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I remember the days scouring my grade school library bookshelf for the latest copies of Berenstain Bears. In fact I was such a huge fan a few years later I told a classmate that I like Berenstain Bears and he was shocked I “still read those books.” That sadly was the last time I read Berenstain Bears. I bring up this story because kids today still read books, but the platform they are read on are much different. In my time the platform was paper and ink now in the 21st century it’s mobile. Thankfully there is a author writing just for this 21st century platform called Waffle Books.

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Waffle Books

Waffle Books follows the adventures of Patrick, Kevin, Arty, and a few of their friends. When Matthew Ryan started writing children’s books his mission was to give kids access to a library of books they’d be interested in inside their pocket. A library full of books that are designed specifically for small screens.

How’s Matthew Ryan Doing Today?

Today I’m happy to report the response has been fantastic! Not only does Ryan get to follow his passion writing books, his books get 4+ ratings on Apple iBooks and many have been editorially featured by Apple, Google Play, and the Google Chrome Store.

Are There Any Bonuses?

Yes, like many many Patreon campaigns I’ve featured on Cash Sherpa there are bonuses. Do you worry! For $1 you get FULL ACCESS to the Waffle Book collection! Yes, you heard right only $1. That’s insanity! For only $5 get early access to books. $10 gets you behind the scenes. $15 or more per month gets you hand drawn characters, once a month in fact. You can’t even buy a mixed drink in New York for less than $15. The value of these bonuses are incredible.


I know it’s an old argument, but growing up with the Internet we got used to free or near free pricing. What I think we failed to realize is that when everything is free or nearly free it becomes generic, almost utility like. I think it’s already started, but society needs to support/value the people and products that resonate with us. It’s time we put our money where our mouth is. Let artists and creators earn money pursuing their passions. Support Matthew Ryan’s Patreon campaign today.

Need A Date? Try BOOMBAYA Dating App

  • October 12, 2017
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Are you in desperate need of a date and have already tried all the other dating apps? If the answer is yes than you need to try the BOOMBAYA Dating App. Download the app on Google Play:


Lets face it Tinder and Bumble might be an OK way to meet people, but they have extremely unengaging user interfaces. Basically the app subjugates the user to endless left or right swiping. You become a mindless dating drone, endlessly swiping on your quest to happily ever after. Once you get a match there is endless back and forth banter until the date is or isn’t set up. Where’s the fun? That’s what the new dating app BOOMBAYA is trying to solve. They are putting the fun and personality back into dating apps.


Features of the BOOMBAYA dating app include:

– Check my profile tier ie how attractive you are. Think Hot Or Not from years past. Fun yes? Scary to many, yes as well.

– Also, you can see who liked your profile.

– You will be matched with people who meet your expectations and dating standards. If you live in a city with not many available options rest assured the BOOMBAYA algorithm will do it’s best finding you the best match.

– Super Match. BOOMBAYA has a Super Match option where your potential suitor gets your message instantly.

– Rewind to last match/card.

– Have a wonderful conversation They provide cute emojis which are the best icebreaker in a chat. Have a wonderful and healthy conversation with others.

– Robust report system

Did what I just said sound like the premium version of Tinder or Bumble? With BOOMBAYA you get all this with the free version. With the BOOMBAYA A+ Plus version you get much more. Get unlimited cards and sending likes, more super matches, chat right away, unlimited rewinding last cards, location change, travel anywhere you want, unlock all people who are highly interested in you, and reset your profile tier for unlimited times.

But wait there’s more… Yes, you heard right. To all those finicky daters not satisfied with the free or A+ version there is a VIP version of BOOMBAYA. Become a VIP member and become a King or Queen of online dating. With the VIP upgrade super match is unlimited, chat right away, boost your profile tier up to 2.0x depending on your current tier and be more popular and get more matches, also, all of A+ Plus features are included.

One problem with dating apps is they simply aren’t useful if there isn’t a large enough user base. Even though this might be the case I think BOOMBAYA could take off, download test it out, see if you like it, then get your friends to join. If you live in a city like New York chances are there are enough people on there already. The team at BOOMBAYA has developed algorithm to match users who are active and minimize ghost users for a better experience. So even with less users of Tinder and Bumble, for example, BOOMBAYA has created an app that gives you a fighting chance on finding a date and makes it fun in the process. What a concept.

Build Fast, Simple Visitor Feedback Forms With InsightStash.com

  • August 16, 2017
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Are you looking for a way to build fast, simple visitor feedback forms? Consider trying the new site InsightStash.com. With Insight Stash you’ll be able to get feedback from your visitors in seconds. Visit https://insightstash.com/.

Getting feedback from your customers seems like a simple thing, but if it’s not easy to implement and customers don’t respond to it it’s not worth the trouble at all. With Insight Stash you’ll be able to get visitor feedback, ideas for your products or services, improve conversions, discovering visitor pain points, get testimonials, execute e-mail surveys, and more. Just take a look at these beautiful forms below:

Insight Stash Forms

These are forms people will want to interact with. Forms feature customizable fields, look (including custom CSS designed by you) and firing rules. You’ll be able to give survey assets through fast CDN. Feature advanced firing rules, addons support, rest API, sentiment analysis, target and custom CSS, analytics, exporting capabilities, and more.

How Much Does It Cost? 

Price for this service starts at $19/month for 10,000 hits, $49/month for 50,000 hits, and $89/month for 100,000 hits.

Best of all you’ll be able to get 30 days free, no credit card required. Try the site today.

Boon Investments Direct U.S. Investment Made Simple

  • July 24, 2017
  • Tech
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Available in 140 countries Boon Investments makes investing in the U.S. financial markets easier. Boon offers international investors passive, long-term investments in the United States equities, bonds, and real estate markets.

All you have to do to get started with Boon is pick the companies you want to invest in and they will algorithmically optimize your portfolio. Your picks combine with Boon’s creating a diversified portfolio of assets to minimize risk and maximize returns. Rather than assigning users a typical S&P 500 fund, Boon Investments use sets of optimization algorithms to allow users to create their own portfolio. Boon considers multiple factors when generating a custom portfolio for our users, including personal preferences, risk tolerance, market trends, and market simulations.

Learn more about Boon Investments: https://www.booninvestments.com/

Boon Investments

How Do I Use?

Go to their web site: BoonInvestments.com

Apple Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/boon-investments/id1046427689?ls=1&mt=8

Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.booninvestments.boon

Right now the site app isn’t rated on Apple, but on Google it gets 4 out of 5 starts, 100-400 installs.

Because Boon Investments are entirely digital they are able to offer users a less expensive and more accessible way to invest. Boon believes that they offer users a unique opportunity to easily invest how they want and in the companies they believe in.

How Do They Operate?

“Boon operates under a master/sub account structure with its broker-dealer. Under this relationship, Boon controls a single master account that is divided into multiple sub-accounts. A sub-account is opened for each of Boon’s clients. Boon has entered into an agreement with ICBCFS to  serve as the qualified custodian for Boon Client accounts.”

Want To Know More?

Watch this short video about Boon Investments:


I like the idea of using algorithms to help investors maximize returns instead of simple putting your money into a index fund. Not only do you get the benefit of Boon’s picks creating a diversified portfolio of assets to minimize risk and maximize returns Boon also makes it easy for investors around the world to invest in US financial markets.

Family Locator App With Parental Monitoring

  • July 20, 2017
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Family Orbit is a mobile app to monitor, locate and share contents with family members. It is like a private social network for families, where they can stay connected with their loved ones 24/7, know their where-about, share photos and connect to them immediately when emergencies arise. Get the app on Apple or Google Play: http://www.familyorbit.com

What Can Family Orbit Do?

– Track every one’s location on a realtime map.
– Create Family Places like Home, School and be notified automatically (by push notifications and emails) when they arrives or leaves.
– Check In or Send Panic Alerts to family members.
– View Location History of members up to last 7 days.
– Share Photos privately and securely with everyone in the family.
– Full privacy controls for adult members. They can turn sharing on and off at any time they wish. Child accounts are supervised by their parents.


The app allows creation of child accounts turning it into a parental control software allowing guardian members to:

1. Setup Speed Limits and be notified when their teenager is driving over limit.
2. Monitor “all photos” snapped with the phone’s camera applications.
3. Monitor “all contacts” added to their address book.
4. Monitor device information like Wifi details, and battery information.
5. Children can check which guardian is near to them and request them to pick them up.

What Problems Does It Solve? 

1. Tracking Your Children with GPS on their Smartphone.
2. Private Family Communication with Free Chat and Photo Sharing.
3. Kid’s Mobile Monitoring with Photos, Address Book, Location and Device Information Monitoring.
4. Check-in, Panic and Pick Up for Children to communicate easily with Parents.

Family Orbit gets 4.5 out of 5 stars on Google Play, but so far isn’t rated on Apple. People seem to really like the app. Download the app today.

The Smartest Night Light In The Universe Is Here

  • July 11, 2017
  • Gadgets, Tech
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Most night lights aren’t that smart, no actually night lights are pretty unintelligent. That is until now, introducing the Trumpray intelligent night light TRNL-1. It’s a smart night light with battery, sunrise simulator, alarm clock, motion sensing, rechargeable intelligent silicone night light. Pretty smart if you ask me! Learn more about the TRNL-1 on the official Trumpray web site: http://www.trumpray.com/pd.jsp?id=77&_pp=2_757

Just how intelligent is the TRNL-1 LED Night Light? So smart you can set it up and forget about it. It will keep your room safe and sound at night and it’s so smart it will just power itself off when morning comes. The Trumpray is a smart light that does more than just light up your nights. Best of all no WI-Fi, no Bluetooth needed. There’s nothing worse than having to connect yet another “Smart Home Product” to your home wi-fi network and company app.


Visit their web site at: www.trumpray.com

Use this as an alarm clock and you will wake up in a room with simulated natural light with an alarm with this sunrise simulator alarm. Are you a heavy sleeper? The alarm clock will even use sensors to continue the alarm to get you out of bed. And no matter where you are, the Trumpray night light will let you relax by stimulating sunset. The light will turn light orange to help stimulate the production of melatonin for a nice, deep sleep.

Trumpray intelligent smart night light

This is a smart night light, alarm clock, motion sensing unit and low light night light that you won’t have to mind. It is fully touch operated with its updated Motion Sense Technology. Uses only 3W of power to operate with 72 hours of standby time. The Trumpray is equipped with a motion sensor that will turn the light off or on according to motion. It will even adjust the level of rightness according to motion sensing. Get out of bed safely without flicking a switch with this mushroom nightlight.

So get ready for the best sleep of your life with the Trumpray TRNL-1. You can visit the official company web site, follow them on Twitter or Facebook, or buy their products on Amazon for $55 at the time of this article. Best of all it comes with a full one year warranty, there is nothing to lose but sleep.

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