a1StockPicks Update

a1StockPicks Update

This is my a1StockPicks.com update for the month. a1StockPicks is a company that gives you daily stock picks for $20/month. It’s one of the most reasonable stock picking services I discovered when doing research. Penny stocks in my opinion you shouldn’t bother with unless you plan to short them. a1StockPicks finds oversold stocks giving you a buy in point and a sell point. Using their recommendations I purchased stock TSTC for $10 the stock is now trading at 13.08. This represents a 30.8% increase in stock price! So the subscription has already paid for itself. I sold shares equivalent to the profit I made off the increase in stock price. There are 4 hold recommendations on this stock in my Ameritrade account so I plan to go long.

A1StockPicks New Trade

My AMFAM trade hasn’t been doing anything! I know it has been a horrible market, but today I got bored and decided to sell at about a 2% loss. A1StockPicks.com the investment stock picking newsletter I subscribe to recommended 2 stocks over $6 today. The stocks included TSTC and WFC. After careful research I decided to go into TSTC. Most analyst companies have a hold recommendation on TSTC with MarketEdge as the exception with a long rating.  Since the same quarter one year prior revenues grew 37%. Debt-to-equity ratio is very low at 0.09. The target price (SELL) on TSTC is 11.00. I got in on the stock at $10 and the stop-loss price is 8.25. I will keep you updated on how is goes.

A1StockPicks.com $19.95/Month Review AFAM Update

  • August 12, 2010
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Since subscribing to A1StockPicks.com I’ve purchased the stock AFAM at entry point 25.8592 with a target price 27.75. How well have I done so far? Well, I haven’t given up hope since the market has been so crummy lately, but I’ve down 1.54%. My plan still is to sell at the target price, but if it hasn’t hit by the end of this month I will try again on a different stock. I’ll of course be giving updates on this blog so please subscribe.






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