NASA Space Shuttle Budget: Infographic

NASA Space Shuttle Program Budget

30-year NASA Space Shuttle budget. 30-Year Space Shuttle NASA program budget from development through its retirement infographic.

NASA budget Space Shuttle

Gambling as Investing… Should Everyone Gamble?


A couple months I heard on the radio about some guy writing a book about gambling addictions. The premise for the book was take on the roll of a gambling addict and commit a set amount of money every month… Don’t remember exactly, but it was over $10,000… and gamble it all away on different forms of gambling ie sports betting, slot machines, poker, 21, roulette, etc. He was going to see how his life changed, what activities did he give up in order to gamble, how fast would he lose it all. A funny thing happened… the guy writing the book about gambling addictions was up! He actually was positive for the time he committed to this gambling experiment. Since then I’m wondered if it’s prudent for you as an investor… investing in the stock market, real estate, bonds, art, antiques, muni bonds, money market, etc. Should gambling be treated as an investment? Should you put aside a set amount each month dedicated only to gambling. I’m talking about gambling on penny stocks, black jack, roulette, slots, sports betting, scratch tickets, lotto, powerball. I’m always wondered if you approach gambling systematically will it eventually pay off. I was thinking about doing a gambling experiment such as this for my blog. I’ll let you know in the coming weeks. If you want me to go ahead with this experiment… PLEASE LEAVE FEEDBACK… it’s the only way I know if this is a popular idea or not.






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