99Designs Review by CashSherpa.com – How did 99Designs.com Rate?

99Designs Review by CashSherpa.com – How did 99Designs.com Rate?

At CashSherpa.com we get a lot of requests for reviews on business related products. One company that caught our eye is 99Designs. 99Designs.com is the leading crowdsourcing platform where you can crowd source design work, from logo design to mobile app design. Unlike other outsourcing websites where you post a job, review the submitted cover letters/resumes, and hire a candidate who seems to be the perfect fit for your job, 99Designs.com lets you hold “design contests” and hire the winner of your choice.

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How does it work?

You can launch a design contest on 99Designs.com by writing up what you need in a design brief clearly and posting it to the website. All design contests, except for website design and mobile app design contests, run for 7 days. The contests for website design and mobile app design run for 11 days. During the duration of a contest, there are 4 stages:

Qualifying round: At this stage, designers who are interested in participating in the contest submit their designs. You, as the contest holder, can provide feedback to the designers. Designers own the copyright of their design s at this stage of the contest.

Pick your finalists: At the end of the qualifying round, you have up to 4 days to select up to 6 designers whose designs you like best.

Final round: During the final round, the designers revise their designs according to your feedback. It’s their last chance to show off their skills.

Pick a winner: At the end of the final round, you have up to 2 weeks to review the final designs and pick a winner. Once a winner is picked, the copyright of the winning design is transferred to you.

Benefits of using 99Designs.com
There are several benefits of using 99Designs.com to outsource your design work:

Non-designer-friendly design process – Sometimes it is hard for non-designers to communicate with designers. 99Designs.com guides contest holders through the initial design posting process by asking specific questions that are related to the design that they have in mind. By answering these questions, contest holders provide the designers with clear and specific information in the design description.

Affordable – Hiring a professional graphic designer could be expensive. 99Designs.com offers an affordable way for someone who is tight budget to hire a designer. Contest holders pay a fixed price on the contests so they don’t have to worry about going over budget even when the design project takes longer than originally planned.

Get more information on 99Designs. Visit their web site.

Money-back guarantee – With 99Designs.com, contest holders get to see the finished designs before they make their decision on which designer to hire. If they are not satisfied with any of the submitted designs, they have the option to not choosing a winner at the end of the contest. By not picking a winner, they don’t have to pay the “prize”.

Lots of choices – Since 99Designs.com is the leading platform in the design crowdsourcing market, there are tons of designers who participate in design contests. Contest holders can compare the designs before they pick the winner.

For each design category, there are 3 design packages available: gold, silver and bronze. Each design package has a minimum price that includes all fees. The minimum price varies by category.

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