Help Peter And Richard Start Developing Gaming Apps

  • January 22, 2017
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Peter and Richard want to start developing gaming apps and need your help. They have set up a page on the crowdfunding site called JustGiving. You can visit their page at: The goal of this campaign is pretty simple they would like to start developing gaming apps after £900 is raised.

Help Richard and Peter reach their modest £900 goal, funding their app developing dream. JustGiving is the the number one crowdfunding platform in the world. Their mission is that no good campaign goes unfunded. Just Giving has already raised $4.2 billion around the world!

Who Are They?

“Peter my friend and myself (richard) are hoping to start a business of developing online gaming apps. We have been keen to start a business together since a young age. Due to the economical climate loans are not an option to us unfortunately so we have turned to crowd funding to ask for your help. Our plan is to create free-to-play games accessible to the public. Although to bring our ideas to life it will take time, money and effort the middle of which we lack the most. I hope you have read this far into my description so I can offer you our gratitude if you decide to make a donation.”

Where Can I Donate?

Visit their official crowd funding page:

Richard And Peter

Why not make a donation today? Help Richard and Peter start creating free-to-play games for the public.

Next Level Ninja Adventure With Dragon Ninja Rush

  • December 18, 2016
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Great news for action game fans FunTag Games just released their new free gaming app Dragon Ninja Rush. Game features addictive Ninja adventure, backed by awesome gameplay and challenges. Best of all the app is completely free to download.

Download The Game

Dragon Ninja Rush is available both for Android and iOS users.

Google Play:

On Google Dragon Ninja gets 4.5 out of 5 stars.


On Apple the game gets 5 out of 5 stars.

Dragon Ninja Rush

Indie game studio FunTag Games has recently released a new fighting game app Dragon Ninja Rush that assures a seamless play experience, wrapped in rush, thrill and adventure. Bustling with a stellar 4.7 rating, the app has been dubbed as one of the best addicting games by its happy users. You can even share your amazing gameplay and experience with Ninja Dragon Rush on social networking sites.

Game Details

“We are here to get you addicted to fun excitement and superb action this festive season with our brand new gaming app Dragon Ninja Rush. It sweeps you to an unforgettable ride of legendary Ninja adventure that will take your brave Ninja warrior spirit to a whole new level. The game will test the spontaneity of your reflexes as you run, rush, slide, dash, scramble, dodge and jump against others in this awesome ninja sport marathon. The game app speaks of cool fast-paced missions, accelerated gameplay and simple controls for your convenience. An awesome gameplay and cool HD graphics await you here to make your holiday fun even more enjoyable.”

Game Screenshots

Dragon Ninja Rush 15Dragon Ninja Rush 14Dragon Ninja Rush 9Dragon Ninja Rush 8Dragon Ninja Rush 5Dragon Ninja Rush 2

Customer Reviews

“Adorable! Very addictive, have to keep playing for hours.” – DonaldJon

“Best game with good graphics and nice game play.” – Georgejon

“The game will take you through several challenging levels laden with various menacing villains and spine-chilling obstacles like booby traps, flying shurikens, raging red bulls and so on. You have to defeat your powerful opponents as you run, jump and slide and there will be series of assists for you so that you can fight all the way up to victory. For your help, there would be shields, power-ups, coins and gems. Magic wands, giant potions, Rainbow Bridge, formidable magnets, and much more. You have to be the absolute shadow ninja and race to triumph with the right manifestation of reflexes. All in all, if you are looking to explore the thrill of ancient ninja warrior life, this game here is sure to hook you in. We are here to get you positively addicted to our mind blowing action sagas for hours.”

FunTag Games looks like they have another hit on their hands with Dragon Ninja Rush.

Top 5 Windows Phone Note Taking Apps

  • September 4, 2014
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Top 5 Windows Phone Note Taking Apps

Do you remember the days of having a dozen sticky notes attached to your computer monitor, your calendar or even your desk and window frame? If you needed a certain tidbit of information you would have to hunt for the right sticky note and hopefully you found it without wasting too much time. If you even found it at all.

Fortunately we have our smartphones and tablets synced to the cloud so we can see our notes on any manner of devices ranging from desktop computers to smart televisions. Of course, now we have a problem with fumbling for the right app to take notes, hoping it doesn’t crash and even worse- trying to remember where we saved that note and which app we used to record it. Sometimes we have to wonder if we are truly saving time with the high-tech approach to taking notes!

With all of this in mind it seems like a good idea to quickly go over five of the best note-taking applications available in the Windows Phone app store. The focus will be on note-taking applications that focus on simplicity of use and speed (preferably a good balance of both.) These applications are presented in no particular order (We never really thought ranking things in numerical order was accurate or useful.)

Evernote- This app offers a variety of features such as taking photos to include in your notes and even using your device’s voice recorder to add audio. You can also make lists and enable the notes themselves to be searched.

OneNote- The note-taking program Microsoft offers for Windows 8. It is very powerful and versatile but also a bit complicated for people who need to find and edit a particular note as quickly as possible. This is best used in project management environment and not for taking notes during a professor or supervisor’s presentation. This app offers dictation which translates your speech into readable text.

Hurry Notes- This is the note-taking app for those with a need for some speed. The app is very fast to download thanks to its small file size and more importantly- it opens very quickly compared to bulkier applications. You can get to writing down that phone number or quote price right away and if you need to delete something just swipe the screen. The lined paper background is actually quite useful in keeping lists neat and easy to read.

My Notes- this is a popular note taking app that is functional but not as useful in a high speed situation. While the app lets you do lots of things it can be easy to lose track of a specific file and have to hunt for it in the menu system.
Note+- A note-taking app that is noted for a beautiful interface and relatively simple design. This one is very functional but also not focused on speed note-taking. Some users have complained of losing data after the device goes through a hard reset.

Remember that note-taking apps are best judged by an individual’s needs. Some require a full-featured application while others prefer raw speed and simplicity. This is why it is important to do your research and make your decision based on the kind of application you need and not what others tell you to get.

Must-Have Travel Apps Reviewed, List Of Travel Apps You Need to Download Now

  • July 20, 2012
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Must-Have Travel Apps Reviewed, List Of Travel Apps You Need to Download Now

Top Travel Apps

Apps have become travel essentials in this digital age, as essential as passports and plane tickets. Apps help travelers communicate, find their way through strange cities, locate hotels and restaurants, book tickets, convert currency, find Wi-Fi and even report foul treatment by TSA officials. But with so many choices, which apps do you pick? We’ve listed some of the best and most useful travel apps of 2012. They’re all free, too:

Zuji Packman

The Zuji Packman manages to make packing fun with this cool app. Not only does it help travelers with packing duties, it also helps you organize and share travel schedules with your friends. You can create packing lists for each trip, see what your friends are packing and set up reminders so you don’t forget anything. The app is currently available only on iOS devices, but it’s coming to Android soon. Cost: Free


  • Create multiple packing lists
  • See your friends’ packing lists
  • Share packing lists
  • Store your itinerary
  • Delegate packing items to friends
  • Set reminders


Travel App Women

Boeing Milestones in Innovation

Boeing has launched Milestones in Innovation, an iPad app for aviation history buffs. Learn about Boeing’s history and aviation innovations through archival images, videos and an interactive timeline.  The “digital coffee table book” covers almost a hundred years’ worth of Boeing information, the perfect company on those long flights. Cost: Free


  • Archival images and video
  • Interactive timeline
  • Covers Boeing history and innovations from 1916 to present day


Condition One

At first glance, Condition One looks just like any other video app on the market. But once you use it, you know that you have something mind blowing in your hands. Condition One mixes still images and 180-degree video that turns travel stories into an immersive viewer experience. When watching a narrative, you feel like you were there with the filmmakers experiencing the action. The secret is the “pan” button that lets you view a scene from all angles—diagonally, up, down, left, right—by swiping your finger across the screen or tilting the tablet. Currently, the app does not let you take your own videos and you can only watch other people’s videos. Condition One is available on the iPad 2 and iPad 1. Cost: Free


  • Watch immersive videos
  • Change field of view by tilting or moving the iPad 2
  • Change field of view by touching the screen of the iPad 1
  • Save videos
  • Download videos


Image It

The Image It app solves the language barrier problem by using pictograms instead of words, useful if you get sick in a foreign country and you don’t know the word for “hospital.” Image It lets you use up to three pictograms to communicate your message. The app has a pictogram bank for categories like emergency, food and transport. It also lets you create your own pictograms. Cost: Free


  • Pictograms sorted by category
  • Create your own pictograms
  • Write on default pictograms
  • Supports 8 different languages


Kuoni UK Brochures

Fans of travel company Kuoni can now access Kuoni website content on their iPads. View travel articles, watch videos and download travel brochures that you can read anytime without an internet connection. The app updates automatically, so you always get the freshest content. Cost: Free

  • Download brochures to read offline
  • Access the latest news, travel articles and travel content
  • Bookmark any page
  • Print any page


Ritz-Carlton Hotels & Resorts Mobile App

Luxury travelers and fans of luxury travel are in for a treat with the new Ritz-Carlton application for iOS and Android devices. Access great deals, VIP info and top secret content, including an exclusive “Presidential Tips” section by Ritz-Carlton COO Herve Humler. Humler shares his own memorable experiences about each Ritz-Carlton hotel around the world. Cost: Free


  • Book hotels and resorts around the world
  • Edit reservations
  • Interactive maps and directions
  • Hotel information, amenities, events and galleries
  • Special offers for guests
  • Tips and recommendations
  • Unlock stories with QR codes


iOS Devices:

Android Devices:


You’ve probably heard of horror stories about TSA officials in the U.S. running travelers through the gauntlet, or maybe you’re a victim of profiling. Now you can do something about it with the FlyRights application developed by the Sikh Coalition. Use the app to file complaints instantly and send them to the TSA website. Cost: Free


  • Document your uncomfortable airport experience
  • File a complaint in minutes
  • Send reports directly to the TSA and to the Sikh Coalition
  • Know Your Rights guide


iOS Devices:

Android Devices:






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