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Video games have become a huge, profitable industry, worth billions of dollars. But most of that revenue comes from expensive games that players are expected to pay for, sometimes $60 for every title. It’s no wonder that many people then look for alternatives, such as buying used games or even renting them. This is why a few companies have started offering these services, and are becoming quite popular with gamers. is one such site, offering games for sale, used games, and renting. Here’s a quick review of the features they offer.

Rent Games for $6.95!

When we talk about renting games, we have to talk about the incumbent, the largest player in the industry, Gamefly. They popularized the process, and offer a wide selection of games through their stores and web site. So how does Gamemine compare? Well, first of all as you go through the web site and look at the various features, it’s easy to see how this company inspired itself from Gamefly. They offer a lot of the same features and plans, along with a similar navigation for new users, which is good since people are unlikely to get lost in a completely different way of doing things. However, Gamemine also innovates in various ways. For one thing, they offer trade-ins right on their site, buying and selling used games. When you go to buy a game, you have the option of buying it new or used, and it shows right in the interface whether they have the game in stock. When it comes to renting, they offer two plans. The first is a one game plan for $6.99 on the first month, then $13.95 per month after that. This allows you to have one game out at any time. The second plan allows two games and costs $10.95 the first month, $20.95 the following months.

The price structure seems to be kept purposely cheaper than Gamefly, which is another advantage. They are competing on price, and offering a better value. So if money is an obstacle for you, then Gamemine may have the edge. The sign-up process is fairly painless, and you can pay in a variety of ways. Then, once you’re a member, you can rent games and they deliver it to you, without any shipping fee, which is nice. The site offers most popular titles for all the consoles like XBOX, Wii, PS3, and so on. However, there’s also negatives to using Gamemine. First, the selection isn’t as wide as the top players. There’s a lesser number of titles, although since they focus on the top sellers, you’re likely to find something that you’ll like. Also, games don’t always appear to be available as fast as other sites. But once you get past these hurdles, there’s no reason not to give this service a try. It doesn’t take long to become a member and to start buying or renting games.


Overall, is a fairly new player, but looks like a solid option in the gaming industry. They have all the big companies and titles covered, and they offer enough options between their selling, trading and renting features, to please most gamers. The addition of free shipping is a nice plus, and if they have titles that you’re interested in, then it’s worth trying them out, if only for the first month.






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