Most Taxed States

Forbes ranks the top 10 states that tax the most.

10:) Pennsylvania 9) Wyoming 8 ) Washington 7) Massachusetts 6) New York 5) New Jersey 4) Minnesota 3) Connecticut 2) Hawaii 1) Vermont.

High taxes at least in Washington didn’t save the state for the downturn in the economy. During the 2008 election Gov. Chris Gregoire stated that there is no deficit in Washington State. In 2009 the state is currently dealing with a $9 billion deficit.

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More Good Economic News Coming Out of Seattle

  • October 17, 2008
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According to Forbes magazine my hometown, Seattle, ranks #7 in the cities most likely to survive the recession. The medium home equity in Seattle is $82,162, unemployment is under 5%, and the medium income is $48,499. Home prices in Seattle are still only half you’ll pay in San Francisco.

The full Forbes list:

1- Austin, Texas
2- Oklahoma City, Okla.
3- Honolulu, Hawaii
4- Portland, Ore.
5- Tulsa, Okla.
6- Virginia Beach, Va.
7- Seattle, Wash.
8- Baltimore, Md.
9- Boston, Mass.
10- Lancaster, Pa.






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