Atlantic City Boardwalk Pummeled by Hurricane Sandy (VIDEO)

Atlantic City Boardwalk Pummeled by Hurricane Sandy (VIDEO)

Check out the video of the Atlantic City Boardwalk being pummeled by Hurricane Sandy. At the time of this write there are at least 38 dead, millions without power, and public transportation is down. Atlantic City is the iconic setting of HBO’s “Boardwalk Empire.”

Here are some of the details:

– Hurricane Sandy made landfall around 8:00 PM yesterday

– The Atlantic City Boardwalk quickly became the victim of the high wind & water

– The famous Berkeley beachfront taffy shop was destroyed by the initial storm surge

– Some experts say that 125 ft. of sand on the Atlantic City beachfront will be just 25 ft. after the storm

– There are whole sections of the boardwalk missing, washed away by Hurricane Sandy

– Flood advisory remained into effect until 1 p.m. Tuesday

– Atlantic City casinos were mostly unharmed

– Officials are not sure, as of now, when the resort will reopen

Watch the video below:






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