Car Loan Payment Calc Pro App Review

  • September 23, 2015
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Car Loan Payment Calculator Pro App Review

We had a new app come in today that we would like to review. The app is for Android and it’s called ‘Car Loan Payment Calc Pro.’ The app costs $1.89 and out of 12 reviews it gets 4.5 stars.The app according to the Google Play store has been installed between 100-500 times. Many customers in the review section say the app is very useful.

Steven who downloaded the app mentions, “Enter your monthly payment that fits your budget, the trade in value of your vehicle and viola you have the price you can afford in seconds. I played with a few different options to see what I was working with. I tried entering the rates with and without my trade-in as I am not sure I want to use it. Much simpler than the other apps and very well worth the money!”

Here is the official description from the Android App Store:

“The Car Loan Payment Calculator turns you into a master negotiator when shopping for a car, truck, or RV by quickly and easily calculating a monthly loan payment or an affordable purchase price on location with your mobile device. This will work for a loan on any automobile (auto) or motor vehicle. NO ADS on this version. We do not display any advertisements on this app. Safe – we do not collect any personal information with this app. It only requests the minimum permissions necessary to perform its functions.”

This seems like a very useful app to check out if you own a Android Phone. If you’d like to download the app or get more information visit the Google Play Store here:

Here is  screenshot from the app:

car loan app review



Kwickfeed Create, Discover, and Share App Review

  • September 14, 2015
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Kwickfeed Create, Discover, and Share App Review

Our next app review for the day is one called Kwickfeed. It allows anyone with a Android Phone to create and discover feeds full of your favorite tweeters. Share what you make with your friends and get them to subscribe to your feeds and as a result make yourself famous.

Here’s how it works:

– You can design as many feeds as you want that you can access within seconds

– Choose what color theme you want to use and get up to the minute information from your friends, family, news outlets, celebs, sports, mentors and so much more

– Design the way you consume the information without getting overwhelmed or lost in the all the tweets. When ever you need a kwick fix, in a few taps of your finger you can see the latest tweets without the rest of the junk thrown in

This app gets 4.8 stars out of 5 on the Android App Store. If you need a way of organizing the way you create and discover Twitter feeds this app may be worth checking out.

Visit the Google Play App Store for more information:

Kwickfeed App Screenshot

Master Your Time And Productivity With Utiful

  • September 14, 2015
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Master Your Time And Productivity With Utiful

Today we are reviewing the new time and productivity app called Utiful. This app gets a 4.5 out of 5 in the Google Android app store out of 79 reviews. Do you feel annoyed every time you need to find this project and paperwork snap being captured just a week ago but now desperately lost in the mess of your last family vacation photos?

Here comes a great solution putting order in the chaos of photos overflowing in your main photo gallery. Discover how to optimize your photo gallery so you don’t waste countless hours of scrolling and looking for the right project snap. Meet Utiful App!

Utiful is first mobile app providing a separate gallery on your phone for project and paperwork snaps as a handy complement to your main photo gallery.

3 words only- efficiency, productivity, organization!

Utiful efficiently helps people to save time finding their project and paperwork with a blink of an eye. Utiful boosts productivity, avoiding the clutter and arranging your gallery in a smart way. Utiful significantly simplifies the organization of the snaps that we use in our everyday life.

On top, the interface is simple and user friendly, yet smooth and functional. Keeping in mind how important the personal privacy is, Utiful values this personal right and doesn’t require any registration or access to the user’s identity.

The app doesn’t store images outside the phone as well so folder icons in Utiful won’t reveal to prying eyes the last picture added.

How is that for a starter?

Here are the main features that will make this app seamlessly become an integral part of your routine:

– Separate gallery for project and paperwork snaps

– Simple folders in a neat grid, avoiding the complexity of albums, collections, and moments

– Predefined folders for common types of useful snaps, e.g. Paperwork

– Share to Utiful to move the snaps directly from your gallery or camera app

– Camera button in every Utiful folder, to directly add new snaps

– Emoji folder icons that keep the last picture you’ve added away from prying eyes

Tried Utiful already? Don’t hesitate to share your experience with the app in the comments below. We recommend checking the Utiful app out it’s well reviewed and has many useful features.

Visit the Google Play Store for more information:

Utiful App Review

Trouble Figuring Out Restaurant Tips? Get Help With New App

  • June 5, 2015
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Use Restaurant Tip Calculator To Calculate Right Amount

Ever get a gigantic restaurant bill and need to calculate a 18.5% gratuity? Off the top of your head what 18.5% of $163.78? Don’t know? That’s where the Restaurant Tip Calculator by Starflower Solutions comes in.

Use our Restaurant Tip Calculator app to quickly and easily calculate the right tip (gratuity), new bill total, and the per person (split) amount if you are splitting the check between multiple people. Easy, Fast, and Intuitive. You can calculate the appropriate tip (gratuity) in seconds. Tipping is a lot easier with this app.

With just the press of one button, you can turn on the Camera LED flash light if you are in a dark restaurant or bar to help you see the check/bill.

And there is a button at the bottom that will help you quickly create a text message to send to friends with their share of the bill plus the tip percentage, if you are splitting the check.

You can now customize this tipping app by setting your own preferences such as the default tip, default split number, currency symbol, automatic rounding, and more.

Availability: Android, iOS, Windows Phone

Rating: 4.7 score on Android

Link to Android:


Tip Calculator App 

Beer Balancer Android App On Google

Beer Balancer Android App On Google

In the New Year a lot of you will be making resolutions. Help make 2015 the best year yet with this new unique app.

The Beer Balancer Android App is just the thing to help you get motivated for your workouts. The premise of the Beer Balancer App is it balances how intensely you need to workout based on your beer/alcohol drinking habits. For example the app might tell you earned 1 beer for 100 push ups. The Beer Balancer is a workout motivation technique that will add fun to exercise. Beer Balancing is earning alcoholic beverage consumption through physical exercise. It is a simple system to bring the user’s workout habits into equilibrium with their drinking habits. On the surface Beer Balancing is just a simple app to help the user keep track of their ‘balance’, but Beer Balancing also using gamification techniques to make the experience more engaging for the user. Ideally if you are working out you would want to severely limit your alcohol consumption, but I can see this app being a fun way to track your process. If you are interested in downloading the Beer Balancer App visit: Beer Balancing App

App screenshot:

Beer Balancer App

Here’s to 2015!

Pinterest Answers the Call of Android User

Pinterest Answers the Call of Android User

To make sure that their users enjoy the features designed for their use when away from the computer, Pinterest has introduced apps that can be accessed on devices that are android enabled. The android apps can be easily downloaded from the Pinterest website that has a set has a page that displays the apps. It took a bit of time for android users to get Pinterest on their phones their patience paid off as they are finally able to use the service which has been made available and with a variety of features as well. Pinterest is a popular service that has been in existence for the past year and has been a tool used by many of its users to bookmark content online thus making them easy to collect as well as organize.

Apart from android devices, users of handheld devices such as the iPad and iPhone can also be able to access apps that have been made available by Pinterest. The service has applications that have been designed specifically for their particular platforms thus allowing them to browse through a variety pins as well as boards. The users of this unique tool are also able to add their own pins and manage some of the settings that are made available when they open an account on Pinterest. In general, users of Pinterest on handheld devices that are android enabled have a similar experience to those using a computer.

Pinterest android apps have been custom designed to make sure that users are able to pin their favorite content from a variety of websites in a simple yet fast manner. This ensures that time spent using the tool is very productive irrespective of the type of android device that is being used. On most android enabled devices, the Pinterest app can be found in the Google Play store where it is downloaded into the phone. Signing up and opening a Pinterest account can be done easily on the smart phones thus making the application of benefit to many of its android users. The users of Pinterest on android only have to swipe across the screens of their devices to be able to access different areas of the service search as their feed, creation of new pins and browsing through different categories among others. However, editing information on the profile of the user through their android device is not enabled by the new app.

To make the use of the Pinterest app even much better, it has been upgraded where images that are pinned are much bigger, especially if they are taller. This was done to accommodate the large screens that are common for android devices and also makes the pinning activity much more interesting. Overall, the introduction of Pinterest for android devices has seen them recapture a market that had been disgruntled by giving them apps that were worth the wait. In addition, Pinterest has also included kindle users in the new apps that they have been offering their users who own android devices, by designing specialized apps for their devices.

Get Pinterest for Android here






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