Support The Navajo People During COVID-19 On GoFundMe

  • May 28, 2020
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I don’t have to tell you there are a lot of people suffering right now due to COVID-19. The politicians on both the state and national level seem to be controlling the narrative at this point, but below the surface there are a lot of people facing financial hardship and general suffering. That’s why I’m bringing this GoFundMe to my readers attention. The GoFundMe campaign is for the Navajo People, Tsé deeshgizhnii. Your support will provide much needed supplies to the tribe.

The GoFundMe campaign was established by Lindison Yazzie Webb who is Navajo. Lindison was born in Tsabiikiin, grew up in Kaibeto and Page, and has a connection to the Dine’, it’s in his blood, the Tsédeeshgizhnii and the Táb??há.

Please consider supporting the campaign today:

Navajo Art Logo

Whenever I hear about someone needing help and feeling overwhelmed because of the great need I think of the following story:

“A young girl was walking along a beach upon which thousands of starfish had been washed up during a terrible storm. When she came to each starfish, she would pick it up, and throw it back into the ocean. People watched her with amusement.

She had been doing this for some time when a man approached her and said, “Little girl, why are you doing this? Look at this beach! You can’t save all these starfish. You can’t begin to make a difference!”

The girl seemed crushed, suddenly deflated. But after a few moments, she bent down, picked up another starfish, and hurled it as far as she could into the ocean. Then she looked up at the man and replied,

Well, I made a difference for that one!”

The story illustrates the importance of doing your part and not worrying about how large the problem or need is. If each person dos just a small job helping it adds up and we can solve seemingly insurmountable problems. You can make a difference in the Navijo Tribe today on their GoFundMe. Your funds will go towards purchasing food, water, cleaning supplies, hygiene, sanitization supplies, and logistical support (renting trailer, gasoline).

Navajo Supplies

Supplies include:

– Water
– Flour
– Beans/rice (bagged)
– Canned veggies
– Canned meats
– Toothpaste and dental hygiene products
– Personal hygiene
– Cleaning supplies
– Hand sanitizer


The goal of the campaign is $10,000 and I’m happy to report as of May 26th they are 33% towards their goal. The Navijo Tribe still has a long way to go, but I’m glad to see this campaign is gaining traction. Donations as little as $3 will go a long way, anything helps in this case.


Lindis who created this GoFundMe campaign is a Navajo disabled US Army veteran, a member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, and presently works in the live entertainment industry. They have been self-funding most of this but wanted to try crowdsourcing to make a bigger impact. Please consider supporting the GoFundMe campaign today and support the Navijo people.

Made In The USA Nano-Technology Compressed Moon Towels On Indiegogo

  • May 5, 2020
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Have you ever been traveling, camping, or at the gym and wished you had something to wipe your hands and face? These are the types of situations where the made in the USA nano technology compressed towel comes in. The towels are called Moon Towels and they are meant to replace traditional towels, wet naps, wipes, facial tissues, and paper towels. Developed by a team of two these towels are made from a environmental friendly and 100% biodegradable nano fabric.

Does this sound like something you’d be interested in? They need your support on Indiegogo today to get to their $10,000 goal:

Moon Towels

Not only are these towels useful in many situations they are friendly to the environment. Moon Towels are not manufactured using synthetic textiles like polyester, spandex, nylon, and rayon they are instead made with 100% natural cotton using nano fiber technology. Moon Towels are biodegradable, fully Organic containing no chemicals, preservatives, or additives. So why not pack them in your car, gym bag, travel case, or purse today? There really seems to be no downside with these towels.

Additional Towel Features:

– Stronger and more durable

– Disposable yet reusable up to 100x

– Kid and pet friendly

– Frangrance free

– Sizes come in 30×30 cm and 30×70 cm

When I get my hands on one of these towls I plan to use them when I start travelling again. As you know when your flying a budget airline you sometime limit your luggage to a carryon only. This would be the perfect towel to pack in one’s carry-on case. It takes up hardly any space, but you can use it as your towl for washing or even a beach towel once you get your destination.

Beach Man Towel

Are There Any Rewards?

Yes, the campaign offers several levels of rewards. $15 gets you 5 hand/face Moon Towels at a discount with estimated ship date of June 2020. $20 gets you 10 hand/face towels. The rewards go all the way up to $300. The $300 level gets you the 200 piece “Moon Set.” This includes different sizes, colors, and ships worldwide. The money will be used for production, other, taxes, fees, and fulfillment.


I think these towels are a great idea. We need more solutions for cleaning other than paper towels. We need something in between disposable and reusable. Something that’s designed to be used up to 100x, then when your done dispose of it without fear of damage to the envirnment. I feel Moon Towels fullfill a niche that will prove to be very popular, especially in these pandemic times. If you can’t contribute to this campaign or at least share this article please do so. Please consider supporting the Moon Towel today on Indiegogo.

Misa: The Next Generation Social Family Robot On Indiegogo

  • April 28, 2020
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When I was at the Consumer Electronics Show 2 years ago in Las Vegas there were digital robot assistants everywhere. One of the robots that impressed me was called Jibo, but sadly in 2018 Jibo went out of business. It’s 2020, technology has progressed, and there is a new robot in town. The new “Jibo-ish” robot is called Misa. Misa is the next generation social family robot and it needs your support now on Indiegogo. Misa Robotics LLC is situated in Delaware USA.

The retail price of Jibo was $499.99 back in 2018, the price of Misa if you pledge your support today is only $349. If you’re interested in picking up one of your own visit:

Misa Robot Early

Misa has 3 primary functions:

1) Communication

2) Navigation

3) Education

What Can Misa Do

Misa is meant for the world as it understands English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Korean, Japanese and Mandarin. Misa is a personal assistant, innovative edutainer, health and safety, and connector.

What separates Misa from the rest?

One of the things that separates Misa from the rest is its ability to scurry around the house on its 4 wheels. Try to get Alexa to do this! It’s just not possible. Misa is the only personal assistant robot that I’ve seen accomplish this task. Misa has the ability to travel around and learn its environment. The robot features a drive system, drop sensor, obstacle sensor, and touch sensor.

But wait there’s more…

Misa can be your home automation assistant, elder care helper, and your home security guard in addition to all its other features.

About the Software

Misa comes loaded with 1000s of already installed apps. These include ad free books, books, learning apps, and videos. Some topics include English, math, coding, science, astronomy, AR book reader, games, video, and karaoke. Kids can learn good habits, lullaby, nursery rhymes, stories, routines, and greetings. In addition to the robot Misa comes with a feature packed app. The misa connect app can make video calls, set alarms, teach good habits, tell stories, play music, play video and lots more. Misa can monitor network devices, perform video calling, remote video monitoring, worldwide control of Misa, messaging, and all data is protected by end to end encryption.

Indiegogo Early Bird Perks

Support Misa early and get the robot 50% off for $349 with free worldwide shipping. Estimated ship date is August 2020. Other perks include Misa insider club, development kit, karaoke app, karaoke microphone, and digital entertainment app access.

The Reviews Are In

Check out some of the early customer reviews below.

Misa Review


Why not consider supporting Misa today on Indiegogo? Misa will do some of the heavy lifting in your life as your communication, navigation, and education helper. Support today and get 50% off plus bonus perks. There isn’t a better time to than today to put in your order. Misa ships out in August 2020 and I can’t wait to see what people think. It looks very promissing and fun!


The World’s Only Multi-Functional Folio, Clutch, Messenger, and Laptop Bag On Kickstarter

  • March 9, 2020
  • Crowdfunding
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Are you looking for a handmade bag that matches your unique, personal style? Introducing the KNOTTY ‘ClutchBags’ the world’s only multi-functional Folio/ Clutch/ Messenger/ Laptop Bag now available for support on Kickstarter.

If you’ve ever been on Amazon and searched the keywords “clutchbag” you’ll be confronted with a sea of generic, boring handbags. The uniformity actually looks like every sci-fi show in the future where everyone wears the same uniform. You have to ask youself… “Do I want to be like everyone else?” If the answer is yes than go ahead and purchase form a mass market store. If the answer is no than you may be the next customer of the KNOTTY Bag.

The most distinctive part of the KNOTTY ‘ClutchBags in my opinion is the styling. This is a bag that will truely set you apart from others. I can imagine lots of people at the airport asking about it, in the office, or coffee shop. The bag takes its styling cues from high end fashion. Watch the Kickstarter video and you’ll see what I mean. Some of the bags featured in the video are based on a leather jacket and tuxedo. It’s one of the most unique clutch bags I’ve seen actually. Style features include clean lines, sustainable leather and synthetic materials (No Ostrich or Crocs), multi pockets, functionality and luxury, classic design, and lightweight materials.

Support KNOTTY ‘ClutchBags’ on Kickstarter

I’d like to support the campaign, but when will I get my bag?

The campaign will run from Feb. and ends this month. Product goes into full production in April – May. Shipping starts in June and fulfillment to all backers starts in September. “We will work hard to ensure that we deliver what we promise and to go the extra mile whenever it is possible.” This is a “all or nothing” campaign so if you’d like the bag be sure to support their $15,165 goal as soon as possible.

KNOTTY ClutchBag

Not only is the bag stylish it’s also functional.

– Pen slot

– Outlet rear zipper pocket

– Inner zipper pocket

– Quick access slots

– Special strap when carrying a laptop (13.3 in.)

– Fits a luggage bar perfectly

– 2 in 1 optional detachable shoulder strap

– Lightweight

– Fits a phone in the mobile phone slot

– Passport sleave

Shoulder Strap Bag

The ability to use the KNOTTY Bag on one’s luggage bar at the airport is one of my personal favorite features.

Kickstatar Rewards

The rewards start at £115 and that level gets you one clutch bag. Pledges go all the way up to £2,129 and that gets you 20 clutch bags. Each one of these rewards has a limited amount. The £115 reward level seems to be the most popular so you might want to hurry if you are interested in one. Kickstarter funds will be used for 50% raw materials and manufacturing, 20% taxes, 16% packaging and shipping, 8% crowdfunding platform and merchant fee, and finally 6% promotion. “At KNOTTY we work together, every single day, to redefine the world of functional fashion.”

Support KNOTTY ‘ClutchBags’ on Kickstarter.


If you are looking for a unique, distinctive, fashion forward bag consider supporting the KNOTTY Bag Kickstarter Campaign today. If you like the KNOTTY Bag they will be back at it again with their new line of belts with glass buckles very soon. Stain tuned!

Pantrybag 2 in 1 Reusable Shopping Bag On Kickstarter

  • January 30, 2020
  • Crowdfunding
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When I saw this campaign on Kickstarter I immediately thought it would be the perfect bag invention to review on my blog. My city charges 5 cents per paper shopping bag used to encourage shoppers to bring their own bags. The Pantrybag could become my go to shopping bag from now on because of some unique key features.

What is the Pantrybag?

The story of the Pantrybag started about 4 years ago. The inventor was at a bus stop and noticed a person gathering plastic Walmart bags and how long it took to gather up all the handles. The man made about 4 trips to get all the bags inside the bus. This is when the inventor had an eureka moment. “How can this be done more efficiently and save time.” He immediately went home and started coming up with designs to solve this issue facing shoppers all around planet Earth.

Find Pantrybags on Kickstarter

Pantrybags Logo

The Problem

The main problem was plastic bags used for shopping don’t stand on its own and for you to carry lots of the bags creates another problem – so many handles to carry.

The Solution

The inventor observed that when people tie bags together it’s much easier to carry more items and it also gives the bag self standing capability. This idea was enough inspiration to create what is now called the Pantrybag.

Pantrybag is born! The world may never be the same.

The Benefits

Key benefits of the Pantrybag.

– Eco friendly
– Double bag with single handle
– Stands on its own
– Environmental friendly
– Attractive ingenious design

Additional Bag Features

– Light weight design
– Carried above 100 pounds
– Fits in one’s pocket
– Machine washable. This is a huge one, because one of the main reasons I don’t use reusable bags is for this reason.
– Durable ripstop polyester and tyvek
– Waterproof and non coated
– Equivalent to 7 standard grocery bags
– Can be used as a bag for other things, such as a picnic
– Made from recycled plastic bottles

What Next?

The samples have been created, they’ve been tested, but in order to launch the bag at full scale the company needs your support on Kickstarter. That’s where you come in. Please consider supporting the company on Kickstarter.

The funding goal is $5,000 and they haven’t met this yet. Pledge $15 or more and get the bag, pouch, and keyholder. Pledge $185 or more and times the order of the $15 contribution plus 20. 20x return! Wow, those are some great rewards.

Seems like a cool idea, definitely something needs to be done about the lame, boring bags you see at the grocery store. There is huge opportunity in this space so I cant wait to see what’s next for Pantrybag Inc. in the future.

The Button Witch Indie Game On Kickstarter

  • January 27, 2020
  • Tech, Video Games
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As a kid I was a huge fan of RPG games. Some of my favorite RPG games for Nintendo and Super Nintendo were Zelda, Dragon Warrior, and the  Final Fantasy series. That later carried into PlayStation with more Final Fantasy and then to the Xbox Consoles and beyond. That’s why I knew I had to review a new indie, 2D pixel, retro feel, RPG game called The Button Witch by DDreams Games when I saw it.

– Visit the Official DDreams Games Button Witch Website:

– Get more information and see a demo of the game. The company is also very active in Twitter.

– Support DDreams Games on Kickstarter

The Button Witch

Gameplay and Plot

The Button Witch is complete with puzzles, interactive magic, escape rooms, riddles, and even a talking squirrel ghost. The plot begins with Ellen and her quest to complete an internship at the Witch Academy and find out what happened in her supervisor’s Manor. Ellen is a young witch who has been accepted for a exclusive internship before she can take the SAT (Superior Arcane Training) exam.

The Button Witch Gameplay

The game includes many interesting characters, plot full of twists, multiple endings, original music, original artwork by Italian artist Caterina Capogrossi, and even a unique magic system (See below).

Magic System: “Spells that interact with the enviroment, such as the “Magnet Spell” to move metal objects and the “Light Spell” to light up small fires or turn on lights! Unlock more as you progress with the story!”

One of my favorite things about playing RPG games is how you could get lost in them for days. The progression of the game, the leveling up, and the seemingly endless environment one could explore. The Button Witch takes the best of the retro gaming games and packages it into a modern fresh game with a retro feel.

Kickstarter Progress

The Kickstarter goal is $3,308 and there are only 28 days to go in the campaign at the time of this writing. If nothing else visit the Kickstarter for a preview of the ghost squirrel that will be featured in the game.

What’s Next For DDreams Games

DDreams Games and developer Jacopo Lorenzetti are moving full speed ahead with the development and launch of this indie game. They launched a Kickstarter around Christmas that still needs your support. There are many benefits to being a Kickstarter supporter including seeing your own statue in the game, your character as a talking portrait with bust artwork, to designing a puzzle room, and more.

The game looks like it’s going to be a good one, check it out and get into contact with the company if interested. It’s going to be fun!


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