New Study Shows Heart Disease Linked To Carbs Not Fat

  • December 3, 2014
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New Study Shows Heart Disease Linked To Carbs Not Fat

New study shows that heart disease is linked to carbohydrates and not fat. The new study shows that increasing saturated fat 2x does not increase saturated fat in the blood. The study found the opposite, the intake of carbs were connected to fatty acid linked to heart disease and type-2 diabetes. The results could lead to a tidal shift in dietary advice where fats were a much bigger enemy than carbs. The study followed 16 middle-aged, obese adults for 21 weeks.

“The unintended consequence of telling everyone to restrict fat was that people ate an even greater amount of carbohydrates,” said Jeff Volek, senior author on the new study and a professor of human sciences at The Ohio State University. “This is a fact. It’s not a stretch to make the connection between overconsumption of carbs and the obesity and diabetes epidemic.”

Before going completely crazy adding saturated fats to your diet keep in mind that the study was funded by a grant from the Dairy Research Institute, the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, the Egg Nutrition Center, and the Robert C. and Veronica Atkins Foundation. The researchers reported that the funders had no role in the study design or decision to publish the research.

If anything this study gives you something to think about especially since the current wisdom of low fat diets have done nothing to decrease the rise of obesity in the United States.

Food Of The Future: No Food, Just Packaging

  • July 15, 2014
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Food Of The Future: No Food, Just Packaging

As you stroll down the isles of your local super market have you noticed a highly disturbing trend? The boxes food is packaged in have stayed the same size, yet the total number of onces inside the box has shrunk dramatically.

Why would a food company do this to us?

Well, friends it comes do to keeping prices down while making sure profits rise. What better way to keep profits up than to trick consumers into thinking they are getting the same amound of food for the same price.

What is food of the future?

I think there will come a day when food companies can’t shave ounces off the box and we we litterally just by boxes of air. No food will be inside the box. Just a grocery store full of colorful boxes.

Take for example the benign Triscuit. Everybody loves a Triscuit. Check out the box of reduced fat Triscuit it has about 8 tiny ounces in it. 8 ounces!!! in a giant size box!!!

Tell us what you think? Is all fair in the war for your super market dollar? Or are these shady techniques ruining the trust we have with our local grocer?

8 oz triscuit box

Top 5 Incredible Food Facts From The Super Bowl

  • February 7, 2014
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5 Amazing Food Facts From The Super Bowl XLVIII

If you are like me you ate a ton of bad food while watching the Seahawks take on the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII. When I did the research for this article I couldn’t believe home much we Americans consumed. Check these incredible Superbowl food facts out below.

#1 Total Number Of Wings Eaten During Superbowl:

1.23 Billion

#2 Domino’s Pizza and Pizza Hut projected sales

29 million slices

#3 The average American will consumer 1,200 calories

#4 69.6 million pounds of avocados will be consumed for Guacamole

#5) Super Bowl Sunday is the second-biggest day for food consumption in American, trailing only Thanksgiving

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How To Get Into The Food Truck Business: What You Need To Know

Making Money Starting a Food Truck Step-By-Step Process

A food truck business is a great way to expand restaurant sale and making money with it. If you are thinking something hearty and fresh and something that is already sold in other country or something sweet then it’s like you are on the right business. In the past food trucks have been associated with simple fare like hot dogs, sandwiches, and ice cream, but today this business has exploded in variety. Now the same food truck business offers every kind of cuisine to their customer. To open a small, standard hot dog type food truck cost approximately $2,000 to buy, while refurbished trucks may cost more than $40,000.

Babys Burgers Food Truck

Before you starts buying your truck go through your need first. The less your truck has worked to do, and the smaller it can be, the less it will cost. You need to take care of many things like permits, truck storage, security, parking, insurance, and location etc. Mobile food trucks have different permitting process and it has some other cost to consider starting and running the business smoothly.

Food Truck Insurance:

This is not similar insurance like you’re another vehicle.  You need to clear the additional risk your truck might have as you have now cooking tools, cylinders, gas connection and other flammable things to carry into your truck.

Food Truck Permits:

Permits are a variable element and generally changes based on locality. There are lists of permits you need to clear before starting the business. Mobile Food Vendor License is a must have license and some other permits for working in the locality you choose, you need to clear all. Renting and buying a permit is illegal thing to do, so be aware of this.

Food Truck Security and Storage:

Health department of the city will approve the location where you are going to park your vehicle during off duty. You might also need to pay additional cost for electricity and refrigeration facility into your food truck.

Food Truck Parking:

You need permission before you’ll park your vehicle and start selling your foods in locality. Sometimes you need to pay extra to be in special events, high class society, or private owned areas etc. Some towns have restriction for food trucks so determine where you can set up your truck.

Food Truck Cost Breakdown:

Food truck itself cost thousands of dollars. One thing you can do is to go for used trucks or look for financing either through investors, banks or small business bureau.

1.    Some other things you need to take care of for food truck business are:
2.    Health and safety are most important
3.    Competition with nearby restaurants
4.    Choosing the suitable and best location
5.    Provide a dining experience
6.    Promote your business on social media like facebook and twitter
7.    Need to do hard work
8.    Offer to expand your business


Start your food truck business and start making dollars with it. Clear all the permits, choose the proper location and rules to park your truck in any society, provide healthy food and variety as well, and advertise as much as you can to get more sell etc. Social media plays an important role to promote your business and to attract more customers to your truck for food and make your business successful.






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