Moving Gone Wrong Fund GoFundMe

  • March 9, 2017
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What happens when you just get married, move, and it all of a sudden goes terribly wrong? Thanks to crowdfunding sites like GoFundMe, you turn to them, that’s what happens. Imagine getting married, moving to a new state, but suddenly the car breaks down. Next thing you know there are a series of unfortunate events including: 50 mile towing, purchasing a new alternator, getting a hotel room, and finally renting a car. The GoFundMe goal is set at a reasonable $2,000. Help this couple get back on their feet and back on the road to happily ever after.

Visit the GoFundMe page and consider donating today:

The Complete Story

“We recently got married and immediately moved to Utah. On the way to Utah our car broke down in the middle of the night in the middle of nowhere and we ended up having to pay for a 50-mile tow, a new alternator, a hotel room, and a rental car. We did not plan on having these expenses and it has really put us in a tough financial situation. I am asking for some help to get out and back on our feet. We are both in college and trying our best to make it month to month. We sincerely appreciate anything you can give to help. Anything extra donated will go to help us pay for college. We are both working 20+ hours a week and full-time students. If you can’t donate a share would be much appreciated.”

Meet The Couple

Meet couple

This is what the happy couple looked like on their wedding day before all this happened. If goal is funded the smiles will surely return back to their faces.

The Go Fund Me camapaign at the time of this article was created 22 hours ago and currently has zero backers. Help this couple in need. Become their first donor today:




BlackBerry PlayBook Is Here – Review of the BlackBerry PlayBook

  • April 27, 2011
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BlackBerry PlayBook Is Here – Review of the BlackBerry PlayBook

It seems like forever, but the Blackberry PlayBook is finally here and luckily it doesn’t disappoint. To some people, it seem like an unusual selection for RIM’s recent attempt at providing a tablet with the words play and book together, because at its core this runs perhaps the most hardcore and user friendly operating systems. Of course, the operating system is QNX and the BlackBerry PlayBook is the hardware. This is a business friendly offering which is out to take over the consumer tablet scene, looking to follow the path of BlackBerry handsets which have lined the pockets of executives in the corporate world and BBM fans worldwide.  Here is my brief review of the Blackberry PlayBook.

This is a serious tablet in comparison to the competing software from Google and Apple. Although it has games, the biggest strengths of the device are somewhat boring i.e. more business oriented. For instance, it can do an excellent job when it comes to showing PowerPoint presentations, plus it offers the security chops needed to keep the dismal sale figures in the last quarter from slipping into the wrong hands. Even though this is not really exciting stuff, there are certainly useful features. Regardless if you find those boring or intriguing, this is still RIM’s 7 inch Flash; 3G lacking tablet in an unassuming yet very stylish exterior. You are more likely to be disappointed with whatever is running at the rear of the glass. This PlayBook with angular corners and dark design seems extremely nondescript, which is more prone to open a wormhole on another planet than to leap into consumers hands at store. The framework is cool metal, very slightly rubberized with squared off edges and there is hardly any give or flex anywhere. The device feels completely solid and will not give in to any contortions, even though it is only 0.4 inches thick. At just 0.9 pounds, this is significantly lighter in weight, but somewhat heavier than Galaxy .83 pound Tablet. There is an ongoing debate about the ideal size for a tablet, but it’s safe to say that the smaller factors give a device which is comfortable to travel with. This light weight definitely makes it much simpler for reading and the hand-friendly size will make it more convenient to carry. The size and the dark color help to make this slate a little less obvious when compared to the competition and this could be regarded as a part of its subtle charm. Blackberry PlayBook has four buttons on the top with physical controls for volume up/down, small power button and play/pause. The power is extremely hard to find if you are feeling for it and once it’s located it will be difficult to switch on. You cannot actually hit it without having to use your fingernail and you are required to use a lot pressure even then.

Even though the Blackberry PlayBook has a few drawbacks it’s a solid performer that competes very well with the Apple iPad.






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