THE GANGNAM STYLE Video Mashup 2012 100+ Videos

THE GANGNAM STYLE Video Mashup 2012 100+ Videos

See the Gangnam Style 100+ mashup video below or click here to go directly to YouTube.

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Top 10 Toys For the 2012 Holiday Season: Here’s What You Need to Know

Top 10 Toys For the 2012 Holiday Season: Here’s What You Need to Know

Toys are one of the favorite gift items that most adults will get for kids this holiday season, if past trends are anything to go by. Most of the major toy stores have already released their 2012 lists for the season with some of them toys becoming popular among kids and adults as well. These toys make it to the list because of the features they offer and their uniqueness as well. Some of the top ten toys that are likely to be bought this holiday season include:

Leap Pad 2 – Tablets are as popular with adults as well as kids especially when it is a Leap Pad 2 that is made to meet the needs of kids. It is quite popular with kids of different ages and has unique features such as a faster processor, larger memory and a long lasting battery.

Lego Monster Hunter – Variety is one of the features that this toy offers kids as they are a mixture that is scary as well as fun. The toys are available in sets that include the Orc Forge, Lord of the Rings, The Mines of Moria among others.

Nintendo Wii U – This console is rated as one of the highly anticipated toys this season because of its unique features. It has two screens which are sensitive to touch, can be used as a TV remote control, streams online content apart from being used to play games.

Furby – Totally redesigned, Furby is now available in a variety of colors and has softer fur as well. It also has internal sensors that makes it more responsive and can also use downloadable features when connected to an iPad or iPhone.

DigiTools 3D Pack – This toy from Crayola is meant to enhance the creativity of kids by allowing them to create art on an iPad that look real. The pack even has 3D glasses which makes the drawing even more exciting and involving for the kid.

Micro Chargers Time Track – This is the best choice for kids that love racing as they are able to load cars on the lane and charge them in a few seconds before launching them to race against opponents. They can also enjoy setting up the tracks for themselves that they can compete on.

Barbie Photo Fashion doll – A favorite for girls, this Barbie doll is able to take photos and put up an exhibition on her shirt.  The photos can be customized using the frames that have been made available and later uploaded onto a computer by using a USB disk attached to her belt.

Lego Friends – Lego breaks away from its usual type of building blocks to make a toy for girls. Its main features are female dolls and a playhouse that has pink trimmings that are part of the play sets among others.

SpiderMan web shooter – Ideal for kids that love SpiderMan the movie, or any other types of memorabilia related to the superhero. The action figure is able to shoot spiders from its wrists similar to the real SpiderMan.

Hot Wheels R/C Terrain Twister – A great toy for the outdoors and can move in most directions whether to the back, front and even sideways. Its treads which are shaped as corkscrews can be used on a variety of terrains such as grass, sand, water, snow among others.

Fisher Price Kid Tough DVR CES 2012

  • January 23, 2012
  • Tech
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Fisher Price Kid Tough DVR CES 2012

I wish I had this as a kid! The experience of being a parent is very rewarding. Molding the life of a person while teaching that person about the world in which we live can be very fun, particularly if you have the same interests. Chances are, however, if you’re interested in gadgets, your children has shown interest in the toys you tinker with on a constant basis. Regrettably, kids can place some heavy risk on your electronics and gadgets, do giving them hands-on time with your costly possessions maybe rather nerve wrecking. Many gadgets won’t stand a chance against butter fingers and sticky fingers from a three year old, and that is why the Fisher Price Kid Tough electronic line is so attractive. At CES 2012, in the 2nd week of January, a portable DVR was unveiled by the company which is tough enough to hold its own against horseplay with your kids.

This device, which is dubbed as the Kid Tough Portable DVR comes in either blue or pink and is designed for kids between ages 2 and 5. Although it is called a DVR, this recent addition to the Kids Tough electronics line is really more than a media player as it features a 3.5” touch screen and a headphone jack to let them watch stuff while on the go. The rechargeable battery that it has can last for up to 6 hours and it can be recharged using a docking station. In order to use this device, you just have to dock the DVR in the station, attach it to the set top box and then set the time and length you want recorded.

The device greatest feature is definitely not storage space, as it only has a standard of 2GB. You can however, expand this o up to about 32GB if you need to place more stuff on it. It is set to be released in stores in the month of May, and the price is about 150 dollars. Do you wish to buy one and have your 4 year old test out its ruggedness?

You will be able to buy it in either pink or blue. It has a comfortable but tough case, with tactile areas which softens its ruggedized display, thus making it easy to hold. It has nice big buttons which makes it easy for young children to use.

The Portable Kid Tough DVR can be attached to a TV satellite system and programmed to record and save TV shows to its hard drive. You then unplug, give it to your child, and make a 4 hour car ride much better. It has a built in stereo speaker as well as 3.5 millimeter headphone jack.

In June 2012, it will be sold retail at a price of 149.99 dollars.

Watch the demo video to see it in action!

UFO Sightings Up in 2012 Says Mutual UFO Network

  • January 16, 2012
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UFO Sightings Up in 2012

According to the Mutual UFO Network UFO sightings have skyrocketed in 2012. During the first week all over the world it seems there are reports of strange objects or lights in the sky. The Colorado based Mutual UFO Network has received reports from 36 out of 50 states during the first week of 2012. During January 2011 Mutual UFO Network received 500 reports in 2012 during the first week of Jan. they received 233.

Here are some of the best UFO videos of 2012 below:

To me this Japanese video doesn’t look like a UFO, but rather some type of light weight material floating in the sky. I think it’s a big stretch to say it’s a UFO. Very cool video none the less…

This video from Brazil seems a little more promising, but still not conclusively a UFO sighting.

Mexico 2012 UFO Video

This video seems the most interesting. Whatever these were in the sky they look massive.

Just wanted to give my readers an update!

Review of the Sensics SmartGoggles by

  • January 12, 2012
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Review of the Sensics SmartGoggles by

The Consumer Electronic Show, or CES, is the place where new hardware and gadgets get introduced all the time. This year is no different, and CES 2012 was home to a lot of new releases. One of which was the Sensics SmartGoggles 3D, a massive helmet and screen combination that reacts to your movements to provide real time display feedback from your own actions. But will this prove successful, even useful at all? Not everything from CES ends up as an actual product.

The Sensics SmartGoggles looks like a big helmet, along with a visor. Except that this visor is actually a display, providing 1280×800 resolution for games or other applications. The company describes it as entertainment goggles, providing 360 degree view and tracking. Indeed, when the system is on, moving around or turning your head is registered. Even jumping will produce the desired effect. The way it works is an array of cameras are mounted on top of it, and scans the environment around you. Then, the virtual world you see, whether that’s a game or other, is updated in real time as the world around you changes from your movements. Even your hands can be recognized and integrated into the display. This would allow someone to control a virtual avatar simply by spinning around, rather than spinning a mouse. It could bring Minority Report style technology to the real world, which could be pretty useful.

However, the technology isn’t without it’s problems. First, these goggles, which are really more like a helmet, are massive. They weight a lot, although the weight is well balanced. You probably couldn’t wear that for a long period of time without feeling it. Then, when you do all kind of movements with this on, you do look very weird, and it also takes a lot of space around you to do those movements safely. It wouldn’t work in any small or crammed home. Finally, it would require specialized software to go along with it, since the input methods are completely different. Still, it does have the advantage of being completely self contained into the device, along with a 1.2GHz dual core processor and a 3D accelerator graphics chip, which is pretty powerful. There are use cases when it may be useful. The helmet may look gigantic, but in the proper work environment, like for training pilots, it could replace much bigger devices.

Overall, while this isn’t exactly new technology, it’s been implemented in a new way that makes it fairly easy to use and could potentially become useful. It might not catch on amongst gamers or home users, but there could be specialized use cases. There’s still no hint at a price or release date, although it’s doubtful a lot of software would support it quite yet.






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