Commercial Truck Driver Blind Spot Camera

  • March 16, 2017
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Introducing Blind Side View the new commercial truck driver blind spot camera. The camera will aide truck drivers in backing up, but it’s currently in development stages. The Blind Side View Kickstart campaign needs your help! Visit:

The current prototype already shows great promise. It has shown to be functional, effective, and reliable. This model is detachable, allowing the driver to change position of the camera to any desired location.

What Does It Look Like?

Blind Side View Proto


“This model is detachable, allowing the driver to change position of the camera to any desired location. The camera has a battery pack that is multi use and rechargeable. The battery has ports for USB devices, meaning the battery has the ability to charge anything within reason via USB such as a cell phone or tablet. The camera system requires no installation because of its two main assets. Our industrial strength suction cup mount and the multifunction battery pack.”

Why Do I Want This?

“The purpose of a blind spot camera system for backing is help truck drivers to save lives, money, and time. Anytime a commercial truck driver backs their tractor trailer there’s always at least one blind spot. This of course is directly behind the trailer. Others include the left and right side of the trailer. This is all dependent upon the angle of the tractor trailer.The average size of a tractor trailer(van trailer) is 72 feet long. Backing such massive equipment requires 100% attention and good visibility. Pedestrians can be unpredictable and one of the main reasons backing accidents occur are because drivers misjudge the actions of pedestrians. Others reasons include failing to check around the entire vehicle and failing to use a spotter. These all can be resolved by using the reliable and consistent Blind Side View, camera system.”

How It Works Step-By-Step

“1) After a driver has set up for a backing maneuver and placed the parking break, they would first activate the display monitor by pressing its power button. 2) The driver would activate the camera by pressing the power button. 3) The driver would get out of his or her truck to do a full walk around of the vehicle to survey the surrounding area, and in the process of doing this would mount the camera to their desired location on the trailer. 4) The driver would then get back inside of their tractor and perform the backing maneuver. 5) Once complete, the driver would power off the display monitor, get out of their tractor, retrieve the camera, and power off the battery. 6) Return to the tractor and store Blind Side View in its secure case.”

Are There Any Rewards?

Yes, there are several rewards for this campaign. $1 gets you a thanks, $20 gives you a branded pen, $50 gives you the pen and a thank you, $75 gets you everything and a shirt, $150 gets you everything and a personal thank you video, and finally $200 gets you everything plus the Blind Side View camera system.

If you are a professional truck driver or may be you know someone who is help support this Kickstarter and make the Blind Side View a reality. Consider supporting this safely oriented Kickstarter today:

New Windows Phone Commercial – What Do You Think?

New Windows Phone Commercial – What Do You Think?

Watch the new Windows phone commercial below. I really like it.

First Video of the Microsoft Surface in Action

First Video of the Microsoft Surface in Action

What do you think of the Microsoft Surface after watching this video? I for one am a huge believer in what the Surface is promissing.

Price of the Surface:

– 32 GB model will start at $499

– 32 GB with Black Touch Cover $599

–  64 GB with Black Touch Cover $699


The pricing is right in line with the Apple iPad. Some people say that the Microsoft Surface is too expensive, but I feel to build hype price = scarcity. Scarcity like in the fashion world makes the product more unique and special. I just finished an article about J. Crew CEO and former Gap chief Mickey Drexler speaking at a Makers of American Fashion event stating that the world has become ‘Homogenized.’

Drexler goes on to say that, “The same goods and the same brands are all over the place — nothing’s all that special anymore.”

“Today, there’s no aspiration because every high school kid has it.”

Unlike the Amazing Kindle Fire $199 or the rumored $99 Android Tablet there is something about a sought after item with a high price tag that carries mystique. Mostly because only a few can afford it and those that can are envied.

Toyota in Commercial Says “My Bad”

  • February 9, 2010
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Toyota has been in the news lately regarding their recall for gas-pedal related issues. The number of Toyota vehicles recalled is above 8 million. Estimated costs for the recall and lawsuits is around 2 billion. Toyota in a newly released commercial essentially says “my bad.” It got me to thinking if this were an American auto company would this receive as much press? I don’t think so… Toyota earned it’s reputation by producing high quality vehicles so to have this happen to an automaker of their caliber is devastating. Toyota wants you to know they are sorry for this situation, watch the video here. Would an American company release a commercial like this?

What did you think of Google’s Super Bowl Commercial?

  • February 8, 2010
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Yesterday, Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt Tweeted that Hell must be frozen over hinting at Google running a Super Bowl commercial. Blogger John Battelle was correct in that the ad “Parisian Love” would would in the 3rd quarter of the Super Bowl. What did you think of Google’s Super Bowl commercial?

Be in a Subway Commercial With Jared

  • July 2, 2008
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Enter for a chance to appear in a Subway commercial with Jared. To enter just text “782929” to enter or enter online on Subway’s web site. You can enter both by texting and registering online everyday.






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