Stories From The Holocaust On GoFundMe

  • May 7, 2018
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Steven is a journalist, a writer, and photographer. His life’s ambition is to bring compelling stories to a wider audience that will educate, inform, and cause a change in our collective way of thinking. Steven has always chooser powerful topics and this, ‘Stories From The Holocaust’, is based on this unwavering principle.

Contribute to the GoFundMe here:

Stories From Holocaust GoFundMe

Steven’s current project focuses on Eva Mozes Kor, a woman who not only survived Auschwitz, but also the tortures of Joseph Mengele. Eva’s is a story of hope, of forgiveness, and the power of life.

More About The Project

There are 3 main aspects of the project.

1) First, Steven will be visiting with individuals who survived the Holocaust. His hope is to have them share their story, as Eva did, based off two questions- questions of hope.

2) Record and share those stories with the world.

3) Third, to bring these survivors to the community of the El Paso, Texas so that others may meet with them, sit with them, and hear their stories first hand.

The reason for the GoFundMe is in order to achieve these three objectives he needs help from the community. He can’t make these things happen by himself.

What Does Steven Want?

Here’s a detailed breakdown of what is needed and why it’s needed.

– $5,000 for travel expenses to meet with survivors, in person.

– $5,496.95 for the Nikon D850 Filmmaker’s Kit. Better equipment, better video.

– $479.94 for editing software.

– $2,599.00 for Apple MacBook Pro.

Total cost of this project is $13,575.86. That’s what the GoFundMe goal is set at.

Are There Any Rewards?

Yes, there are rewards for this very important project. Any contribution gets your name in the video credits. $25 gets you a video copy of one of the interviews, prior to release, as well as screen credit. $50, or more, you will receive a copy of the first five (5) interviews, as well as screen credit, and a copy of the magazine that they plan to publish in connection with this project. $1000 or more will get you all previous plus you (Donor) will become a part of the production. You’ll actually be interviewed in person, or over the phone. Interviews may become part of a special part of the film(s) at the end.


What makes this project different is these are not just stories of survival, but the focus is more about hope. These important stories have already been shared with groups such as Yad Vashem, the Shoah Foundation, and others. Help bring these powerful stories to life and consider funding Steven’s GoFundMe today.

Dungeon Dreams Roguelike-Style Romance JRPG On Kickstarter

  • April 22, 2018
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In grade school and later in high school I was a HUGE fan of the RPG games. Especially games like Dragon Quest and the Final Fantasy Series. I used to play RPG games on Nintendo, Super Nintendo, and later Playstation and XBOX. That’s why I love featuring RPG Kickstater campaigns on the blog. There is a new RPG Kickstater called Dungeon Dreams with some of the retro touches I saw in my youth. Dungeon Dreams is a roguelike-style romance JRPG. The current goal of this campaign is $2,215, so at about 50% funded they need your help.

Consider supporting Dungeon Dreams on Kickstater today:

Kickstater New Video Game RPG

Dungeon Dreams is designed to be like a roguelike-style romance Japanese Role Playing Game. What makes this game different from many others is your choices in the game matter, your choices change the outcome of the game. Dungeon Dreams features a flexible story system, randomly generated dungeon, town building, relationship/dating sim, and more.

Additional Features

65+ titled sub-quests, 15 recruitable party members + 10 temporary guests/summons, 5 romance options (including marriage), 35+ classes, 12+ minigames, 45 pieces of furniture, 8+ building opportunities, 250+ skills to learn, 500+ pieces of equipment, and more being added soon.

The Characters

I think one of the key features of the most successful RPG games is the artwork. That’s one of the reason I enjoyed the Final Fantasy games so much. The Dungeon Dreams designers you can tell spent countless hours designing the characters.

This is just a sample of the quality of characters/artwork you’ll see in the game.

Jane RPG

Jane from Dungeon Dreams (Above)

Grant RPG

Grant from Dungeon Dreams (Above)

Are There Any Rewards?

Yes, you’ll get several rewards for supporting this awesome Kickstater. Level one starts at $6 USD and you’ll get a huge thanks and name in credits. If nothing else, I’d do this one, how cool would it be to see your name in the video game credits for only $6? $18 is my recommended level of support. With $18 you’ll get a digital copy of the game and your name in the credits. The reward level goes all the way up to $123, it includes original party member, game copy, artbook, 4 HD wallpapers, soundtrack, and name in credits. If you can afford this one I’d say go for the top level.


A big portion of Dungeon Dreams has already been created and is being tested by a small group of dedicated beta testers, but they need your help in order to fully complete this video game. Consider supporting this RPG with 2D retro touches and anime influences today.

Raising Money For Student Loans And Arts On GoFundMe

  • April 11, 2018
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I’ve debated whether or not to feature GoFundMe campaigns on this blog. On CashSherpa I feature a lot of crowdfunding campaigns specifically from Patreon and Kickstarter, but rarely GoFundMe. My goal with featuring these crowdfunding campaigns is to get the word out for new cool ideas, new tech, and to make a difference in someones life. That’s why I decided to feature this college students campaign.

The student goes to Full Sail University and wants to major in arts, where he creates digital artwork.

View artwork on Instagram:

The Challenge

“The reason I need your funds is because my parents used me as an endorser for two of their coworkers without telling me, which they used to fund their two coworkers schooling knowing that I also use financial aid that I am trying to pay off which is just making my loan amount bigger and I am 19. Consequently, I pay the sum of $4,500 every month ($1,500 and $2,000) on the student loans for myself and the two coworkers.”

GoFundMe College Art

The Solution

“To clear pay off some of these debts, I had to sell off my MacBook pro, my digital tablet which I use to make my art on which is also a career for me, and a few other precious personal belongings.”

Of course selling these items wasn’t enough and that’s the reason for this GoFundMe campaign in the amount of $150,000.

Support his journey to debt freedom on GoFundMe:


Any amount will be appreciated by this college student. No donation is too small. Best of all anyone that donates to this campaign will receive free custom artwork. That’s a reason to give to this campaign right there. Consider donating to the Magnet Art GoFundMe campaign today.

Mark’s Art, Drawings, and Videos On Patreon

  • March 26, 2018
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Patreon is the web site is were users can support others in their artistic endeavors. Patreon users are called “Patrons” and can donate amounts usually from $1+ to Patreon user accounts. Payments are made only once or repeated monthly. Mark encapsulates way Patreon was created in the first place. Mark has created a Patreon page for his art, drawings, and videos. He needs your support in order to continue making great art, buying a new computer, new editing software, and new tripod.

Mark is trying to better his artwork and with your support you can help him become a flourishing artist.

What Does Mike’s Art Look Like?

Rainy Morning (Above)

Mike’s first video was created 5 years ago titled, “Why I like Windows 8.” His most recent video filmed 1 day ago is called, “Subscriber count gone up.”

Are There Any Rewards?

No for the most part there are no rewards except a big thank you. Levels include $1, $5, $20, and $100. Donate on any level and you’ll get access to Patreon only content.

Mark On Patreon

Mike’s Patreon Page (Above)


The goal of this Patreon is $3,000 and so far Mike has a long way to go. Please consider donating to Mike’s Patreon page today. I like supporting Patreon users especially artists here on CashSherpa.


Maxum Perfume Sticks Concentrated Perfume On Kickstarter

  • March 21, 2018
  • Crowdfunding
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The problem with perfume is you put it on at your house, go out, but hours later the scent wears off. It’s just not practical to take a large bottle of perfume or cologne with you when you’re out. That’s where Maxum Perfume Sticks come in. These Perfume Sticks are small, handy, discreet, fit in any trouser pocket and handbag, making them ideal for on the go. These are not “Drugstore Scents” either, these are high quality fragrances with notes similar to the most popular classic and modern perfumes.

Would you like to know more about Perfume Sticks? Check out the Kickstarter here:

Kickstarter Scents

Image from the Perfume Sticks Kickstarter (Above)

The goal of this Kickstarter campaign is probably one of the highest I’ve wrote about on CashSherpa. The goal is $122,633 and it has a long way to go, they need your support today! What makes these sticks great is they not only are small, smell great, leak proof, but they also can be branded. Lets say there’s a fashion convention and you need to put some swag in the party bags. Scent Stick can brand their products with your company logo.

Are There Any Rewards?

Yes, the rewards are plentiful on this Kickstater. €9 gets you 1 perfume stick for women or men (You choose). €12 gets you one Maxum Perfume Stick. €24 gets you one man and one woman stick. The rewards go all the way up to €3,750 and that gives you 500 pieces with company branding. These are all early bird prices and they may change. I’m listing Euros as they do on Kickstarter web site, but of course this is open worldwide, USD posted as well.

Early Bird Perfume Pricing

How Did This Idea Come About? 

Believe it or not these sticks are the result of a lucky accident. The inventor’s wife spilled perfume in her purse. The perfume soaked purse and his wife had to ride the bus that day and smell saturated the entire bus. After the accident the husband inventor got the idea of creating a leak proof perfume. It took a few years for the formula to become stable and not loose its smell, but there was another obstacle on the horizon…

“The perfect mix, however, brought with it a very big disadvantage: the production was no longer possible with normal filling techniques. Due to the composition of the Maxum perfume sticks we need special shapes and special filling machines, which have to be specially manufactured.”

The Solution

“Only through the perfect combination of recipes, forms and the filling machine did the Maxum perfume sticks with this unique quality come into being. Maxum perfume sticks contain no alcohol, no penetration enhancers, no fixatives, etc. and are therefore particularly suitable for sensitive skin.”

Ingredients Example

“The weight percentage for each perfume stick is 0.14 oz (4 grams) The proportion of fragrances is 20% for each fragrance The basis for every fragrance is made up of 80% high-quality natural ingredients such as jojoba oil, beeswax, carnauba wax, and candelilla wax.”


The company needs the money for new mold shapes, new filling machines, new materials, product testing, new employees, and for company security. As you can see it took a lot of trial and error, it’s been an uphill battle, but finally the solution to the wife’s problem is taking shape. Help make Maxum Perfume Sticks a reality support their Kickstater today. This is a product I’d actually really like to try.


Stein Bock Indie Video Games On Patreon

  • February 27, 2018
  • Crowdfunding
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Are you a indie game fan like me? If the answer is yes there is a new Patreon to support indie video games. The company behind the product of these indie titles is called Stein Bock Games. I’ve checked out their titles and they all look like a lot of fun. Consider supporting Stein Bock’s Patreon campaign today:

Stein Bock Games was created by Jin Woo Moraes a student of Game Design. Jin Woo created Stein Bock in order to share his passion of game making with the world. His personal goal is to bring innovation with each game that he released and work his way up eventually to develop virtual reality games.

One of Stein Bock’s indie game title is called On Board. Watching the video (Below) it kind of reminds me of Raiden, but on the sea. Check it out below.

What do you think? Leave your comments in the comment section what you think of this game.

What’s The Goal?

The goal of this campaign is $500 per month. The $500 per month will help make a new and improved version of his game called “On Board Mobile.” This game is currently available on Google Play Store. The new features will include a credit section, two extra levels, high score board, and new sound track.

Stein Bock Games

Are There Any Rewards?

Yes, there are several rewards to this campaign. $1 or more per month gets you on the Stein Bock mailing list. $5 gets you access to behind the scenes game development content as well as added to Stein Bock Games mailing-list. You will also receive a free copy of the new version of the game “On Board Mobile” for Android that is currently being developed. The rewards go all the way up to $50. $50 will get their names added on the game credits, will receive a free copy of the new improved version of the game once is complete, a twitter shot out and follow, have access to behind the scenes game development content as well as added to Stein Bock Games mailing-list. They will also receive a free copy of the new version of the game “On Board Mobile” for Android the is currently being developed.


If you like indie games and like Stein Bock’s main title “On Board” consider donation to Jin Woo Moraes Patreon campaign today.

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