Why Podcasts Are The Secret Ingredient

  • May 19, 2016
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Why Podcasts Are The Secret Ingredient

Is something missing in your life and you don’t quite know what it is? May be Podcasts are the secret ingredient in creating a better life. From your business to personal life Podcasts can be very beneficial. See below for my list for business, personal, and health Podcasts.


Gary Vaynerchuk – Fun, entertaining, business motivation



Dave Asprey – Looks of cutting edge research and interesting ideas. This is the butter in your coffee guy


Jillian Michaels – Good fitness tips and stories from Jillian’s life



The Daily Boost: Best Daily Motivation – Daily motivation, good start to the day, some good tips. Lately advertisements have been a pain, but overall a good show


The Tony Robbins Podcast – Tony Robbins just started his own podcast. Finally!


The Tim Ferris Show – Great tips on how to optimize your life. He’s the author of the Four Hour Work Week. If you haven’t read this book you need to


Zig Ziglar – Zig Ziglar is no longer with us, but his Podcast is


Worst Year Ever For Super Bowl Ads?

  • February 8, 2010
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I don’t know about you, but I’d say this years Super Bowl were the worst in recent memory. The target of many commercials was taking a shot at men’s egos. The commercials were really average. If Google’s “Parisian Love” makes the top spot, an ad that has been on YouTube since November, this shows you just how bad the commercials actually were. Did you see GoDaddy.com? The ads were meant to be edgy and may be at one time they were. Now the GoDaddy.com ads come across as corny at best. Here is a list of the best and the worst 2010 commercials http://www.heavy.com/post/the-best-and-worst-super-bowl-commercials-3573.

Best Motivational Speeches of All Time

  • October 4, 2009
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This was a challenging week for me so I decided to put together the best motivational speeches of all time to get pumped up. Have any suggestions please e-mail me or make a comment in the comment section. Enjoy!

Miracle – Coach Brooks

Any Given Sunday – Al Pacino

The Network – Howard Beale

Click on links to watch videos of the motivation speeches:

Rocky – Sylvester Stallone click here

Full Metal JacketĀ  click here

Mel Gibson – Braveheart click here

Bill Pullman – Independence Day click here

Charles S. Dutton – Rudy click here

Nick Nolte – Blue Chips click here

Billy Bob Thornton – Friday Night Lights click here

Alec Baldwin – Glengarry Glen Ross click here

Ben Affleck – Boiler Room click here

Funny 4 yr. Old Doing Miracle Speech click here






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