DreamTemplate Review by CashSherpa.com

DreamTemplate Review by CashSherpa.com

Whether you build websites from scratch or use templates, you need plenty of tools to make your creations come alive. But templates, vectors, stock photos, etc. are not exactly cheap when you buy them individually. Websites like Dream Template offer a solution—bundled packages and unlimited downloads for one price. Dream Template provides downloadable and editable website templates, and boasts of “one of the most comprehensive and professionally designed collections” in the market. They also let you edit the PSD and HTML files used to design the templates.

Premium Web Templates – $1+ million worth of templates for instant download!

DreamTemplate - Web Templates

Membership Plans

Dream Template has three membership plans: Basic, Premium and Lifetime. Basic users pay $59.95/year or $96.00 for 3 years. Premium users pay $89.95 for 13 months and $129.95 for 37 months, while Lifetime premium users pay $199.00. According to the website, you get unlimited downloads of the following for $59.95 (basic) per year:

      • Flash CSS, dynamic CSS, flash templates (with HTML and PSD files)
      • WordPress themes
      • Photo galleries
      • Word and PowerPoint templates
      • True-type fonts
      • Stock vectors
      • Logos
      • Business forms and documents
      • Textures

Basic users can also access Dream Template’s other sites like BrochureReady.com and ThemeLayout.com for more tools. Premium users gain access to five more sites like Hotweb2logos.com, Myvectorstore.com, webmastertools.net and others. The Dream Template site doesn’t go into detail about the pricing, so make sure to read fine print carefully. Dream Template gives you the source files (both PSD and HTML) so you can edit or customize them using HTML editors like Dreamweaver and photo editors like Photoshop. They also update their large collection regularly so there’s always new stuff available.

What I like best about Dream Template is their massive collection—you’re sure to find something you like. If you can’t find what you’re looking for on the Dream Template website itself, you can access the other sites for more tools (requires separate login). Most templates are professional and pretty, and while not all are fully functional, most of the time you can tweak the templates to get the look you need. It’s easy to search for templates too. You can sort by type, keyword, description or designer. The preview feature lets you see what you’re getting to save time.

Premium Web Templates – $1+ million worth of templates for instant download!

On the con side, customer support is mediocre. It’s a ticketing system without phone support, so best of luck if you want troubleshooting by a live person. Most negative reviews are about not getting help when needed. Dream Template did improve their FAQ, help pages and blog, but people with no web design experience will find it overwhelming. Another downside is the quality of some templates. E-commerce templates are made up of images, and some are badly-written layouts that are difficult to customize. But professional designers should be right at home and should be satisfied with their sizeable bag of goodies.


Cheap basic package

Mostly on website templates

Extensive library

Access to many other sites

Unique designs

Easy to navigate library


So-so customer support

Newbie designers may find it hard to customize templates

Vague pricing scheme (not clearly detailed on the website)

Some messy templates

Very limited money-back guarantee


Dream Template is great if you want lots of HTML templates and additional tools for cheap, especially if you’re an experienced web designer. Newbies should probably look for another company with dedicated phone support—Dream Template’s customer support is as basic as you can get, and some templates are messy and very hard to customize. I also don’t recommend signing up for the $60 basic package if you just need one template. Paying $30 for one template when you can get hundreds for just $60 may sound ridiculous, but you don’t want to be stuck with a ton of content you’re never going to use.

Premium Web Templates – $1+ million worth of templates for instant download!

DreamTemplate – Premium Quality Website & Flash Templates (Photoshop PSD & HTML files included)

Pinterest Answers the Call of Android User

Pinterest Answers the Call of Android User

To make sure that their users enjoy the features designed for their use when away from the computer, Pinterest has introduced apps that can be accessed on devices that are android enabled. The android apps can be easily downloaded from the Pinterest website that has a set has a page that displays the apps. It took a bit of time for android users to get Pinterest on their phones their patience paid off as they are finally able to use the service which has been made available and with a variety of features as well. Pinterest is a popular service that has been in existence for the past year and has been a tool used by many of its users to bookmark content online thus making them easy to collect as well as organize.

Apart from android devices, users of handheld devices such as the iPad and iPhone can also be able to access apps that have been made available by Pinterest. The service has applications that have been designed specifically for their particular platforms thus allowing them to browse through a variety pins as well as boards. The users of this unique tool are also able to add their own pins and manage some of the settings that are made available when they open an account on Pinterest. In general, users of Pinterest on handheld devices that are android enabled have a similar experience to those using a computer.

Pinterest android apps have been custom designed to make sure that users are able to pin their favorite content from a variety of websites in a simple yet fast manner. This ensures that time spent using the tool is very productive irrespective of the type of android device that is being used. On most android enabled devices, the Pinterest app can be found in the Google Play store where it is downloaded into the phone. Signing up and opening a Pinterest account can be done easily on the smart phones thus making the application of benefit to many of its android users. The users of Pinterest on android only have to swipe across the screens of their devices to be able to access different areas of the service search as their feed, creation of new pins and browsing through different categories among others. However, editing information on the profile of the user through their android device is not enabled by the new app.

To make the use of the Pinterest app even much better, it has been upgraded where images that are pinned are much bigger, especially if they are taller. This was done to accommodate the large screens that are common for android devices and also makes the pinning activity much more interesting. Overall, the introduction of Pinterest for android devices has seen them recapture a market that had been disgruntled by giving them apps that were worth the wait. In addition, Pinterest has also included kindle users in the new apps that they have been offering their users who own android devices, by designing specialized apps for their devices.

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