Hate The Sound Of Laughter? Introducing Kill The Cann

  • March 29, 2017
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Does the sound of laughter drive you up a wall? Are you similar to the Grinch not being able to listen to all the happy Whos in Whoville? If the answer is yes than I have a new product for you! I’m exaggerating a bit, but the product is called Kill The Cann. The purpose of Kill The Cann is to eliminate that annoying, fake, canned laughter on TV. Finally! Where was this in the 80s and 90s? Support the new Kickstarter here:


When you think about it, it does seem kind of strange that there are laugh tracks over your favorite TV shows. It’s almost like they don’t trust the audience to know what’s a joke and what is not. It’s a little condescending if you ask me.

Kickstarter laugh

Why This Product Was Created

“For some of us, it is really annoying! For viewers, canned laughter can distort the dialogue, make it hard to hear clearly or understand, or simply insert laughs in places that you don’t think are funny. Some of us really don’t like laugh tracks and wondered if a device could be built to remove the canned laughter. As scientists with expertise in image and audio signal processing, as well as speech and vocalization analysis, we were all intrigued. Undesirable canned laughter is definitely a “sound” issue – which is right up our alley. A survey of others revealed this was a common issue. Over 80% of our survey audience replied that laugh tracks on television shows annoyed them. Armed with that insight, we decided to design a simple do-it-yourself solution that anyone could use with his/her own TV.”

Kill The Can Laughter

What Product Does

“Kill The Cann (KTC) reduces or removes laughter from the television audio using our?advanced signal processing algorithm?(patent pending). Our design works with existing HDMI streaming devices like your DVR and Chromecast, by simply connecting the HDMI cable of your DVR to?our device and then connecting it to your TV. It is very simple to use. Just turn on the switch to suppress laughter in any show you are watching. The available audio tracks of a multi-track television program are processed to remove or reduce certain components of the program, especially audience sounds. This applies to any program which is supplied with several audio channels, whether provided by cable, DVD, Internet streaming, or otherwise.”

How It Works

“A single, multi-channel electronic audio stream enters from the left and is split into single channels. ?The channels are collectively processed in block P above and reassembled into a multi-channel audio stream, which is output on the right. In the middle, the audio streams are filtered in several ways to isolate the audience sounds to be removed or reduced. To understand what we do, you need to know how audio engineers assemble the sounds of a sitcom. Generally, music/special effects get a left and right channel, the left and right sides of the audience get left and right channels, and one channel is dedicated to low-frequency sounds (bass). Finally, the performers get one channel – which they share with the middle of the audience. In our processing, each of the audience tracks and the performance track get special attention.”

When I saw this product, it got me thinking where was this product in the 80s and 90s at the height of sit com popularity? How much more enjoyable would Friends or Seinfeld be without the annoying laugh tracks? I think audiences today are much more sophisticated, laugh tracks are not even close to being necessary. If you are re-watching Friends episodes on Netflix just think how useful this product would be? Please consider supporting Kill the Cann’s $54,000 goal on Kickstarter today.


Impacting Lives Jonnie Mindez On Patreon

  • January 10, 2017
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Jonnie Mindez is making an impact on Patreon by producing videos that make people smile and add value. Mindez has a goal of 1,000,000 subscribers on Youtube and a Patreon goal of $1,500 per month. Visit his page on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/jonniemindez

The goal is not only to hit the 1 million YouTube subscriber milestone and $1,500/month, but it’s also to support his sick mother. I watched a couple videos from his channel and have to say they are hilarious. My favorite video so far is ‘Drunk College Interviews Gone Wrong’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5_NZ9eka6Bc. Fun times, brings me back to the days of college parties. Even the Uber driver gets his 15 seconds of fame in the video.

Jonnie Mindez

What’s The Point?

“I created this account because I know I will not only be able to do something I am passionate about, but I can also support my sick mother while doing it. Something I think everyone should know, is that I am solely creating this in hopes of building an income to pay for the cost of my production as well as my sick mother. The nerve racking part is she has no idea I have started this. My mom has been my number one supporter in everything I do. Shes easily the strongest, yet most loving and caring human I have ever been around. My mother has Kidney failure, however, she continues to try and work to support my younger sister. Watching every battle my mother has overcome has taught me so much about character and hard work, so with this opportunity I am going to do everything I can to be worthy of your donations. The videos and content that I come up with will not be about my mom, but the intent behind doing this all is so that I can take care of her.”

How Often Does He Post Content?

“It will be my goal to have four solid entertaining videos a month that will all put a smile on your face.”

What’s In It For Me?

Level 1 or ‘Jonnie’s Legit Supporters’ $3 gets you sneak peek photos of upcoming releases and access to Patron only videos.

Level 2 or ‘Jonnie’s Committed Supporter Club’ gets you Patreon only live streams and access to Patreon only videos.

Level 3 or ‘Jonnie’s VIP Supporters’ gets you 1 on 1 live Skype call, access to brainstorming group for videos, and Patreon only videos.

So the goals are pretty straight forward. Help Mom, 1,000,000 YouTube subs, and $1500/month on Patreon. One thing is clear from watching Mindez’s videos.. he’s got a lot of ambition and passion. I think it’s pretty doable with the quality content he’s posting and also I could see a lot of support coming from his fellow college students. Check out his Patreon and YouTube page today.

Jestr Social Media App Review

  • November 16, 2015
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Jestr Social Media App Review

Today we review the social media app named Jestr. Jestr is a social media app built by comedians, but it’s for everyone. Share jokes with your friends and links to online content that make you laugh, check out the top trending humor among your friends and the world, and discovery jokes by new, rising comedy stars. Think of it as social media without all the negativity.

Do you think your friends aren’t funny? Than the Jestr App is probably not for you. If on the other hand your friends are rising comedy stars than the Jestr App is definitely something you should download. The app lets you share jokes with your friend or that hilarious video you found on Youtube. The IOS App gets a 5 out of 5 rating out of 15 reviewers.

To me this app seems like a great idea. Who else gets tired of the endless rants and raves on social media. There needs to be more comedy in everyone’s life and this app may just succeed in this pursuit.

If you would like to download the App for your iPhone visit: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/jestr/id975003446?mt=8

Screenshots from the app:

jestr2 jestr1






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