Starbucks Iced Grande Beverage $2 After 2:00 PM

  • August 6, 2008
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This is just an OK deal coming from Starbucks. Starbucks at least in Seattle seems to be running deal after deal. First it was the free coffee in the morning with coupon now this nationwide Starbucks deal. Get a Starbucks Iced Grande Beverage for only $2.00 after 2:00PM for morning customers. This is a substantial price cut from the normal $4.00 for Grande Iced Grande Coffees. The only catch (It’s a big catch) you need to show a receipt from your morning Starbucks visit. So basically you’re paying full price in the morning to get the discount in the afternoon, not to mention you spent money on gas to get there. Not a good deal in my opinion coming from Starbucks and Howard Schultz, but thought it was worth a blog post. Offer runs until Septermber 2nd 2008.

Dunkin Donuts Free Iced Coffee Thursday 15th

  • May 15, 2008
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Not to be outshined by the McDonald’s Free Chicken Sandwich offer Dunkin Donuts is offering a free iced coffee today from from 10 a.m.-10 p.m. Thursday 15th. Check out the free Dunkin Donuts Free Iced Coffee offer. This is Dunkin’ Donuts second, nationwide Free Iced Coffee Day. In addition to the free coffee Dunkin Donuts will be donating $80,000 to the National Police Athletic League.






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