 cents.

Converter mA
4 to 20 mA convertor Process Value Convertor

Get the app here:


The app converts process values into 4-20 mA and vice versa. Analog instrumentation in an industry is based on the signal transmission of the process variable in a standard range of 4-20mA. The app will automate these tasks for engineers.

This application converts process values into 4-20 mA and vice versa. Analog instrumentation in an industry is based on the signal transmission of the process variable in a standard range of 4-20mA. A process variable such as pressure, temperature, flow, level, displacement, in any range of measurement is converted to 4-20mA current signal for transmission to the control panel. This App calculates this in an efficient and rapid way in both directions. Negative values are also included.

This app is very technical and only engineers will likely use it, but you should definitely check it out if you’re in the market for something like this. Best of all you get all this value for only $0.99.

ALMBank Crypto Charity And Job Market Platform

ALMBank is a platform designed for people to help others. It’s like GoFundMe, but you can pay for good deeds in forms other than just cash. As far as I know ALMBank is the first or one of the first crypto community based work/marketplace helping people find meaningful jobs and fostering charity at the same time. Visit https://almbank.io/ for more information.

ALMBank is attempting to break the current charity paradigm and merge a profit/non profit self funding business model that pays people to create a self-funding charitable economy.

ALM Bank Site Review

What Services Are Included? 

– Job market using crypto currency. King of like Upwork mixed with LinkedIn. Users will pay freelancers in digital currency.

– Hire freelancers at reasonable rates.

– Users can submit charitable projects to the platform that are paid for by their for-profit, self-funding charitable system.

– Users can submit projects that will be voted on by the ALMBank crypto community.

– Charity will support one dream project per year with charity funds.

See How The Site Works (Graphic)

New Job Market

So many options to choose from. Unlike anything I’ve seen before.

How To Start?

To start you must first purchase ALMBank tokens in the “Purchase Tokens” section of the web site. To register pre-launch one can preregister by e-mailing presale@almbank.io. After registering you will be able to post jobs, resumes, charitable requests and more when they go live. Users must first have a Ethereum-based wallet before purchasing tokens. Rollout of the mobile app is starting right now, site should be full featured very soon.

Get started with ALMBank today. It’s truly a platform of the future – visit https://almbank.io/


Combo Breaker Gaming And Electronics Combobreakergne.com

  • December 29, 2017
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CashSherpa.com would like to introduce and new gaming and electronics startup store called Combobreakergne.com based in Georgia. Visit them at https://combobreakergne.com/. What separates Combo Breakers from other gaming web sites is that it’s dedicated to providing quality game gear to customers not just in the United States, but around the world. They are also open to suggestions and comments just e-mail them at Sales@combobreakergne.com.

If you are in the market for gaming gear visiting Combobreakergne.com will be worth your time. Shop for gaming bluetooth speakers, cable and accessories, electronic watches, step counters, gaming accessories, gaming headphones, gaming keyboards, gaming mouses, gaming mouse pads, and mouse and keyboard combo deals.

Gaming products for sale

First Things First

When you first arrive on the Combo Breaker homepage be sure to first sign up for their newsletter so you can get all the latest products sent to your inbox.

Be sure to check out their like of gaming mouses and gaming keywords. My favorite are the LED color changing keyboards on the site.

Any Promotions?

Yes, there is one noteworthy promotion I’m seeing. Get a free mouse pad with all orders, just pay shipping. Also, get free shipping on all other items.


If you are looking for competitively priced gaming gear and electronics and want to support a USA based startup check out Combobreakergne.com.

Showaround Smart 360° Image On Kickstarter

  • November 7, 2017
  • Crowdfunding, Tech
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Are you in the market for a new car, but tired of the same boring car ads with static pictures? If the answer is yes there’s a better three dimensional way coming to a web site near you. If this exciting new technology called Showaround is funded on Kickstarter you may see three dimensional images on your favorite web site soon such as eBay or Taobao.

Visit and contribute:


The Kickstarter campaign called Smart 360 Imaging is a simple, cost effective, and mobile solution to creating smart 360° images for car ads or really anything else that requires a more engaging experience. The Showaround concept was created by Xin Wang. One day he discovered that there is no easy way to create a 360° views around an object. Of course there are professional studios that will make a 360 degree image, but the costs are still too high. Showaround enables users to capture a multi-angle views of an object using just a smartphone device and then integrate the view easily, without hassle.

Kickstarter Smart 360

Company Mission

“We are the Showaround team, and our mission is simple: give the market a simple, cost-effective, DIY mobile solution for creating and applying Interactive 360° Object Visualization for commercial uses. This representatives a hugely beneficial alternative to paying for equipment and studios.”

Users of the Show Around technology can take as many 360° photos as they want storing them on their phone or uploading into cloud360. There is actually a demo app at the Apple Store if you want to check it out.

Visit: “Capture 360” Apple Store


This app is still under testing, it’s a work in progress. The Capture 360 mobile app is the ultimate 360° and 3D tool.

Any Cool Rewards? 

Yes, there are many cool rewards if you donate on Kickstarter. Pledge just $10 and get on the contributors list, the latest updates, PDF thank you card, and early access to beta versions. The rewards go all the way up to $599 and $2,500. For $599 get 1-year subscription to cloud 360, includes 500 360° images and everything else in previous reward. Donate $2,500 and you will become a sponsor at their official launch party in Atlanta. In addition you will be treated as a founder in a top Chinese restaurant and discuss their journey.


The genesis of the Showaround came in 2016 and lots of progress has been made since then, but they still need your help. Please consider donating to their Kickstarter campaign and finally get this idea off the ground and into customer’s hands.

Working From Home Vs. Coworking Spaces

  • November 5, 2017
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If you work from home like me you might of wrestled with the idea of working from home vs. working in a coworking space. I still have mixed feelings when it comes to what exactly is the best way to get the most done during the day and stay motivated throughout. I once and for all will break down via blog post the pros and cons of coworking spaces vs. working from home.

The arguments, at least for me, is working from home allows me to work longer hours and get more done because there is no commute. There are also some downsides to working from home. Here are the pros and cons, something I’ve wanted to write down for a long time.

Co Working Space Pro Con

Working From Home Pros

– Allows you to theoretically work longer hours because there is zero commute.

– Allows you to get more done because everything you need is at your home office.

– You save on money because there is no gas, additional coworking space costs, and no money spent on eating out.

– No office politics. No office hierarchy.

Working From Home Cons

– Distractions. Sooooo many distractions. From your significant other, kids (If you have them), pets. The Amazon delivery person. Cleaning chores, lead blower, etc.

– Lack of motivation because no like minded entrepreneurs around.  Connection with the outside world for the most part is virtual.

– Lack of connection and networking opportunities. Human beings are first a foremost social creatures. We need connection above pretty much everything else. I think most people if they are honest with themselves is they want to make money, but they also want to share the time pursuing their careers with friends and colleagues around them. Working from home sometimes feels like being the most successful person on a deserted island, is that what life is about? I don’t think so. That’s why I lean towards the positive benefits of co-working spaces like WorkClub if your in London (Similar to WeWork).

Co-Working Space Pros

– You can work around people, be social while you work.

– You get new ideas from other people or even overhearing a interesting conversation.

– Like minded people give you energy.

– You might even make a friend.

– Less distraction. If you see people working, you’re more likely to work as well.

– Freelancing seems less virtual. Having an office makes the ephemeral nature of the internet seem more tangible and concrete.

– You might actually work more, because, at least for me being around other people gives me energy for the projects I’m involved in.

– You learn how other businesses operate. Not just yours.

– Your not alone. Your community has your back.

Cons Of Co-Working Spaces

– Commute.

– Extra cost per month.

– Extra cost of eating out if you don’t bring food.

– Gas money.


Ultimately if you want to sign up for a coworking space or not it’s up to you. I’ve purchased two co-working spaces and visited countless others and I have to say they do pay off. Unfortunately here in Seattle we have such bad traffic that the almost 2 hour commute (Round trip most downtown spaces) plus $20/day parking didn’t justify the expense. I heard about a company called WorkClub that if it comes to Seattle and it’s close I just might sign up for their service. It changes a membership that gives you unlimited access, this is huge because most spaces don’t give you 100% access with base fee. The company is currently getting funding through Crowdcube. Work Club is adding more venues in London and lets hope they come to United States soon.


Location Based Mobile App Skout Deals

  • November 3, 2017
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Remember the days when you’d go to a web site, find something you like, go to checkout and then see the promo code box? You’d freak out and start frantically searching web sites like 9malls.com or RetailMeNot for coupon codes only to realize there are none available. A couple named Alice and Bryan Payne felt your pain and began developing the next generation of coupon/discount shopping, but this time instead of you searching for the coupon the coupon finds you.

Yes, you heard right the coupon code actually finds you using location based tracking. Alice and Bryan Payne were avid seekers of the best deal. King and Queens of discount shopping, but the pursuit of finding the best price started to become a full time job. They wanted and needed a faster way of finding deals, but there simply wasn’t anything out there. That’s why in 2014, Payne founded Skout Deals, which offers a free location-based deals app.

Download Skout Deals Today:


Skout Deals Mobile App

Image: Screenshot of the Skout Deals web site with Apple Store and Google Play download options.

Sounds Great, But What Does The App Do Exactly?

“We want to take all the deals from all the brick-and-mortar merchants and let you automatically find deals on items nearby,” Payne says. “Or you can save what you’re looking for — a certain restaurant or a pair of pants — and we notify you when there’s a deal.”

Today the app gives users a whopping 50,000 deals per day! That’s more deals that you could redeem in a lifetime most likely. In August, Skout Deals signed a nationwide partnership with Walmart and Best Buy.

Who Uses This App

The whole concept of coupon codes from paper to internet I think has gone a bit stale, people are desperately searching for an easier way. For this reason the app is taking off in a big way. Skout Deals has 100,000 members nationwide, including 13,000 in Austin TX alone. They say everything is bigger in Texas, including the discounts and user base.

How Does This Company Make Money?

“The company makes money from merchants, with rates ranging from $69 to $199 a month. There is also a free plan that includes one deal a month and no analytics or social media promotions.”

Who Are They

“Who they are: Payne is a veteran yearbook industry executive, where he was a pioneer of online yearbook creation web apps. He was most recently president of Picaboo Yearbooks, which sells online yearbook software.”


100,000 users may sound like a lot, but in order to get this thing even bigger its going to take a lot of work. One problem is getting people to download the app and second it’s getting merchants interested in the product. Help make Skout Deals even more of a success download their app today and if you are a small business they offer a 30 day free trial.


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