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  • January 3, 2017
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What is Spiritbound anyway and why should I support it on Patreon? Spiritbound is a mystery fantasy set in Trinidad and Tobago. As assualt at a party one fearful night leaves Krystal dead and Aurora in mortal danger. The crisis seems to solve itself when Krystal is mysteriously revived, but the danger does not stop there for either of them. The Spiritbound web comic is by award winning animator Danielle Blaize. Consider supporting this intriguing web comic at Patreon:

Why Pledge?

Danielle Blaize not only produces a high quality and engaging web comic, the rewards for this project are second to none. For example pledge only $40 and get a full body, colored commission from the artist. “”Any amount you can pledge will help me in the long run to be financially independent.” The goal as of now for the campaign is a very reasonable $300/month. Blaize is already support 7 creators on Patreon, it’s time to support her. In addition to great rewards you also get instant access to 6 patron-only posts.

Screenshot From Danielle Blaize On Patreon

Danielle Blaize

About The Artist

Danielle Blaize is 21 from Trinidad and Tobago, comic artist/animator, has won several awards, and have two dogs and one fish.

From what I’ve seen from other creators on Patreon artists/comic writers/web comic creators seem to do very well. I have no doubt Blaize will raise the $300/month goal for the Spiritbound web comic.

More Art From Spiritbound

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