03-29-12 Current List of Coupon Codes 03-29-12 Current List of Coupon Codes

I register most of my domain names at is one of the best places to find cheap domain names IF you have a coupon. Also, check out the domain name auctions if you want to pick up great expired domain names. Some say domain names are the real estate of the Internet. I tend to agree with this notion. It’s one that you can own for life on the Internet.

Best GoDaddy coupons codes:

– 10% Off Entire Order Exp. 03/12/12 Coupon Code LKSRTL10

– 32% Off Coupon Code gdx326n

– .com domain names $7.99 Coupon Code gdx317bc

Current list of coupons codes:

GoDaddy Promo Codes from Geek News Central

– These are ongoing

Geek5 – Save 15% on any order of $20 or more at GoDaddy
Todd20 – Save 20% on 1 Year Shared Hosting Accounts at GoDaddy
TODD – Save 10% on non domain orders at GoDaddy
COMSALE – $7.99 on .COM domain names only works for renewals as well!
COMSALE2 – $7.49 on new .com domains for existing customers
GEEK – Get $5 off any order of $30 or more.
CENTRAL – Get $10 off any order of $50 or more.
ALOHA – Get $20 off any order of $75 or more.
GEEKSSL12 – $12.99 SSL Certificates


– March 2012 coupon codes from Geek News Central

Free Private Registration with a domain purchase or transfer.  So $9.99 FREE! “march4”
$7.99 .co, first year only (code works for $7.99 .coms as well)  Code “coFeb3”
Offer: 25% off 4GH hosting plans (12 months+) Use Promo Code CES2


Get Noticed with a $7.99 .Com/.CO from Go Daddy!

A Review Of Go Daddy Domain Registry and Web Hosting by

A Review Of Go Daddy Domain Registry and Web Hosting by

Visit Go Daddy

One of my favorite places to register domain names is Also, check out the domain name auctions were you can pick up expired domain names for around $10.00.

Here is a list of current coupon codes:

$7.99 Domain Name Coupon Code “gdbb776”

$49.99 SSL Certificate for only $12.99 “WOWSSL”

$7.49 Domain Names New Only “SCENE749”

.COM and .NET Renewals $7.99 “GDBBREN8”

A lot of people in the world have heard of Go Daddy. Go Daddy is currently the world’s number one and biggest registrar for domain names. But, who are they really and what do they really provide to the entire world? Here is a more in depth review of Go Daddy registry and web hosting services.

Bob Parsons was the creator of Go Daddy back in 1997.  The company is the flagship of the corporation with other companies under it, Domains By Proxy, Wild West Domains, Inc., Blue Razor Domains, and Starfield Technologies. Starfield is a development and research affiliate while Domains By Proxy is only for private domain registrations. Blue Razor is a registrar that is membership based and Wild West resells services and products that are related to domains along with domains themselves.

Go Daddy is ICANN accredited. This simply means that there is a bunch of rules and laws to sell domain services to all of us. Because of this they have more domain names to manage than any other company in the world. Currently they stand at around forty-seven million domains that are currently managed.

The support staff is not outsourced like a lot of companies are in the world. Go Daddy makes sure everything is in house to give better customer and technical support. This also keeps the prices and products available for sale at competitive and affordable prices. So, in reviewing Go Daddy domain registry and web hosting, what products and services do they provide?

Email is crucially important for a business or individual so no information is missed. Compatible to mobile phones, Go Daddy email plans are totally portable. Just log in anywhere to pick up your messages. There is anti-spam features built in. Also, the email name you choose can also be part of branding a person’s name or business. There is a Fax Through Email, online folders, and a calendar for work or personal events.

Go Daddy’s Quick Shopping Cart will put a person in business fast with just a few products or hundreds. If a person does not know what design they want, there is a team that will design what is needed. Just pick out a template design, choose shipping options, list the products, and launch and start selling. It is done in as little as three steps.

Of course there is a bunch more things that Go Daddy does offer and the main one is domains. Domain names means your business name, a person’s name, the name that will set the world on fire. Choose from dot com, dot net, dot US or any other country to show your business is in this specific country.

Here is a great example. A person wants to sell blue dog collars. Well, looking to see who is rated on the first page on a search engine, will give an idea of the competition. If a person can buy a domain name that is close to the competition, then some of that web traffic will start heading to them instead. Of course, a person might have their business name already, which will be the name on the website and just simply need the domain to match everything.

Go Daddy has a ton of things to offer everyone for a great affordable price. Think of them as one stop shopping for all your Internet business, marketing, and individual needs all in one convenient location.

Visit here

Best New Coupons

One of my favorite sites for domain names and even domain name auctions is I never buy domain names at regular price if I don’t have to. Luckily for me ALWAYS has promotions/coupons for their web site. Here is a list of the best of the best coupon codes for Visit Go Daddy.

Promo codes are from Geek News Central

GEEK5 Get 15% off any order $20 or more

TODD20 Save 20% on 1 Year Shared Hosting Accounts at GoDaddy

TODD Save 10% on non domain orders at GoDaddy

COMSALE $7.67 on .COM domain names only works for renewals as well!

ALOHA Get $20 off any order of $75 or more

GEEKSSL12 $12.99 SSL Certificates

PODFD412 35% off .com

gdc120m 25% Off $75 or more

NC3D17 For .com $7.99/year + Free Private Reg.

To take advantage of these great deals visit It has been my experience that changes promotions frequently so take advantage of them while they last!

Sale! $ from - 336x280 Complete List of Coupons

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In the market for a domain name? used to be one of the least expensive domain registrars, but since then they have raised their prices. You can still get their low prices, but you have to use coupons. Using coupons is the only way to buy products through

$ sale at 336x280

Complete list of coupons:

$7.95 for .org “goaorg01a”

$3 off no limit “PCH3”

25% off .com “PANDA3”

$10 off $40 “tek5”

$7.49 .com “ucradio3”

$10 off $50 “gd49bbnd90”

Shop with these coupons and save.






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