Milton Family Loses Home in Fire GoFundMe

  • February 21, 2017
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  • Comments Off on Milton Family Loses Home in Fire GoFundMe not only features technology we also like to feature good causes. On February 7, 2017, Sue White and her daughter, Nichole Furr, experienced a house fire due to a faulty dryer outlet. They need your help! Learn more:

Milton House

What Happened? 

“The fire has caused their home in Milton, Indiana to be unliveable and they and Nichole’s two children, Taylor and Julian are left with nowhere to live and most of their belongings are ruined. They did not have renter’s insurance so there is no insurance coverage to help. They and the children are devastated from the aftermath of the fire and are greatly in need of any help that anyone can give. Nichole is a single mom of two teens and Sue is on disability due to some medical issues – so funds are pretty much non-existent. We are so thankful they all made it out of the fire that very quickly spread and even the dogs, Roe-Roe and Rhodie, made it out of the fire, safely. Sue and Nichole are two of the most caring people, always there to help others when they need it most. Anyone who can donate even a few dollars to the recover of my family, please do. We will be forever greatful. They have all been through so much and it would be really nice to show them they aren’t alone and that they have so many that care. This GoFundMe is to help raise enough money to get them another rental home where they can live and any of the things they need such as furniture, clothing, and everything in between. Setting 2 separate households up with the necessities has proven to be a huge challenge. This help has proven to be so necessary and is deeply appreciated.”

Meet The Family

This is the Milton Family that needs your help.

Milton Family

How Are They Doing?

They seems to be getting a lot of support already with many of the donations coming in a $25, $50, and $100.

The Milton family is just barely at the halfway mark to reaching their goal. Without renter’s insurance there is no other way to raise the money without the help of a site like GoFundMe. Consider helping out the Milton’s visit:

Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet vs. Amazon Kindle Fire

  • November 8, 2011
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Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet vs. Amazon Kindle Fire

After Amazon fully entered the tablet market last month with the Kindle Fire, it’s time for Barnes & Noble to follow suit with the Nook Tablet. Both companies have had e-book readers for a long time, and now both are trying to make their ways into more general computing devices like the iPad and other Android tablets. The feature sets are certainly impressive, and both corporations tout their devices as ground breaking products. But which one to choose? Is this new Nook Tablet superior to the Kindle Fire? A comparison is clearly in order.

First, let’s see how they compare on the basic hardware features. Both devices are similar in size and forms. They also have similar 7″ screens, with a resolution of 1024×600 pixels. Barnes & Noble claims that their tablet has the advantage because of a greater viewing angle, which could end up being the case, but it’s a close call. The Nook Tablet has a dual-core CPU with a lot of RAM which makes it fast and snappy to load web pages or videos. This could give it a leg up on the Kindle Fire. Where it definitively has an advantage however is on storage. The Fire has 8GB, while the Nook has 16GB and is expandable. Of course, Amazon claims most storage needs are now in the cloud, but if you want to store a lot of e-books or songs locally, this may be a big issue.

On the software side, both tablets run heavily modified versions of Android, with branded apps on top of it. Both tablets focus heavily on e-books, and they both have a large selection available. Amazon has the advantage of Amazon Prime, which offers free lending to users of the service, but Barnes & Noble has deals with many libraries which offers lending services as well. They both have their own app store, although Amazon hasn’t said yet which services will come pre-built on the Kindle Fire. The Nook is said to include Hulu, Netflix and other popular services out of the box. All the other typical Internet functions like email and web browsing are fairly similar, although Amazon claims to have the edge with its new Silk browser which speeds up browsing. On the software end of things, it’s very much a personal preference type of deal.

Both tablets are pretty inexpensive, and because of that they lack some basic tablet functions like 3G, a camera and Bluetooth. However, the Fire is cheaper than the Nook, by $50. Is the Nook Tablet worth the extra money? It depends on your needs, like if you want the extra storage, or if you’re used to B&N’s services. Overall, it’s still a close race, with both options being quite interesting. They may be the first two tablets to rival the current market leaders if only on price.

Are Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs a Fire Risk?

  • August 6, 2008
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Update August 06 2008: See response to my blog post regarding these Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs.

If you’re like me you’ve already replaced most of the bulbs in your home with compact fluorescent bulbs. By switching over from 60W + 100W incandescent I’ve seen noticeable savings on my energy bill. There has been something occurring that’s got me concerned, so much so that I may switch back from compact fluorescents to standard bulbs. The bulbs in question are the SKU #292-460 Model EDXO-14 120V 60Hz 14W .200A V # 42836 manufactured by Commercial Electric also doing business as DuraBright. These 14W bulbs last a maximum of about 6 months even though they claim they will last for several years. The real issue I have with these bulbs manufactured by Commercial Electric is when the burn out they literally burn out. When I have gone to replace the bulbs around where the glass connects to the plastic base there is brown charring (see pictures). The bulb seems to be short circuiting, over heating, and nearly catching on fire. This isn’t a one time occurrence either, on every failed bulb I can see varying degrees of brown burn marks. On one bulb (see pictures) you can see that there is actually melted plastic around the edge of the light bulb! I did some research on Consumer Electric and some of their bulbs have been recalled in the past, specifically the ‘32-watt, 3-way (40-75-150 watt output) compact fluorescent bulbs,” but they did not recall the 14 W model that I purchased. I would stay away from this brand as it poses as a fire risk. From now on I’m sticking with name brand companies instead of the fly by night China operations with limited quality control.

Light #1

Light #2






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