Killer Packaging Tips for Start-up Businesses

  • May 18, 2016
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Killer Packaging Tips for Start-up Businesses

This post will give you an insight on proper packaging. These apply to all business, but will be more useful to those who are just starting out.

First and foremost, you shouldn’t waste your packaging materials. Assuming that your business is just budding, you might not have a lot of funds to waste around. As such, you need to make sure you make the most out of everything, packaging materials included. So, it makes no sense to add numerous packaging materials if it doesn’t justify the purpose. You should use the right amount of materials and you will be able to save on costs and help the environment at large.

When you hear term packaging, what comes to mind? To most of us, packaging inflicts an image of brown packing boxes along with tapes. Well, the truth is that it’s not all about that. Cushioning items are also part of it, as they protect the products from significant damage. Other materials included in packaging are pillow boxes, PVC covers, polythene packaging, pouches, potli bags and many more. All these make packaging better without breaking your bank. You can research on packaging suppliers online as well as delivery companies to get great deals on these materials.

Thirdly, you will want to make the package attractive, informative, safe and useful as well. A successful packaging design will balance all these vital factors in a manner that the end result succeeds in impressing clients and driving sales. In regards to being informative, it should contain all the relevant information for the client to understand the contents of the package.

Another important tip is to ascertain that you practice effective or adequate banding from the first day. There’s a large scope in terms of branding with packaging materials. So, why not make the most out of it and place your business logo along with an ideal theme so that the clients can relate to your business easily? This is a huge benefit in the long haul and takes time to build. As such, ensure that you employ an effective branding strategy with packaging from day one.

Also, never let your clients anticipate in vain as this can really ruin your business. Ever received a gift where the packaging was large, but the item was small? Certainly you would have been disappointed as your expectations raise the moment you see the large box. This is the same case with your clients. So, it is important that you never make them anticipate in vain. The same goes for tightly fit boxes or rather small boxes. You should never go overboard and pack over the limit with an aim of saving on costs. In fact, the contents are subjected to higher risk when stuffed in boxes.

Finally, it is important that you get the best e-commerce packaging materials. Regardless of how appealing your packaging design might be, you will not be able to achieve quality packaging if you lack the best e-commerce packaging items. If you use ideal materials, you are certain of durability, quality, and better overall features. This will give you an edge for impressing your clients.

With these tips in mind, you can be sure that your business will thrive as your packaging won’t lack in any aspect.

How To Use Quora For Marketing Your Business

  • September 14, 2013
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How To Use Quora For Marketing Your Business

Introduction to using Quora to market your business:

Quora is website for questions and answers, which is organized by its community of users. The organization was begun in June 2009 and website Quora went live in the next year on the date 21st June, 2010. Quora was founded by two former Facebook employees named Charlie Cheever and Adam D’Angelo. Its content is also created and edited by Quora website users. Website simply aggregates the questions and answers to topics and user can edit any question and also suggest edits to someone else’s answers. The main competitors of Quora are other social bookmarking sites such as ChaCha, Yahoo! Answers, and Reddit etc.


Business with Quora:

Right now Quora is not offering brands, companies and organizations to setup a profile with it, but there are few exceptions are also available. You can easily participate in it with the profile of any spokesperson or executives with having high profile ranking.

Tips to monitor and grow your business:

Six things that can provide profit to your company or business are:

1.    Quora can provide a monitoring platform for your company or business. If any question related to your business is posted then your person can grab the question and answer the query. You can easily monitor about your business on Quora.

2.    Quora is not like other simple question answer website but it is gaining the importance as the new social media sensation. Very much user friendly and easy options to participate within any topic area. Everything should be done under the Quora’s guidelines and acceptance. This will provide you a chance to interact with your targeted customer and build social relationship with them.

3.    Easily collect the data regarding your followers and active participants related to your business. Quora offers a good platform for soliciting feedback from your participants. Research targeted audience for your business and get feedback from them about your product design marketing or use it for any other strategy.

4.    Once there are a lot of data related to your business and you know your content on Quora then it can be used as a customer support for your company or business. It can be similar to a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) which is external from your primary FAQ.

5.    Quora is now getting very much attention among the community of small business and organizations because of its unique concept of sharing questions and answers which offers easy communication among the business targeted audience. The more you participate in queries related to your business the more chance to other people can know about your business.

6.     Quora is also integrated with different most popular social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter. It offers you to get noticed by a large database of users and work like an aid in improving your business network. More people can ready to know about your organization using combination of Quora and social websites.


If you haven’t already joined Quora to market your business you should. The Quora community is growing and the sooner you can get in the better. This is all about a website named as Quora and used simply a concept of question and answer. You just need to start with Quora. Join the Qoura and follow the topics related to your business, try to answer as much question, visit the Quora frequently and collect the data of audiences, build your network with these audiences, use social networking websites and start your business with Quora. These are the some important tips you must follow before you start marketing with Quora.

How To Get Into The Food Truck Business: What You Need To Know

Making Money Starting a Food Truck Step-By-Step Process

A food truck business is a great way to expand restaurant sale and making money with it. If you are thinking something hearty and fresh and something that is already sold in other country or something sweet then it’s like you are on the right business. In the past food trucks have been associated with simple fare like hot dogs, sandwiches, and ice cream, but today this business has exploded in variety. Now the same food truck business offers every kind of cuisine to their customer. To open a small, standard hot dog type food truck cost approximately $2,000 to buy, while refurbished trucks may cost more than $40,000.

Babys Burgers Food Truck

Before you starts buying your truck go through your need first. The less your truck has worked to do, and the smaller it can be, the less it will cost. You need to take care of many things like permits, truck storage, security, parking, insurance, and location etc. Mobile food trucks have different permitting process and it has some other cost to consider starting and running the business smoothly.

Food Truck Insurance:

This is not similar insurance like you’re another vehicle.  You need to clear the additional risk your truck might have as you have now cooking tools, cylinders, gas connection and other flammable things to carry into your truck.

Food Truck Permits:

Permits are a variable element and generally changes based on locality. There are lists of permits you need to clear before starting the business. Mobile Food Vendor License is a must have license and some other permits for working in the locality you choose, you need to clear all. Renting and buying a permit is illegal thing to do, so be aware of this.

Food Truck Security and Storage:

Health department of the city will approve the location where you are going to park your vehicle during off duty. You might also need to pay additional cost for electricity and refrigeration facility into your food truck.

Food Truck Parking:

You need permission before you’ll park your vehicle and start selling your foods in locality. Sometimes you need to pay extra to be in special events, high class society, or private owned areas etc. Some towns have restriction for food trucks so determine where you can set up your truck.

Food Truck Cost Breakdown:

Food truck itself cost thousands of dollars. One thing you can do is to go for used trucks or look for financing either through investors, banks or small business bureau.

1.    Some other things you need to take care of for food truck business are:
2.    Health and safety are most important
3.    Competition with nearby restaurants
4.    Choosing the suitable and best location
5.    Provide a dining experience
6.    Promote your business on social media like facebook and twitter
7.    Need to do hard work
8.    Offer to expand your business


Start your food truck business and start making dollars with it. Clear all the permits, choose the proper location and rules to park your truck in any society, provide healthy food and variety as well, and advertise as much as you can to get more sell etc. Social media plays an important role to promote your business and to attract more customers to your truck for food and make your business successful.






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