W4 The Best Affiliate Network You May Never Heard Of

W4 The Best Affiliate Network You May Never Heard Of

I first signed up with the W4 affiliate network after meeting a W4 employee at Affiliate Summit West 2013 in Las Vegas. My favorite part of the w4 affiliate network is the number of offers they are running and the honest payouts. There are many great affiliate networks out there, but W4 seems to me it’s the best network that you haven’t heard of. If you are new to affiliate marketing see the quick introduction below.

W4 Affiliate Network Review

Affiliate marketing is type of marketing in which business owners pay their affiliates for each lead they brought to their businesses. These leads could be visits to a business’ website or sales of a business’ product. There are 4 elements in affiliate marketing: the business owner or advertiser, the affiliate network, the affiliate, and the customer. The affiliate network connects the affiliate with the business owner, while the affiliate connects the customers with the business owner.

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Founded by four people whose last names begin with “W”, W4 is an affiliate network that offers performance-based online marketing solutions to business owners. The W4 Performance Ad Market distributes ad campaigns across its huge network of affiliates to give business owners the best results. At the same time, the W4 Performance Ad Market offers a platform for affiliates to make money for their marketing efforts.

Features of W4 Affiliate Network

Performance-based pricing – The W4 Performance Ad Market runs on a cost-per-action basis. Advertisers decide on the price they want to pay per action, whether it is a sale, a newsletter subscription, an inquiry, or any other form of action. This pricing model ensures that advertisers only pay for leads that generate new client relationships, and not just clicks to their websites.

Campaign tracking tools – W4 was founded and run by people who have deep understanding of online marketing. Based on their experiences, they have developed and fine-tuned a set of tools that allows advertisers to create campaigns and track their performances easily. W4 also offers tools that allow advertisers to optimize their campaigns and increase conversions.

Recapture lost potential customers – Visitors to a website are usually interested in its content or products. They are potential customers. However, not all of them convert. In fact, studies show that only 2% of visitors to a website actually convert on their first visit. W4 keeps track of the remaining 98% of visitors through a W4 targeting pixel that is placed on an advertiser’s website. The advertiser’s ad campaigns will be displayed to these “lost” potential customers throughout the web to recapture their interest. Chances are some of these lost potential customers will convert upon their subsequent visits to the advertiser’s website.

Large campaign selection – For affiliates, the W4 Performance Ad Market is a great place to make money as this affiliate network offers a large selection of strong campaigns in different categories that affiliates can promote through different online media formats, such as email and newsletter, social media, or rich media ads on their websites.

Reliable tracking platform – W4’s reliable tracking platform captures more transactions than other advertising networks, such as Google Adsense. In addition, any untracked actions found during W4’s monthly reconciliation, which on average is 3-10%, are credited to the affiliates.

On-time and highest payouts – For people who live on their online income, it is very important that they get paid on time. W4 pays its affiliates on a weekly, bi-monthly or monthly schedule. W4 also guarantees the highest payouts or it will match it.

Have a web site? Get started with affiliate marketing. Apply now to the W4 affiliate network

Working with Affiliate Managers to Boost Your Blog Earnings

  • September 29, 2008
  • Make Money Online
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CashSherpa.com is not only about saving money it’s also about making money. One of the best ways to make money online is by starting a blog.

Your new job as an affiliate to a merchant and a blogger to a crowd who loves you already may take up most of your time. What you have to know is that affiliate marketing may also take up some of your own resources. Like any other successful business, most of the successful affiliates you will meet will tell you that they have had to shell out some cash for a very worthy campaign. In fact, you are already shelling out some cash by building a blog and paying for hosting.

Money coming in vs. Money coming out

Every now and then, you will find a merchant who is more than willing to give you the lion’s share of the profit. With that in mind, you go in a flurry of activity and try your best to get the product out there. The problem is, while you know that a product is useful, you can be sure that several more people know of this fact too, and have been recruited by the same merchant. A successful campaign is only successful when your efforts convert, i.e. you make a sale. If a product is hot, and there are other people aiming for the massive crowd that would love to buy the product, your main ally in making the campaign (which you are spending your own money on) work in your favor will have to be the affiliate manager in charge of your account. He can enlighten or clarify some regulations, as well as provide you with banners that you need.

Working with Affiliate Managers

A good relationship with your affiliate manager means keeping in constant touch, learning about which campaigns or products are expiring soon, and requesting for better banners.  Affiliate managers are also the ones who will help you when your clicks are not being counted, or if there are discrepancies in the computation of your commission.

Always start your letters to your affiliate manager with pleasantries, no matter how distraught you are (e.g. you have been keeping the campaign going, bleeding cash and still, your leads are not being counted). Set the mood to professional and explain your side calmly. Getting in a word war with an affiliate manager could endanger your investment and make your efforts seem pointless. Of course, you know quite well that they need your efforts for them to earn, but making yourself a liability by being difficult could just exasperate the most patient affiliate manager.

First of all, choose a program that has the best reputation for customer or affiliate service. How do you know which ones are good? Ask around, check out the sites that are promoting the products and politely ask for feedback. The easiest way to find programs with very good affiliate communication is to analyze how their campaigns are doing inside an affiliate network. Some questions to ask include:
1. Does it feel like the affiliate manager is offline all the time?
2. Do they send you newsletters to inform you of the new products that need promoting?
3. Do they have banners that fit your campaign? If not, are they willing to craft some new banners just for you?






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