Introducing Custom Foldable Rigid Gift Boxes

  • March 6, 2018
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The idea of the custom foldable rigid gift box came from the desire to help executive assistants. Executive assistants were looking for attractive foldable bags, but the options were few and far between. Now there is a great option out there called the CustomPrintbox. CustomPrintbox is the self-proclaimed master in manufacturing elegantly styled laminated custom foldable rigid gift boxes.


Custom Print Box

If you don’t know what a foldable rigid box is, let me explain. Basically if you are a executive assistant or run any type of business sometimes you want to deliver packages to your client in something other than a used Amazon box.


– Rigid material box construction.

– Duplex board with 2mm coating.

– Boxes are printed in 1-7 colors.

– Box logo can also be made embossed, spot UV, printing surface over laminated and hot foil stamped to give an excellent texture to your boxes.

– Soft-touch film application is available as well.

– Magnetic closure.


There are no setup charges, the extra cost is waived off. Moreover, there is no minimum order limit. If you are in the market for a brandable, customizable folding box consider CustomPrintbox.

Food Of The Future: No Food, Just Packaging

  • July 15, 2014
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Food Of The Future: No Food, Just Packaging

As you stroll down the isles of your local super market have you noticed a highly disturbing trend? The boxes food is packaged in have stayed the same size, yet the total number of onces inside the box has shrunk dramatically.

Why would a food company do this to us?

Well, friends it comes do to keeping prices down while making sure profits rise. What better way to keep profits up than to trick consumers into thinking they are getting the same amound of food for the same price.

What is food of the future?

I think there will come a day when food companies can’t shave ounces off the box and we we litterally just by boxes of air. No food will be inside the box. Just a grocery store full of colorful boxes.

Take for example the benign Triscuit. Everybody loves a Triscuit. Check out the box of reduced fat Triscuit it has about 8 tiny ounces in it. 8 ounces!!! in a giant size box!!!

Tell us what you think? Is all fair in the war for your super market dollar? Or are these shady techniques ruining the trust we have with our local grocer?

8 oz triscuit box






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