New Type Of Light Found

  • May 18, 2016
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New Type Of Light Found

I saw this article yesterday on CNN. So interesting! Here is the full article: Wanted to share this with my audience in case you didn’t hear about this.

Ireland researchers have reported that they discovered a “new form” of light, and say that their discovery “will impact our understanding of the fundamental nature of light.” The discovery was published in the scientific journal “Science Advances.”

“What I think is so exciting about this result is that even this fundamental property of light, that physicists have always thought was fixed, can be changed.”

Eastham suggested that the discovery could have implications for telecommunications and privacy.

Discover Channel Pitchman Impact Gel Review

MAY 19 2009 UPDATE: 14 days after ordering and paying $20 for shipping on a $20 order (Massive rip off) I received an e-mail from Impact Gel stating that my credit card has been charged and my merchandise is now being processed by their shipping department. Very, very, very slow shipping and processing. Almost a joke how slow this company takes. Now I remember why I don’t respond to as seen on TV offers.

After watching the “As Scene on TV” show on Discovery Channel where pitchman Billy Mays and Anthony Sullivan showcase new products there was one that caught my eye. The product that caught my eye was called Impact Gel foot inserts. See video below for actual product tests. Today, I bought a pair and will be reviewing them on my blog in about a week. So if you’d like to see the review and find out if their as amazing as the commercial claims please subscribe.






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