Meet People In Your Neighborhood With The Byber App

  • January 28, 2015
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Meet People In Your Neighborhood With The Byber App

Byber is a brand new app designed to help you meet new people, connect with friends and explore what your neighborhood has to offer. Byber helps you meet people in your neighborhood more easily.

App features:

– My profile

– Flirt functionality

– Maps

– Discover

– Byber events

– Ability to share

Profile Setup: 

Setting up your profile is easy. Just upload a picture of yourself and enter a short description. Now just sit back and relax and you will start to receive ‘drink offers’ it you set up an interesting profile. You will also receive ‘Byber Requests’ and RSVP to events. You can share and communicate your activity on Facebook and Twitter.

Final Conclusion: 

This is a very powerful app and I think it takes the concept of sites like Tinder to another level, but it’s all dependent on how many users are using the app. Anything that has to do with meeting people and/or dating is totally dependent on how many actual people are active on the app. This social networking app is brand new, just updated Jan 16, 2015. The idea is solid so I wish them the best of luck!

App Screen Shots: 

Byber App Screen 1  Byber App Screen 2


Apple App Promises Easier and Accurate Well-Being Monitoring

  • January 5, 2015
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Easier and More Accurate Well-Being Monitoring Via App

Here is another great app I thought my readers at would be interested in. Mood Score is a new app for Apple iPhone and available in the App Store that promises to make mood self-reporting easier and more accurate. Mood Score prompts users to enter data on several areas of personal wellness, increasing compliance and accuracy compared to traditional self-reporting methods.

Traditionally, the hardest part of keeping track of a person’s daily wellness has been the “self-reporting” aspect. Record keeping is slow and clumsy and as a result many people don’t keep accurate records. Frequently therapists, doctors, coaches and trainers will ask their clients to keep a daily journal that includes mood reporting, but compliance suffers because journal entries are hard to do.

That’s where Mood Score comes in. The iPhone app prompts users to enter appropriate information across four measures of wellness, including physical, mental, spiritual and interpersonal relations. The data is then aggregated and tracked over time, so the app can analyze trends and alert users to significant changes.

“This app is going to improve personal well-being monitoring,” said app author Adam Bourque. “We’re going way beyond a lifestyle app to have fun with or something that just tracks how far you jog each day. We’re keeping track of the physical, spiritual, mental and interpersonal aspects of your daily life and accurately reporting the highs and lows.” Early adopters agree. “This is a very useful app,” according to an App Store review. “It shows trends of how my mood was throughout the last 30 days. It really helps with discussions during counseling.”

About Mood Score, LLC

Download the app here:

Mood Score, LLC was formed by Adam Bourque to provide products to improve the technology surrounding personal wellness monitoring. Their first product, Mood Score, was launched in November, 2014.

Check Mood Score out I really thing these types of apps make a difference in peoples lives.

Mood Score App

Swappi Swap Second Hand Item App Review

  • December 24, 2014
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Swappi Swap Second Hand Item App Review

Just in time for the holidays Swappi is here! Swappi is simple and fun way to swap items that you no longer need into things that you are actually interested in having.

What can you swap? Turns out with this Apple App you can swap almost anything. On Swappi swap smartphones, electronics, furniture, books, shoes, and even cars. This is a great idea especially around Christmas time. I could see someone using this app instead of going to Goodwill donate. Just go on Swappi and swap items you no longer want with something you do. Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

If you want to check this app out check out the Apple iTunes



Having Your iPhone Help You in Celebrating the Christmas Season

Having Your iPhone Help You in Celebrating the Christmas Season

Christmas is one season that involves almost everybody.  Kids are made to create Christmas cards while adults go about with an extra spring in their step, wanting to finish their holiday shopping right before the holiday season begins.  Every store has its own version of Santa Clause, and each home is has that tint of red and green to represent the holidays.

For some people, every single thing they lay their hands on has to have some spirit of the holiday.  This is why the makers of smart phone applications have come up with their own Christmas apps to get even your iPhone celebrating the holiday spirit.  Here are a few of those applications that create cheer and are even of use:


This tries to place everything you might ever need into the application.  Of course, what is a Christmas application without a countdown to the exact day of celebration?  With one glance, you could tell friends and family how long they will have to wait until Christmas arrives (and how long they have to buy you the present you want).  It also has a Christmas list, which you could use to write down gift ideas and then tick them off once they are bought.  It also has wallpapers and themes that the phone could sport for the next month or so.!!/id295449610?mt=8

Christmas Card Maker

Every person in this world has a Christmas card list, though not all of them are fulfilled.  This may be because the buyers or givers find the available cards as too mundane to be bought and sent out.  With this app on your phone, you would not have that excuse as you would be able to create your own cards and send them to your loved ones without leaving your home!  Personalize it with pictures of yourself and your kids to make sure that they would still know who you should you bump into each other on the street.!/id486599688?mt=8

Christmas Carols – Complete

The season will never be complete without the Christmas carol on your phone, and instead of buying each song for a certain amount each, just download the app and start singing to your heart’s content!  It promises to be complete, with the most common carols already stocked within the program.

Icon Skins Free

Decorating a phone does not mean putting a colorful sock over the phone, especially when what you have is an iPhone.  You would still want to show the world the beautiful piece of technology that you own.  Neither does phone decoration mean sprinkling silver and gold dust on your phone just so that it would look more Christmassy (that may invalidate whatever insurance policy you have).  To decorate your phone, just download the suggested app and change your lock and home screens to reflect the colorful nature of the season!  It’s much easier, you can customize it to your liking, and you won’t need to scrub the gadget at the end of the season.

Coca-Cola Christmas Snow Globes

No other product has been more associated with the season of Christmas than Coca-cola, and they have been capitalizing on this ever since.  To add this reminder to the iPhone market, they have created an app that would allow people to create snow globes and share it through Facebook.  If you miss someone, all you have to do is create a snow globe with the two of you in the middle, then tilt your phone!  The snow that appears will make you have a perfect white Christmas, and the person you miss will get your message… either through Facebook, or through the Coca-Cola website!

So much more!

There are a lot more applications available on Apple’s app store that bring festive cheer to your phone.  Some of them offer the same stuff as what’s already been mentioned, while others may have new things to offer.  Visit the app store, download, and start exhibiting the spirit of Christmas today!

Walter Isaacson Biography of Steve Jobs

  • October 25, 2011
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Walter Isaacson Biography of Steve Jobs

It didn’t take long after Steve Jobs, the renowned Apple CEO, died in his house at the beginning of October, that his official biography came out. This week, the book titled simply by his name, appeared in libraries and e-book readers everywhere. Written by Walter Isaacson, the book of 656 pages describes the life of Jobs, and his most personal thoughts, from the man himself, and throughout the book, many surprising facts came out.

The book starts with Steve as a young man, focusing on his relationship with his adopted father, and how much of his personality came from him. As an adopted child, he wanted to prove himself to him, and show that he could do great things. One of the passages for example describes how he was once painting a fence, and his father came to him, and told him that the back side of the fence, the one that was hidden and nobody would ever see, needed to be just as well painted as the front, because it proves that if something is worth doing, then it’s worth doing well. It’s from things like this that Steve’s goal of perfection came, and what he brought with him to Apple.

A lot of his college years and his early time at Apple revolved around Wozniak, his business partner. Steve did not last long in school, but he did learn important lessons. For example, one passage, which Steve also said in a previous presentation, was a class he attended showed him how crucial type fonts were. And that’s why the Macintosh has had great fonts since day one, because he now knew to focus on details like that. There’s no question that reading this book, we know that Steve Jobs was a perfectionist, but he also demanded perfection from everyone around him. This made him a controversial figure, but helped deliver the products Apple made.

This demand for perfection also brings some surprising revelations. For example, he speaks of Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, as someone who is unimaginative and has never invented anything. He sees him as someone who copies ideas. In the case of Google, he holds a very similar view, and is much harsher with words. He always believed Android was stolen from the iPhone, and says “I’m going to destroy Android, because it’s a stolen product. I’m willing to go thermonuclear war on this.” He has quite an opinion of most other large technology companies out there, as well as some politicians. It’s revealed for example that he spoke to Bill Clinton during the Monika Lewinsky scandal, to whom he said “I don’t know if you did it, but if so, you’ve got to tell the country.”

There’s no question that Steve Jobs was a fascinating man, and the book is quite worth a read for anyone interested in Apple, or even technology as a whole. With the current sale figures, it’s very possible that this will end up being one of the most sold book of 2011.

Buy The Book on!

Apple loses another iPhone in a bar!

Apple loses another iPhone in a bar!

Some of you may recall a strange event happening last year, in the Spring of 2010, when it was widely reported that an Apple employee had lost his phone in a bar. Of course, the juicy bit was that this particular device wasn’t a typical iPhone, but a super secret prototype of the yet unreleased iPhone 4. Long story short, it turned up in a blogger’s hands, who took pictures and reported about it online. Apple was not happy, the police got involved, but nothing much came of it.

Now, it seems history is repeating itself. CNET has learned that an Apple employee lost another unreleased iPhone in a bar. This time it was a police report Apple filed in late July that said the device had been lost in a Mission District’s tequila lounge, in San Francisco. This time however the iPhone 5 did not end up in a blog, but instead Apple was able to track it electronically to a two-story home in Bernal Heights. After the house was searched, the device was not to be found.

In both cases it seems like the authorities took the case very seriously. The blogger in question last year, a man named Jason Chen, had his home searched, his computers and phones seized, and legal threats sent from Apple’s lawyers, before the case was finally dismissed thanks to his journalistic protections. This time however, if the device does surface, it might be harder for whoever took it to get a similar get out of jail card.

There’s no question that a lost Apple prototype is big news, because the iPhone is a hot technology, something millions of people buy, and seeing the next version of the phone would be very profitable for whoever can get their hands on it, especially with Apple’s history of being so guarded when it comes to revealing future products. Launching such a device would be something done on a stage, in front of millions of viewers, and they don’t want anybody stealing their thunder.

Still, it’s not hard to guess what the iPhone 5 will contain. There’s been tons of rumors, leaks, speculations, and potentially fake photos coming out of manufacturing plants. What most people assume is that the iPhone 5 will look a lot like the iPhone 4, but with a faster processor, the same that was put into the iPad 2, as well as new antenna features, possibly either NFC, or a single chip for both GSM and CDMA, which would allow a single phone to connect to any wireless network such as Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile or AT&T. Indeed, a new rumor is making the rounds saying that when the iPhone 5 launches, it will be on Sprint.

Regardless if the lost device is ever found, one thing is certain, this news story made it all around the world, and is just one more item to add to a never ending list of rumors about the next iPhone. Because if there’s one thing technology enthusiasts love is to speculate about the next Apple product.

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