What People Will Do For $5.00 is a brand new web site that allows people to post $5.00 “Gigs.” What will you do for $5.00. That’s the question. I posted a $5.00 advertising Gig on, but so far after a week no takers. This is a great concept for people looking for various services. It’s amazing what people will do for $5.00.  For example one Gig reads, “I will send out an AD advertising your website link twitter page facebook or blog on Twitter to over 126,000 followers for $5.” Can you say deal? If you are looking to make some money from keep in mind you will only make 90% of $5 or $4.50 per Gig. Minimum payout to customers is $30. Give it a try, sing up only takes 1 minute. Good luck! Visit

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