Applying Zen to Your Life & Business

  • December 23, 2013
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Zen Your Life 2014

If you are like me life sometimes feels like a giant treadmill. You have to do this, have to do that, you have to deal with this, have to deal with that, what now.. what happened!? There are so many things to do that you barely have enough time for, but paradoxically you feel like you aren’t doing enough. In 2014 my goal is to apply zen principles to my life and business. To constantly try to distill my personal and professional life down to it’s most important pieces. I think true success is not using the “kitchen sink” approach to life it’s knowing who you are and what you want. It’s the ability to cut through the noise, fear, chaos of life and reach your goals in spite of. Reaching the goals that give you a sense of accomplishment, growth, satisfaction, spiritual growth. Not the day to day tasks that leave you feeling that you fullfilled your duty as another cog in the giant machine of life. The alternative as we are more and more dependent on technology is becoming a slave to it. Technology controlling you rather you controlling it instead we should be using it sparingly as a tool to get ahead. So in 2014 my goal and suggested goal to my readers is to take back your life. Take it back from Facebook, your e-mail, social media, voicemail, text messages, your boss, your business, your DVR, etc. Structure your life in a way that gives you maximum reward for least amount of unnecessary meaningless distractions.

Zen 2014






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