Who is Nathan Fielder? Founder Of Dumb Starbucks

  • February 11, 2014
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Who is Nathan Fielder anyway? Founder of Dumb Starbucks

So it was discovered today that Nathan Fielder was behind the Los Angeles (Los Feliz) coffee company Dumb Starbucks. So just who is Nathan Fielder anyway?

Dumb Starbucks CEO

Picture of Nathan Fielder at press conference

Nathan Fielder bio:

Born: 1983

Born: Vancouver, British Columbia

What He’s Doing Now: Nathan surprise surprise has a show on Comedy Central called Nathan For You. Nathan For You premiered February 28, 2013 on Comedy Central. Nathan uses his business background from the University of Victoria (UVIC) in 2005) and life experiences to help struggling companies and people. So now it makes sense why he started Dumb Starbucks.

Press Conference:

In a press conference it was revealed that the whole thing was a hoax, something that many people expected.

Starbucks Dumb Starbucks Statement:

Starbucks lawyers were already circling the waters and smelling blood releasing the statement, “We are obviously aware of the Dumb Starbucks location in Los Feliz. It is not affiliated with Starbucks. We are evaluating our next step. While we appreciate the humor of the store, they cannot use our name. It is a protected trademark.”

Health Department:

All good things must come to an end. The Health Department Shut it down today. Guess I’m not getting any free “dumb” coffee.

Follow Dumb Starbucks On Twitter:

Follow Dumb Starbucks on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/Dumb_Starbucks

Follow Nathan Fielder (The Person) on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/nathanfielder

Dumb Starbucks Address:

1802 Hillhurst Ave in Los Angeles, CA

Video From The CEO:

Video Of Dumb Starbucks “Founder”

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Crazy Coffee Shop Called Dumb Starbucks Dumfounds Los Angeles

  • February 10, 2014
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Crazy Coffee Shop Called Dumb Starbucks Dumfounds Los Angeles

This is the craziest marketing idea I’ve ever seen for a coffee shop!

Simply brilliant!

So one might ask, “How is this legal?” Two words, parody law. My guess is the parody law won’t stop Starbucks for suing as fast as you can say Grande.

Dumb Starbucks looks almost exactly like the real Starbucks.

The Dumb Starbucks offered free coffee throughout the weekend and is staffed by 2 baristas.

I would suspect the only people that will end up looking dumb is the owner that started Dumb Starbucks. Starbucks has deep pockets and great lawyers. I admire the attempt by Dumb Starbucks to bring this parody to life. If they are allowed to stay in business I’d guess this idea will be copied throughout the country. The more ridiculous the parody the better because of the tons of free news articles, blog, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and posts. It’s a business model that creates endless free marketing.

Both signs inside the fake Starbucks and outside look almost identical:

Dumb Starbucks

Another picture from people waiting in line outside of Dumb Starbucks

Dumb Starbucks

The Dumb Starbucks Entertaining FAQ

Dumb Starbucks

Dumb Starbucks Coffee Cups

Dumb Starbucks

Waiting in line to get into Dumb Starbucks







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