Claim Google Authorship for Your WordPress Website

  • October 1, 2013
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Claim Google Authorship for Your WordPress Website


Google Authorship is simply a way where anyone can create a verified connection between their original content provided on the internet and their profile on Google+. The other good thing is that it will also show your gravatar next to your search results to everyone. Google understand that the content is your and if social website authorized you for that content and it get high amount of likes, shares then Google understands that the content is very important and then it will list your result at higher rank. This helps you a lot as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) point of view. So basically it is also used to influence your Google search engine page ranking. Most of the WordPress and other content creaters don’t have time to code behind the content for SEO and they can use this feature to get ranked themselves easily.

Google Authorship

Steps to Claim Google Authorship for WordPress Website:

To claim your Google Authorship you need to follow the steps we are going to explain below. If you are an regular internet user and blogger then you can easily follow these steps without having any problem. The steps are as follows:

1.    Setup a Google+ Account:

Sign in to the Google and login to your Google+ account. Once you have completed the setup process then go to the About Tab on your Google+ profile. Scroll down until you find the links area and where it says “Contributor to “, add your wordpress site here.

2.    Update profile on WordPress:

Once you have added your website on your Google+ profile. Now it’s time to let your WordPress know about your Google+ profile. Login to your WordPress website and go to the Dashboard. Go to User tab and then Your Profile. Under the social field you will get a box to place your Google+ profile. Copy your profile link and paste it here and then save these changes on WordPress.

3.    Validate your WordPress site to Google:

Now you have linked your Google+ profile to your WordPress website and similarly your WordPress website with your Google+ profile. Now, just check out if your feed is working properly as you want it. Visit your Webmaster Tool (Google product) or go to to validate that your feed is properly working as expected. Enter your WordPress website address here and then click on preview.


So if you want to let you introduce yourself for all your original content on internet. You just need a WordPress website and a Google+ profile. Just follow the above procedure and link your both profiles to each other and then all your content when get searched on Google search result, people will able to know who is author behind this content. It will also show your Gravatar next to search results. Once Google understand that your content in important for people then it will automatically rank your result on top results, which is also very good for SEO. You need not to go very deep to create SEO for your contents.






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