What The Food Truck Business Can Teach You About Marketing?

  • April 19, 2014
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What The Food Truck Business Can Teach You About Marketing?

A food truck is akin to a restaurant on wheels. It has a number of distinct benefits over usual eating places. A food truck can depart to where its customers are. It has quite low overhead, as compared to a restaurant, and involves far fewer staff. Nevertheless, a food truck is a business that needs lots of work and concentration, particularly in the first pair of years. Its holders put in long days but have some problems akin to restaurant owners, like slow seasons, awful weather, and slow economy.

The food truck trend is far-reaching the nation! They are cute, cheap and very much easier to own as compared to a fully-staffed eatery in any city. Not only this, but these food truck owners know a lot of thing or two about marketing.

Think about an average restaurant website as well as social media presence, they are pretty awful. It is hard to manage marketing operations when your managerial staff expends the greater part of its time inside the kitchen, organizing the staff schedules as well as mingling with the consumers. This is not a problem particularly with the restaurants. It is an innate problem throughout every business model. The food truck can educate us a lot about social media marketing.

Food truck owner are continuously involved with their customers as they have to be. They are a moving objective!!! Consequently, they have to continuously stay in contact with their consumers by means of their social channels. They on a regular basis keep their location updated and also they keep updated menus, deals as well as local partnerships from their Facebook, Twitter etc. accounts.

Let us have a look at some points on how to run a successful food truck business:

(1) Marketing yourself:  Food trucks are just microcosm of an eatery.  The most booming eateries all have particular brands.  In present age, marketing is all free of cost.

(2) Increase your income streams: The top brands in the food truck business all have exclusive brands, and they have taken benefits from those brands by growing their income streams.

(3) Never be a hardhead: Always be prepared to modify the locations and transfer your operating hours, if it is not working or the sales are not doing well.

(4) Two is superior to one: As the food truck experts are probable to hunt you out, you will have superior success if you pair with some other mobile trucks at a particular place.

(5) Networking: Grand businesses are constructed on a network.  You get a lot of referrals, event requests, catering jobs as well as opportunities to wholesale. Construct partnerships along with the influencers in the society.

(6) Charges: Ensure that you are having a superior product, and then charge suitably.

(7) Spend in your staff. Employee revenue creates a weight on you to continuously re-train and also makes your operating costs up.  If you are constantly training your employees, it will price you a point on your outcome.

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Circuit Board LCD Displaying DrasticDeals.com Logo (PHOTO)

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This is a real photograph. No Photoshop fake stuff here. Image is of custom circuit board LCD screen displaying site info DrasticDeals.com. Photo taken by Canon 5D Mark III. This is for a DrasticDeals.com marketing campaign. Let me know what you think!

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How Vegas Does Marketing Right!

How Vegas Does Marketing Right!

I just got back from the Consumer Electronic Show and I was thinking on the plane how Las Vegas restaurants, shops, casinos, and even how conventions like CES market themselves. I think in a lot of ways Las Vegas business’ do marketing better than anyone else. Take for example this e-mail from Wynn I just received. It’s definitely eye catching and makes you want to click through. When I think of Las Vegas and marketing I think of classy (Not talking about the product here), appeals to emotions, and always provocative.  It’s about selling a version of reality you can’t get anywhere else. Think about it and apply it to your business!

Folgers Coffee False Advertising – I Have The Pictures

This blog is both about saving money and making money. Today I’m going to show you how to save money by not believing everything companies tell you. I have proof that Folgers Coffee is trying to deceive you into thinking their new packaging contains more coffee, but it doesn’t. It actually contains less. Let me explain.

I have pictures of coffee packaging from Costco I bought about 2 years ago. Another picture is coffee packaging bought yesterday. Containers are both the same size, but new packaging contains 48 oz. as opposed to 52 oz. contained in the old packaging. The deceptive aspect of this is Folgers claims on the new packaging I bought at Costco yesterday that it makes 380 6 oz. cups of coffee. On the old larger 52 oz. packaging Folders claims that coffee will make 360 6 oz. cups.

How does a container containing less coffee make more coffee??? Very good question. Either Folgers is being dishonest or they know something that I don’t.

New packaging says makes 380 6 oz. cups


Old packaging says makes less at 360, even though it contains more coffee


New packaging 48 oz.


Old packaging 52 oz.


Side-by-side comparison







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