Scroogled? Microsoft Attack Ad Coins New Diction

Scroogled? Microsoft Attack Ad Coins New Diction

Steve Ballmer and Microsoft are on a roll these days. It appears they are puffing their chest out a little at Google. Microsoft has created a political campaign style attack ad targeted at Google Shopping. Microsoft is say Google is Scroogling you because shopping results are ranked based on payments from advertisers. The funny part about these videos is they are on the Google owned YouTube.


Have any of you been Scroogled? If you want to learn more about Scroogle visit

Check out the Microsoft Scroogle video below:

Here is one more!

If you want an alternative to both Bing and Google try In the spirit of these ads which feel like political attack ads, at least the first one. The search engine Duck Duck Go would be considered a 3rd party candidate, independent.

Steve Ballmer and Microsoft

Steve Ballmer and Microsoft

Microsoft’s Bing & Sony Shameless Spiderman Adverising Placement

  • July 18, 2012
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Microsoft’s Bing & Sony Shameless Spiderman Adverising Placement

When something just doesn’t look right it stands out, especially in 3D. I was at the movies recently watching the newest version of Spiderman and couldn’t help noticing all the blatant product placement by Microsoft and Sony. I’m in the advertising world so I always think it’s ironic that product placement annoys me so much. I think if the advertisement that’s presented to you isn’t already related to what you are watching or doing then it becomes a distraction. For example when you are watching the news about the latest disaster and an ad for Viagra comes on your television. There is no context for why the ad for Viagra is on the screen, there is a disconnect with the real world. So that’s what I felt when the protagonist in Spiderman uses the Sony Xperia smartphone running Android to make calls to his gf, check voicemail, listen to the police scanner, and plays a video game. All of these functions by the way my Windows Phone can do very well. 2 students in the movie are shown watching a video of Spiderman using a Sony Tablet S. The funniest scene was when Peter Parker uses Bing to search for information about his father and spiders. Full disclosure I use Bing myself, but it was so obvious that Microsoft had paid a boat load of money to get Bing featured in the movie. I think product placement especially in movies cheapens the experience, but provides some entertainment in the form of counting the number of paid placement products being shoved down the audience’s throat. What do you think? I’d love to read some of your comments.

Bing Now Tied to Yahoo in Web Searches

  • December 21, 2011
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Bing Now Tied to Yahoo in Web Searches

In the ever growing online search business, Google has been the king for many years now. After replacing AltaVista and Yahoo almost a decade ago, it’s the go to place for many of us when we’re looking for information online. But ever since Microsoft shelved their MSN search and launched Bing, the little product has been gaining grounds. Now, the Microsoft engine has just tied with Yahoo, at 15% each. As it keeps growing, it’s slowly eroding the dominant player, and getting a few more eyes to turn its way, as Microsoft keeps improving their site for users to get better results all the time.

According to numbers from Hitwise, a company monitoring the search engines, every month Bing has been gaining market share, while Google has been going down, ever so slightly. At 1% or less at a time, it’s going to be quite a while before Google starts becoming a minority, but already the company is worried. The interesting thing about Bing and Yahoo is that both are actually the same thing. Bing search powers Yahoo, so both of them use the Microsoft engine, which can make the numbers seem even more impressive, at around 30% versus 65% for Google. Of course, these are all guesses made by the various analytics firms, and the true numbers might be lower for the two up comers, with some saying they are still at 13% or even 11% each. Still, Microsoft is definitively growing on Google’s territory, and that has analysts intrigued.

Bing has grown from very little to what it is today. Many users feel Bing give them better results than Google on a number of fronts. Some of the popular functions include video search, which gives previews of the videos right there on the search page, and an image search which doesn’t filter out more risque content in the same way that Google seems to. Of course, anyone using a Windows Phone, or the default Internet Explorer bar, will also be using Bing. Whatever the reason, people are getting more accustomed to it, and that’s the last thing Google want. Still, Microsoft isn’t making money with it. In fact, the company is losing tons of money on Bing, because it’s spending so much making it better, and making those partner deals. Whether they have a true plan for future monetization of their engine is unknown, although since they are Microsoft, most figure they have the money for it.

Overall, this is all a very good thing for consumers. More competition is better, and the fact that Google no longer has such a strong monopoly forces them to innovate even faster. We get more competition, more choice, and more innovation, which is something the Internet thrives on. As both companies keep growing, we’ll see which one will end up being the favorite of most users in the years to come.

Microsoft Partners With Baidu

  • July 6, 2011
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Microsoft Partners With Baidu

Microsoft has just struck a deal with China’s biggest search engine Baidu. Baidu will now offer search services in English powered by Bing.  Google has to stand on the sidelines as they pulled out of China partly over concerns about censorship. The Bing results will be censored, but they will gain access to Baidu’s 470 million users. Share of Searches Increases 6 Percent March 2011!

  • April 12, 2011
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Did you ever think it was possible? Did you ever think that little search engine from Microsoft would crack the 30% search engine market share? Bing keeps growing and growing and growing. If I were Google I’d be very nervous.


Do You Bing? Jan. Search Engine Numbers Are In… Bing Wins

  • February 10, 2010
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Yes, the January 2010 search engines numbers are just in. continues to gain market share. The Bing search engine jumped another half point to 11.3% of search engine market share. Google’s domestic search was 65.4% in January, down from 65.7%. Yahoo feel from 17.3% to 17% in Jan. increased from 3.7% to 3.8%. AOL domestic search decreased from 2.6% to 2.5%.

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