Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet vs. Amazon Kindle Fire

  • November 8, 2011
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Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet vs. Amazon Kindle Fire

After Amazon fully entered the tablet market last month with the Kindle Fire, it’s time for Barnes & Noble to follow suit with the Nook Tablet. Both companies have had e-book readers for a long time, and now both are trying to make their ways into more general computing devices like the iPad and other Android tablets. The feature sets are certainly impressive, and both corporations tout their devices as ground breaking products. But which one to choose? Is this new Nook Tablet superior to the Kindle Fire? A comparison is clearly in order.

First, let’s see how they compare on the basic hardware features. Both devices are similar in size and forms. They also have similar 7″ screens, with a resolution of 1024×600 pixels. Barnes & Noble claims that their tablet has the advantage because of a greater viewing angle, which could end up being the case, but it’s a close call. The Nook Tablet has a dual-core CPU with a lot of RAM which makes it fast and snappy to load web pages or videos. This could give it a leg up on the Kindle Fire. Where it definitively has an advantage however is on storage. The Fire has 8GB, while the Nook has 16GB and is expandable. Of course, Amazon claims most storage needs are now in the cloud, but if you want to store a lot of e-books or songs locally, this may be a big issue.

On the software side, both tablets run heavily modified versions of Android, with branded apps on top of it. Both tablets focus heavily on e-books, and they both have a large selection available. Amazon has the advantage of Amazon Prime, which offers free lending to users of the service, but Barnes & Noble has deals with many libraries which offers lending services as well. They both have their own app store, although Amazon hasn’t said yet which services will come pre-built on the Kindle Fire. The Nook is said to include Hulu, Netflix and other popular services out of the box. All the other typical Internet functions like email and web browsing are fairly similar, although Amazon claims to have the edge with its new Silk browser which speeds up browsing. On the software end of things, it’s very much a personal preference type of deal.

Both tablets are pretty inexpensive, and because of that they lack some basic tablet functions like 3G, a camera and Bluetooth. However, the Fire is cheaper than the Nook, by $50. Is the Nook Tablet worth the extra money? It depends on your needs, like if you want the extra storage, or if you’re used to B&N’s services. Overall, it’s still a close race, with both options being quite interesting. They may be the first two tablets to rival the current market leaders if only on price.

Amazon 100,000 Kindle Fire Pre-Orders On Day One

  • October 4, 2011
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Amazon 100,000 Kindle Fire Pre-Orders On Day One

The Amazon Kindle Fire is the latest gadget to be released by the online retail giant, and its first real foray into the tablet market. The $199 device is a 7″ tablet running Android, but branded all over with Amazon services, including music and movie sales, the Amazon App Store, Kindle books, digital magazines, and their very own Silk browser. It was announced last week and took the tech community by storm, scoring close to 100,000 sales on the first pre-order day.

There’s reasons to be enthusiastic about the new tablet. At less than half the price of an iPad, even compared with other Android tablets the Kindle Fire is cheap. In fact, analysts who looked into the fabrication process believe that the company is losing money on every sale. The goal is obviously to gain new customers for all of its online services, through the device, the same way its Kindle has driven e-book sales.

There have been some concerns however about the way this new tablet is going to impact users. For one thing, while it is running Android, the Google operating system, it’s actually running a heavily modified version, one where Google is completely removed from it. There’s no Google integration at all, no Android Marketplace, having instead been replaced by Amazon products. Also, the new Amazon browser, Silk, is said to be faster than other browsers because it caches content on cloud servers. This has privacy advocates asking questions, like whether private and encrypted communications are intercepted this way.

But based on numbers from the first day, it’s clear users have spoken with their wallets. 100,000 sales is not the 300,000 day one sales the first iPad had, but compared with every other tablet, it beats them easily. There’s a clear demand for low cost tablets, and customers are willing to see past the concerns to get a Kindle Fire. Also, Amazon is a well known and usually liked brand, which helps with the sales.

As for retailers, they seem quite pleased with the new device. About the Fire and the other new Kindles announced recently, the CEO of Best Buy said “We think these Kindles are going to be some of the hottest gifts this year.” At $199, they do make a great Holidays gift, but it could mean trouble for the competitors in the market, especially other Android tablets from Samsung, Motorola and HTC.

Still, with its beautiful screen, fast processor, cloud storage and wi-fi access, there’s little doubt that Amazon has another success on their hands. Time will tell whether it will make a significant dent in iPad sales, but few are doubting the fact that we’ll be seeing Fires under the trees.

Amazon UK Top Seller List August 2011 Riot Gear Edition

  • August 9, 2011
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Amazon UK Top Seller List August 2011 Riot Gear Edition

With riots happening all over English cities Amazon UK provides great insight in the mentality of its residents.  One of the more entertaining posts on Amazon UK is for the Rucanor Aluminium Baseball Bat, Silver – 60 cm. Post is from user “Harry Fish (Bristol, England)” stating:

“This bat is perfectly weighted and will suit any UK shop-owner looking to protect their property. Thanks to the ergonomic handle, one easy swing should be enough to shatter patellas, skulls or any other bone on your targeted looter. Personally, I would recommend also investing in some fingerless gloves for extra grip.”

Baseball bats like the one above Amazon UK sales rank rose 5,690%

Other items such as Night Sticks rose 7,000%. Data can be lots of fun! Thanks Amazon UK!

Step-By-Step Guide How to Get Published on Amazon’s Kindle

  • May 4, 2011
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Step-By-Step Guide How to Get Published on Amazon’s Kindle

As a person, it is our nature to have an awesome talent. One of these talents is being a writer. A writer can create novels, stories, publications, or any form of writing which can give people an outburst of emotions, which can be an outburst of hatred, happiness, sadness, love, and many more. As a writer, it is important for them to publish their own articles and be known or famous for their own creation. There are lots of ways today for these articles to be published. You can send your article to any newspaper or you ask a printing press to publish a book or collection of your stories. Or you could just do it online. You can make a blog and post your stories there. And one of the most popular ways to publish your articles online is to publish it in Amazon’s Kindle. But wait a minute, what is Amazon’s Kindle anyway and how does it work?

The Amazon Kindle is portable e-book reader. Stating it more clearly, it is a combined software, hardware and network device developed by in their Lab126. It uses wireless connectivity to let the users of Amazon Kindle to download, shop for, browse and most importantly to read e-books, articles, newspapers, magazines, blogs or even any other form of digital publications. Well it is very evident that a lot of writers can get their articles to be read if they post their articles to Amazon Kindle and the problem of most writers is that they don’t really know how to publish an article in Amazon Kindle.

The solution is simple. Get ready your computer and an internet connection. The next step is to go to the Amazon site and look for the Publish on Kindle link at the bottom of Features and Services on the left side of the page. Open it and you will be instructed to log in, if you don’t have an account you should be instructed to create your account. If you already have an Amazon account you will be able to publish through their Digital Text Platform. Next, type your article clearly and very importantly, type it without mistakes because Amazon doesn’t really check it out. Running a spelling check might not really give you the best results of editing the spelling so you might read your manuscript again or even ask a friend to read it too. The next step is to format your article into .txt, .pdf, or .doc or .docx. Amazon allows you to upload your book in any of these three formats. Avoiding the PDF format is a good ides. It will be hard for Amazon to format it in the Kindle format. Upload it now on the Digital Text Platform. You have the choice to publish it right away or not. Amazon has a built-in dashboard which allows users to publish content any time they want. If you are all ready to publish your book, you can click the publish button and it is published already. It will appear in Amazon after 72 hours. Your pay will be given by Amazon on a monthly basis which is 35% of the profits.

That is how easy you can publish a book in Kindle. So what are you waiting for writers, type your articles now and publish them in Kindle so that you could get known from your own publications.

Amazon to Offer Video Streaming Service?

  • February 3, 2011
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Amazon to Offer Video Streaming Service?

Rumors have begun to spring up suggesting that Amazon will begin offering streaming video service to Amazon Prime subscribers. The service would offer about 5,000 titles to start, with additional titles to be added over time. If the rumors are to be believed, any Amazon Prime subscriber would have access to Amazon’s streaming library. Rumors have been circulating for a long time indicating that Amazon intends to compete with Netflix with a streaming service of its own, which lends credibility to the latest rumor.

An Amazon Prime subscription will set you back $80 per year, which actually puts it ahead of Netflix’s $7.99 per month streaming plan which will set you back a total of $95.88 per year. Amazon Prime subscribers also receive free two day shipping on all their Amazon orders, which would certainly add value to the service when compared with Netflix.

Although Amazon’s streaming service would be priced lower than Netflix, the success of such a service would lean heavily on Amazon’s ability to continue to add new titles to the service, as well as their ability to bring the service into their customers’ living rooms. Netflix currently offers tens of thousands of movies and TV shows to their customers, and Netflix subscribers can stream the content to their televisions through a wide variety of devices. In order for Amazon’s service to present any real competition to Netflix, they would have to build up a comparable catalog of videos, and a similar distribution model.

Amazon has been working hard to expand their digital offerings over the past five years. While their streaming service hasn’t been officially announced or addressed by anyone at the company, it would fit in nicely with Amazon’s efforts to offer more digital content to their customers. Amazon has gone as far as to register several domain names that lend credit to this rumor. Amazon-owned DPReview has registered the domain, as well as several variants of that domain. The service may not be official just yet, but if Amazon is buying up domain names, chances are an announcement isn’t far off. Free 15 Extreme Dance Party MP3s

  • March 16, 2010
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