Learn To Master Flying Virtually With StickMover By AVIrem

  • February 24, 2017
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Master flying virtually with StickMover by AVIrem. StickMover looks just like a regular remote control. Instead of controlling a model aircraft, it leads you through any given manoeuver step by step. Transfer these virtual skills to the real world. Become a RC expert in the operation of helicopters, aeroplanes, paragliders, FPV race drones, FPV aeroplanes, and aerial filming. Lean more about this Kickstarter:


What Do The Controls Look Like?

Actual StickMover controls.

Stickmover Avirem

Learn Complex Moves

“Have you ever watched masters in 3D flying perform their spectacular manoeuvres like the death spiral, thinking: I’ll never make it? StickMover is the way to change that. It’s a powerful tool for everyone with basic skills to intuitively learn even complex 3D-moves just by means of feeling and experiencing it.”

How Does It Work?

“Learn to master 3D flying by watching and feeling artistic manoeuvers. See the moves on the screen and feel how the control sticks are moving simultaneously. StickMover guides you in learning the right moves intuitively. StickMover looks just like a regular remote control. Instead of controlling a model aircraft, it leads you through any given manoeuver step by step. As you watch the flight on your screen, the StickMover goes through all the motions, letting your fingers feel exactly what to do in any given moment. By watching, feeling and repeating you learn the right moves intuitively.”

How Much Will It Cost?

“The online-shop goes live in April 2017 where the StickMover will be offered at a suggested retail price of 350 Euros.”

Tech Specs

“As engineers and passionate techies we wanted to combine usability, performance and robustness in the StickMover. After a lot of efforts we are very happy to present the results to you.In terms of design and usability we tried to keep it as simple as possible, maintaining versatility to a high degree. All key elements like the processing unit and the hardware design are 100 % developed by ourselves. In other parts like the servo motors we rely only on state-of-the-art products manufactured by leading companies.”

Tech Specs Flying

Who Are They?

“Two long-time buddies had a great idea … isn’t that how many great endeavours started? With StickMover, it’s almost like that. At first, it was Patrick Zajonc who came up with the idea. Patrick, a computer pro and RC-flying-enthusiast for many years, one day once again watched a very skilled pilot flying some daredevil manoeuvers, thinking: I want to be in that place. Patrick tried everything out there. Firstly, he gave it a shot with a book. “Soon I realized, there isn’t much connection between the book and what my fingers do”, he says. The attempt to learn moves watching and imitating a video of a pro pilot failed as well. “You can’t split your attention, you’re either focussing on watching the flight or on the control sticks.” At that time, Patricks little son was eager to learn to write his name. “I watched him holding the pencil and suddenly knew what to do. You’re not going to acquire any advanced skill by watching someone performing it – you’ve got to do it yourself.” From that moment four years ago Patrick started puzzling over his innovation. Soon he realized he would need support and asked his long term friend Ulrich F. Beyle to join in, contributing immense expertise in business, media and design matters.”

Any Rewards?

Yes there are many rewards! €5 gets you updates and thanks, €25 gets you a branded hat and sticker, €230 early bird gets your the StickMover and 10 free AVIsoft skill downloads, €280 gets you the same as previous, €299 gets you the same as previous, €525 gets you 2 StickMover plus 10 free downloads, €1,225 gets you 5 plus the downloads, and €5,950 gets you 25 plus the downloads.

They pledge to maintain transparency via constant updates and to build the StickMover to incredibly high standards. There is already a complete functional StickMover prototype and manufacturing partners are ready to bring it to serial production. All they need is your help with the Kickstarter campaign. Consider backing them today:


Protect Yourself From Phone Radiation With Avias

  • February 24, 2017
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Ever wondered if radiation from your pocketed mobile phone is hurting your body? If the answer is yes than you’re like me. I think about this a lot. My phone is in my pocket pretty much wherever I go, for hours at a time. Even if it’s in your back pocket, how much better for you is this? What if I told you thanks to Kickstarter there is a company that’s making a mobile phone case that protects your body from cell phone radiation. The new gadget is called ‘Avias Radiation-shielded Leather Cell Phone Wallet Flip Case’ and it’s on Kickstarter:


This is one of those products that I think to myself, “Why didn’t I think of that?” In a way it’s common sense. Why wouldn’t a cell phone case protect the body from potentially harmful radiation? For the price of a fun night out, you get peace of mind about radiation, protection for your phone, and a stylish accessory to boot.

Phone Case Gadget

FYI: The side facing your body is shielded. If it was completely shielded you wouldn’t receive phone calls.

Why Should I Care?

“There is reason to be concerned about cell phone radiation and cancer. The World Health Organization calls it a Group 2B “possible carcinogen”. In May 2016, early results were released from a large rat study conducted by the US National Toxicology Program (NTP). The data showed an increased rate of certain brain and heart cancers in rats. Other studies have indicated cell phone radiation causes DNA damage. These troubling results inspired us at Avias to create a stylish leather phone case that could block RF radiation while being attractive and easy to use! The risks of cell phone radiation are still poorly understood. Why continue to expose yourself to radiation, when protection can be this easy, stylish and affordable?”

How The Technology Works

“Avias shielding technology works on the same basic principle as a Faraday Cage, using highly conductive materials to reflect radiative signals away from your body harmlessly. Our cases feature radiation shielding only in the front cover, which protects the user holding the phone to their ear, while still allowing the device to communicate. This means optimum convenience combined with shielding that’s backed by physics. Because this aspect of our product is so important, we’ve also conducted internal tests with cellular-frequency testing equipment to verify that the shielding is effective.”

What Else Do I Get? 

“The case doubles as a “pocket protector”: when the phone is in your pocket, simply ensure the shielded front side is facing inward, against your body. Head protection is the most essential (because of the greater potential for cancer), but we’re pleased to offer protection at all times the phone is against your body.”

Avias Cell Phone Case Kickstarter

Any Rewards?

Yes, there are many rewards to this Kickstarter campaign. $5 gets you on the mailing list, $24 early bird special gets you one case, $30 get’s you a case as well, $40 early bird gets you two, $56 gets you two cases as well, $96 gets you four cases, and $200 gets you ten cases.

You don’t need to wear a tinfoil hat to be concerned about mobile phone radiation. This stylish Avias case with some peace of mind built in. You already need a cell phone case, why not purchase a case with radiation protection built in?


KingMas Car Steering Wheel Mobile Phone Holder Review

  • October 9, 2015
  • Review
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KingMas Car Steering Wheel Mobile Phone Holder Review

Watch the 9malls review of the KingMas Car Steering Wheel Mobile Phone Holder. Features: Adjustable clip, 76mm max opening, compact design, and uses a soft silicone band. Watch the video to find out if this vehicle cell phone holder is worth purchasing. Next time I need to use GPS in my car via mobile phone this product may actually help.

Do Your Pets Need Gadgets? Introducing The WonderWoof

  • January 14, 2015
  • Tech
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Do Your Pets Need Gadgets?

Are we ready for a world that includes gadgets not only for humans, but also for our pets? When I saw WonderWoof at CES this year I had to laugh. WonderWoof is the latest sensation in the doggie dog world that we live in. This revolutionary virtual diary allows dog owners to interact with their pet and other pet owners through an iOS app that also operates as a social media outlet for dogs.

Dog owners can connect with their pooch via a fashionable on-collar ‘bow-tie’ that transmits data from dog to diary through Bluetooth connectivity. The app tracks your dog’s whereabouts and monitors physical activity all while socializing with his or her doggie pals on Twitter. Users can create a profile for their dog, set health goals and objectives, track exercise and set reminders for veterinary visits, grooming appointments, play dates and more.

Do you miss your dog when you are not with him or her? If so, then Wonderwoof is definitely the app for you. It allows owners to stay close and snuggly with their pooch around the clock, even while they are away. Receive text messages from your dog to learn how and what he or she is doing and monitor behavioral patterns with updates sent right to your phone or tablet.

WonderWoof is also a fun and exciting way to motivate owners to spend more quality time with their companion. You and your dog can earn “bone bites and badges” for completing activities and achieving goals. The more activities you and your pet do together, the more badges you will earn.

The WonderWoof is not just a piece of wearable technology, but makes for a chic adornment as well. The bow tie is small, convenient and comfortable for your dog to wear and it is sure to be the talk of the dog park. So in this new world full of gadgets who knows, you and your dog may find a new playmate or romance.


Will Anyone Actually Buy The Amazon Echo?

  • November 11, 2014
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Will Anyone Actually Buy The Amazon Echo?

Move over Jibo the worlds first family robot, Amazon Echo is here. Technology should just work. No flipping through menus to get what you want, no endless mouse clicks, swipes, or taps. The future is speaking to personal AI assistants to get what you want done. The technology does all the heavy lifting not you.

That’s why when I was offered to purchase the Echo with my Amazon Prime subscription I put in my request. Amazon sent a notification letting me know I could purchase it in a couple weeks for $99 if selected. I’m not sure how Amazon plans to pick its first customers, but I hope I get to try one. The reason why I want one is the Echo makes a lot of things simple, even easier then your cell phone. The Echo is always on, plugged in (No charging), always there, you just tell it what to do and it does it. Like play the news, check the weather, alarms, play music, put this item on my shopping list, how do you spell something, math conversions, reminders, etc.

Argument Against Amazon Echo

The argument against Echo is why not just use your smart phone? Think about it you first have to find where you left your phone last, check if it has a full charge, check your data limit if playing music, answering incoming calls, texts, FB messaged, Tweets and other distractions. A phone is not a dedicated personal assistant it’s more of a distraction creator. To use some virtual phone assistants you first turn on the phone, press the assistant button, and ask a question. That’s the problem with technology right there. The turning on, the endless menus, swiping, and tapping. The whole point of technology is to just work, if I have to endlessly program technology in order for it to function properly it has already failed.

Privacy concerns? Sure there are many and Amazon says there will be a “wake word” so it’s not always listening. Amazon will need a airtight privacy policy to quell fears over Echo being used a listening device in your home for marketing purposes. You can always just unplug it, it’s not that much different then the Kinect.

Amazon Echo Commercial

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