What The Food Truck Business Can Teach You About Marketing?

  • April 19, 2014
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What The Food Truck Business Can Teach You About Marketing?

A food truck is akin to a restaurant on wheels. It has a number of distinct benefits over usual eating places. A food truck can depart to where its customers are. It has quite low overhead, as compared to a restaurant, and involves far fewer staff. Nevertheless, a food truck is a business that needs lots of work and concentration, particularly in the first pair of years. Its holders put in long days but have some problems akin to restaurant owners, like slow seasons, awful weather, and slow economy.

The food truck trend is far-reaching the nation! They are cute, cheap and very much easier to own as compared to a fully-staffed eatery in any city. Not only this, but these food truck owners know a lot of thing or two about marketing.

Think about an average restaurant website as well as social media presence, they are pretty awful. It is hard to manage marketing operations when your managerial staff expends the greater part of its time inside the kitchen, organizing the staff schedules as well as mingling with the consumers. This is not a problem particularly with the restaurants. It is an innate problem throughout every business model. The food truck can educate us a lot about social media marketing.

Food truck owner are continuously involved with their customers as they have to be. They are a moving objective!!! Consequently, they have to continuously stay in contact with their consumers by means of their social channels. They on a regular basis keep their location updated and also they keep updated menus, deals as well as local partnerships from their Facebook, Twitter etc. accounts.

Let us have a look at some points on how to run a successful food truck business:

(1) Marketing yourself:  Food trucks are just microcosm of an eatery.  The most booming eateries all have particular brands.  In present age, marketing is all free of cost.

(2) Increase your income streams: The top brands in the food truck business all have exclusive brands, and they have taken benefits from those brands by growing their income streams.

(3) Never be a hardhead: Always be prepared to modify the locations and transfer your operating hours, if it is not working or the sales are not doing well.

(4) Two is superior to one: As the food truck experts are probable to hunt you out, you will have superior success if you pair with some other mobile trucks at a particular place.

(5) Networking: Grand businesses are constructed on a network.  You get a lot of referrals, event requests, catering jobs as well as opportunities to wholesale. Construct partnerships along with the influencers in the society.

(6) Charges: Ensure that you are having a superior product, and then charge suitably.

(7) Spend in your staff. Employee revenue creates a weight on you to continuously re-train and also makes your operating costs up.  If you are constantly training your employees, it will price you a point on your outcome.

Greater ROI Through DrasticDeals.com Advertising

  • November 21, 2013
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Greater ROI Through Drasticdeals.com Advertising

Drasticdeals.com is a coupon code search engine. The site offers ample scope to promote your products and services by using various kinds of advertisements. For customers, it is easy to figure out various kinds of coupon codes with a simple search on DrasticDeals.com. By entering the web address of the merchant in the search textbox, you can explore plenty of coupon codes. Thus, thousands of coupons can be explored from a single source. Right now advertisers can sponsor every search free for 30 days.

What Makes DrasticDeals.com Better?

DrasticDeals.com is different from other coupon code search engines. It has a robust search engine through which highly reliable coupon codes are traced in the customers’ point of view. Advertisers will be able to advertise on each and every search results for 30 days free. This is a great way to test the waters so that you later increase your advertising budget with DrasticDeals.com. For serious business promoters, DrasticDeals.com offers the most effective ad platform.

DrasticDeals.com Advertising

DrasticDeals.com Features

It is easy to submit a new coupon on the site. You should select the most appropriate store category in the drop-down list box after clicking on the ‘Submit a New Coupon’ button. Title, coupon code, URL and image check should be performed before clicking on ‘Add Coupon’ button. Thus, you will list any number of coupon codes in this process.

At the moment, DrasticDeals.com offers free 30 day advertising trial. If you are a new user, you should sign up on the site. By using the ‘manage advertising’ tab, you will create an ad and the ad will be displayed in every DrasticDeals.com website.

After going through 30 day trial period, you can move on to a paid plan which will cost you $99 per month. Instead of wasting your time with PPC and other kinds of promotional channels, you can make the most through DrasticDeals.com.

By using the management feature present on the website, you can manage your ads very easily. They can be cancelled at any point of time and such ads will vanish immediately from the server. By logging into the advertising account, you will get access to all these features.

If there are any issues with the placement of ads, you can contact DrasticDeals.com at any point of time and it is possible to make the most from your investment. DrasticDeals.com promises to add more groundbreaking features in the coming days. Hence, you can seize the opportunity to promote your business by utilizing a promising platform.


Online promotions are necessary so that the visibility of your business will reach new heights. You can make the most of your promotions by offering attractive coupon codes. The buzz created through coupon codes is very high in the recent past. In this context, you should utilize the services of well-organized professionals so that there will be maximum ROI. As DrasticDeals.com offers robust platform, you will get maximum returns for every penny of investment. Further, you can get 30 days worth of free advertising. Advertisers can sponsor every search result for 30 days.

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Advertising on DrasticDeals.com

DrasticDeals.com Coupon Search Engine

There is a general misconception that coupons are only for those who shop with a limited budget. Recent studies, however, revealed a completely different story.  Coupons are very popular among people from all income levels and surveys have shown that almost every customer loves to pay less for the products and services they buy. Just like the traditional coupons, online coupons are easy to use.  However, finding the best deals might be tricky. In this case, a coupon search engine website like DrasticDeals.com will help you a lot.

Advertise Drastic

Twitter Feeds of Coupons

DrasticDeals.com searches Twitter feeds to find the best coupon deals. Twitter is the most popular social media when it comes to advertising products using short text messages. Stores and product companies often use Twitter messages to notify Twitter users about their latest products and discounted offers. Users of DrasticDeals.com can find out offers from a specific store using the powerful search engine on DrasticDeals.com. Users only need to enter the name of the stores in the search box and all the available coupons from Twitter feeds will appear one by one.

Coupons Ranked

DrasticDeals lets users cast votes on the coupons listed on the website. You can find out how many people prefer a specific coupon by looking at the positive and negative votes below the coupon link.  It also ranks the top companies to provide users with a list of most popular merchants on the Internet. All the coupon deals from popular companies can be found by simply clicking on the names of the merchants.  Furthermore, the most popular coupons can be found under the Top 50 Coupon tab on DrasticDeals.com. Using these coupon codes, you can enjoy your favourite products at a reduced price.

Advertise on DrasticDeals .com

Marketing your products or services online is surely vital to your business success and there could be no better place on the Internet than a coupon code search engine site to promote your products or services. People who are eager to buy online are your potential customers so publishing your ads on a site mostly visited by potential online buyers makes sense.
DrasticDeals is fast becoming the hot favourite site of people looking for online deals. Its user base is growing fast. The prudent marketing policy of DrasticDeals is sure to bring even more users to this site in the coming days. The advertising package on this site is enticing for those who are looking to advertise their products or services online. The ads of your website can appear on thousands of people’s electronic devices each time they decide to go out and look for some products online.

DrasticDeals.com Advertising

DrasticDeals.com offers you the chance to sponsor every single search result for only $99 per month.  This advertising package on DrasticDeals is enticing for those who are looking to advertise their products or services online. The ads of your products and services will appear on thousands of people’s electronic devices each time they go and look for online coupons.

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Circuit Board LCD Displaying DrasticDeals.com Logo (PHOTO)

Circuit Board LCD Displaying DrasticDeals.com Logo (PHOTO)

This is a real photograph. No Photoshop fake stuff here. Image is of custom circuit board LCD screen displaying site info DrasticDeals.com. Photo taken by Canon 5D Mark III. This is for a DrasticDeals.com marketing campaign. Let me know what you think!

Marketing Photo 1

Marketing Photo 2

Top 15 Internet Marketing Trends 2013

Keeping Up With Internet Marketing in 2013

Marketing over the internet has grown in leaps and bounds just in the past few years, and 2013 promises to be no different. With Google Glasses coming out and possible the Apple Watch internet marketing is moving at light speed. In order to keep your internet business earning, you will need to keep up with the changes that are happening. Here are some of the areas of growth that you will have to keep updating in order to stay ahead in the online marketing area. The good news is when things get more and more fragmented as they are now you have more opportunities to specialize in marketing niches.

1) Website design – some people might think that maintaining a website simply means having an address and an interface which people can work with. Nowadays there are so many websites that are online, people actually have a choice when it comes to picking up sites to visit, and they go with what is more visually appealing. This comes with items such as ease of use and adaptability.

2) Visual comfort – you may think that this should go with item number 1, but this would deal more with how a person might see the site, and how easy it would be on the eyes. This is where the colors of your logo fit in, and how the psychology of colors would play with the way the site is designed (for example, red makes people hungry, supposedly, so it may go well with a site for food etc.)

3) Design innovations – there are always new ways to set up a website. Some designs are easy, while others are mind boggling. Now there’s a new thing called parallax design which makes the background move slower as compared to the foreground. It gives the site a certain type of perspective and makes the viewer think that he or she is looking into a window instead of just at a screen.

4) Mobile versions – I’m sure you have noticed by now that most people have either a smartphone or a tablet at hand, and most of the internet access passes through the mobile machine. Not all websites may be effective on a mobile, so two designs now have to be in place: for computer and for mobile. If you aren’t sure how to convert your site to mobile. Hire a contractor on Elance.com or Odesk.com.

5) Videos – It may be a sad thing, but reading is not something that the current generation really takes pleasure from. Of course the text is still important, but if there is no video that summarizes or adds information, then a huge percentage of your visitors may simply skip the website and go somewhere else. The fact is video converts. You need to add videos to YouTube, Vimeo, and others. You need to create video reviews of the products you are selling. If you need a good example of a site creating video content look at CNET’s videos. CNET has videos on everything and it’s a good site to model your videos after.

6) Internet Performance Enhancement – There are a lot of tools in the internet that offer you with leads, performance statistics and other items that would allow you to check on your subscribers and tweak your site for better performance. Look these up and figure out which would help you best, because they really do bring results. An example of performance tools include CrazyEgg.com which is eye tracking site with a free trial.

7) Paid Search – a lot of people struggle to get to the top of the search engine results, but there are some who identify the searches for their website, and then pay to have their website displayed on the right hand side of the search results. Slightly crude, also without the challenge of being the best site regarding that topic, but it gets your name on the map. Good sites to start your paid search campaigns on include Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, and Stumble Ads. When you create your advertising campaign be sure that you start with a low budget. Paid search can get expensive fast so start with a very low daily budget to test out your paid search campaigns. Paid search will continue as a tried and true marketing tool in 2013.

8) A world of screens – before, there was only the television. Then the personal computer came into play. Nowadays, there are different types of screens that can be utilized for marketing. Some television units even surf the internet! Consider the different screens that can see your marketing whenever you launch a campaign. It’s a nightmare right now because you have Windsocks, Adroid, Apple, Blackberry, tablets, hundreds of different mobile phones, automobile screens, Internet connected TVs, and more. Now you even have Google Glasses!

9) Social Media Information – Facebook has been a huge success, and it is not about the way people post. It’s about the way they share what they want and need. There are two ways to attack social media. Have them talk about you, which means you get recommended by your users. Or, tap into what is being talked about, and then adapt to what the people want and need. For example you sell cable service for example. Search Twitter for people frustrated with their cable service and message them with information that might solver their problem.

10) Social Media Referrals – advertising is one other reason why facebook has made such a huge earning, and they continue to dominate this business by improving the algorithms and knowing where it would be effective to leave certain advertisements. This is extremely useful for the internet marketer. To manage all these social media platforms I’d recommend using HootSuite where you can manage up to 5 social media accounts free.

11) Re-target people – people visit your website for a reason, and they leave without converting. That means they are interested, but they were not convinced. You see all this information in the cloud based tools that you could use (number 6). Then you can target these people and pop up every once in a while on their screens in order to convince them that you have what it takes to fill their needs.

12) Reaching Out Again – Some people sign up for your website, leave an e-mail address and then go inactive. A lot of them do it because they do not like what they see, while others just forget about your existence. Reach out to them, send a mail and ask for feedback. A lot of people come back to purchase because they find it nice that the marketer reached out to know more about what they want and need.

13) Using the best triad – Google, the search engine to beat at this point, has done a great job of keeping marketers on their toes. Due to the tweaks in their algorithm, the best triple threat way to get yourself on top of the charts is through great content, ethical social marketing, and a great PR program.

14) Giving credit where credit is due – you may have three or four programs running that redirect to your site. As a businessman, you would want to invest in what is effective and perhaps minimize what is not performing well. The tracking of each program’s performance may be a challenge though, so look up a good attribution measurement program to identify which is really useful for you.

15) Marketing for the Hispanics – even though there are a lot of people online all the time, studies have shown that the Hispanics spend more time online as compared to your average person. You may want to explore this market as they are also growing in population, and may be a very good customer base.

The internet marketing niche has grown, and there are now more than enough tools to make it into an effective business. The challenge is keeping up with what is present and making sure that you have a good strategy in place that would keep your business alive and earning.

Microsoft’s Bing & Sony Shameless Spiderman Adverising Placement

  • July 18, 2012
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Microsoft’s Bing & Sony Shameless Spiderman Adverising Placement

When something just doesn’t look right it stands out, especially in 3D. I was at the movies recently watching the newest version of Spiderman and couldn’t help noticing all the blatant product placement by Microsoft and Sony. I’m in the advertising world so I always think it’s ironic that product placement annoys me so much. I think if the advertisement that’s presented to you isn’t already related to what you are watching or doing then it becomes a distraction. For example when you are watching the news about the latest disaster and an ad for Viagra comes on your television. There is no context for why the ad for Viagra is on the screen, there is a disconnect with the real world. So that’s what I felt when the protagonist in Spiderman uses the Sony Xperia smartphone running Android to make calls to his gf, check voicemail, listen to the police scanner, and plays a video game. All of these functions by the way my Windows Phone can do very well. 2 students in the movie are shown watching a video of Spiderman using a Sony Tablet S. The funniest scene was when Peter Parker uses Bing to search for information about his father and spiders. Full disclosure I use Bing myself, but it was so obvious that Microsoft had paid a boat load of money to get Bing featured in the movie. I think product placement especially in movies cheapens the experience, but provides some entertainment in the form of counting the number of paid placement products being shoved down the audience’s throat. What do you think? I’d love to read some of your comments.

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