Watch 8th & 14th Street Building Facade Collapse (VIDEO)

Watch 8th & 14th Street Building Facade Collapse (VIDEO)

On October 29th the building facade at 8th and 14th collapsed and it was all caught on video. What makes this an unbelievable story is there were people inside when the building facade fell, but luckily no one was hurt.

Here’s what you need to know about the building facade collapse:

– The 92 8th Ave in Chelsea building had apartments renting for $4,395/month.

– There was a restaurant on the bottom floor called Muscle Maker Grill which gets 3 out of 5 stars on Yelp (

– 100 responded to the scene when the collapse happened.

– What you will notice in the video is firefighters immediately going into the building after the facade collapse which is very impressive.

– The building that collapsed was said to be already hanging forward. The Super that works across the street said, “it was just a matter of time” before it collapsed.

– Time of collapse was between 6:30 and 6:45

Watch the 8th & 14th building facade collapse video below:

Hurricane Sandy Crane Collapse at 157 West 57th Street (VIDEO)

Hurricane Sandy Crane Collapse at 157 West 57th Street (VIDEO)

Hurricane Sandy claimed some of its first major damage with the crane collapse at 157 West 57th Street.

Here’s what you need to know:

– The name of the luxury tower building is One57

– The street near the crane is blocked

– Occupants of buildings on West 57th Street were asked to move lower in their building. Firefighters evacuated 300 apartments in 3 buildings and are preparing to evacuate more.

– The crane is on top of what will be a 90 story luxury tower One57. The crane arm dangles from the 75th floor.

РCost of a penthouse with a view of Central Park in the One57 building is $115 million. The cheapest condo in the building is only $16.75 million.

– The crane could completely come down, no one knows for sure. The partial collapse happened at 2:45 PM. There are no plans to dismantle the crane because of danger from the coming storm.

– There are no reported injuries

– More than 100 emergency workers were on scene after the crane came down

– The crane was owned by Bovis Lend Lease. People are questioning whether or not the crane was properly tied down.

Watch the video below:






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