Shopify 14 Day Trial Test Review

  • January 1, 2014
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Shopify 14 Day Test Review: How Did It Go?

If you read this blog frequently you know I’ve been testing ecommerce store building sites. My first test was with Big Commerce online store builder. Unfortunately it’s been almost 2 weeks and I haven’t made a sale yet. I lost my log in information and was unable to get someone at the company to e-mail me. I called Big Commerce as well, but was on hold for around 10 min. until I hang up. As much as I enjoy being on hold I don’t have that kind of time to waste.

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So next I’m going to try Shopify (Don’t confuse with Spotify). My goal as in my first test of Big Commerce is to get at least 1 sale. I don’t think that should be too hard if these store builders are worth the monthly cost.

Sign up process:

– To sign up just go to the web site enter store name, e-mail address, and finally password. Click on “Create your store now.”

– Next Shopify prompts you to enter some personal information and information about store.

Customization process:

– After signing up you can pick a theme for your store. Unfortunately unlike Big Commerce Shopify appears to only offer only 1 theme. Big Commerce offered many different themes. I prefer Big Commerce over Shopify on this point alone.

– Editing the default about us and welcome pages.

– Adding favicon was very easy, but I added logo and for some reason it’s not showing up on the web site.

Adding products:

– I added a product to my Bottle Opener Store in about 2 minutes. Everything was straight forward and simple. See my screen shot of progress so far below:

Shopify Review


– Editing my first blog post. Shopify has an interesting built in blogging feature.

Payment set up:

Payment set up is a lot more complicated than Big Commerce. On Big Commerce site it was literally one click of a button to start accepting credit card payments. On Shopify you need to first give them tons of information before you can accept credit cards.

Also, this is very, very annoying unlike Big Commerce on Shopify, “You must choose a plan and enter your credit card details before checkout is enabled.”


My first impression is Big Commerce store builder is much more advanced, more professional looking, and easier to use. I will continue to make changes and report back to you on On a positive note I see that one can make tons of edits to the theme that Shopify offers including edits directly to the HTML code.

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Here is my finished Shopify web store after day one

Shopify Home Page




Review of by

  • November 16, 2011
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Review of by

Thanks for looking at the review of I’ve been using for a few years now and all I can say it’s hands down my favorite “paid to surf” site out there. You can search to earn points or refer people to the site to gain points it’s up to you. However you earn points you can redeem them for cool gift cards, prizes, and even enter sweepstakes with a small amount of points. I currently average a $5.00 Amazon gift card a week. It might not seem like much, but it really ads up and it makes shopping at a lot of fun. This review is coming from me a user of I highly recommend the site it’s 100% free.

Sign up at and earn swag bucks!

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What if there was a website, or online portal, from which you could do all the things you normally do online, but earn money from doing it? That’s the idea behind SwagBucks. The site, available at SwagBucks, advertises itself as an easy way to make money for simply browsing the web, doing searches, and all the other normal things you would normally do online. But is it really easy money, does it work, and how much cash can you make with SwagBucks? Let’s review some of these features and how well they work.

First, to start using the site you need to open an account. The process is fairly painless, and you can connect to SwagBucks using one of the popular social networking sites. Once that’s done, every time you use their site, you can earn virtual currency. The first thing to do is search by using their site. You’ll get similar results as if you were using Google or Bing, but instead you will get some coins from time to time. In this respect, it’s actually pretty easy to get cash like that. You just need to remember to always use their site to search online, and to browse the web. If that’s all you do however, you won’t get a lot of money very fast, in fact it will be painfully slow, so SwagBucks offers other ways to gain currency. They have their own online store, offering many popular products, and if you shop through SwagBucks, you gain more credits. You can also trade in old gadgets, submit poll ideas, answer surveys, and do all sorts of activities online for which you gain those virtual bucks.

Once you’re ready to get those credits out, you can convert them into items, like gift cards or electronics, or you can get cash to PayPal. Overall, a heavy user of the site can manage to get a few dollars every day, although there is a minimum needed to be able to get it transferred to a bank account. The good thing about the site is how easy it is to gain all these credits, however there’s also some issues to keep in mind. They have an affiliate program, and that’s a good way to gain more credits, but there is a cap of 1,000 credits, so those will only go so far. Also, while you can get your money out at any time, processing can be slow, and can easily take 2 weeks to get $5 deposited into your PayPal account. Finally, this isn’t a way to become rich. Most of the activities pay very little, and the pay can be inconsistent. For example, it costs more to transfer credits to actual cash than it does if you want an Amazon gift card. Those are things to keep in mind if you decide to become a heavy user of the site.

Overall, SwagBucks isn’t a scam, it seems pretty legit, and does provide you with actual goods for doing almost anything online, as long as you use their site to search and browse. However, it won’t make you rich, and will provide only a small extra income at best. So it’s up to you to decide if it’s worth switching your online habits for a chance at a few extra dollars.

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Disclosure: We are a professional review and news site that occasionally receives compensation from the companies we review. We receive compensation only if a visitor clicks through affiliate link and makes a purchase. We test each product or site thoroughly and give high marks to only the very best. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own.

Set Top Box Comparison – Is Boxee the Best? Part 1 of 3

  • May 3, 2011
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Set Top Box Review – Is Boxee the Best? Part 1 of 3

For more information on Boxee and other set top boxes visit

In this 3 part series I will review my 3 favorite set top boxes. In part 1 of 3 I will review Boxee. A Boxee is a software application which is open to source media that includes social bookmarking capabilities and is intended for some sort of television system. This kind of software makes use of a mixture of applications and types of streaming media that is accessible to the users. Not only that, it also supports content such as images, musics and video clips. The Boxee package, which needs a physical cable link from your computer to your tv, let you access media both local and elsewhere by using your tv and its remote control. And like other social networking you can also add comments and share what you are watching.

Boxee use the XBMC Media Centre which originally designed for Microsoft’s Xbox games console and an open source media player and entertainment application for Windows and Linux. It also allows you to download content from almost anywhere where you can choose any kind of content you like.

For more information on Boxee and other set top boxes visit

In order to use the Boxee, you need to create an account just like other software as a basis for adding feeds that you want to keep an eye on, contacts and account details for sites like Twitter. One of the advantages of Boxee software when compared to other competitors is that you can monitor online content from the desktop of your PC or laptop in tv format, but without needing to use a browser. There are also various of forums where users can find solutions or at least work around for common problems.

There were some reasons also why Boxee is better than other application software is that it plays a variety of file formats and has internet video sources. But still there were some that don’t like Boxee just because the one purchased online content may not play sometime.

As an overall, Boxee to all intents and purposes is an open source media centre software program which includes social bookmarking capabilities and is intended for some of television system.

For more information on Boxee and other set top boxes visit

Review of WhiteSmoke – Bloggers Dream Software

  • May 2, 2011
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Review of WhiteSmoke – Bloggers Dream Software

If a person blogs, this can be very serious. A lot of people have professional blogs and actually do this for a living. Even if it is casual and just for fun, help is always needed to be more creative and be more professional. WhiteSmoke is a dream come to true for many businesses and individuals.


WhiteSmoke will help with and provide:

–     Grammar and Spelling

–     Full Text Translation

–     Multilingual Dictionary

–     Artificial Intelligence

The artificial intelligence in WhiteSmoke will recognize natural speech by using NLP or Natural Language Processing. This makes everything hands free. The AI will learn to recognize words and phrases that a person commonly uses with WhiteSmoke.

Using SMT or Statistical Machine Translation Technology, WhiteSmoke takes full texts and translates them with a click of a mouse button. This helps with eBooks, college, medical, legal, and so many more ways of achieving productivity with WhiteSmoke.

Grammar and spelling is of course needed in anything that is typed up on the computer. Whether submitting a legal document, turning in a class report, writing up a presentation, WhiteSmoke will check on everything. From punctuation, sentence structure, spelling, and style of writing. WhiteSmoke even provides a multilingual dictionary to help translate languages across the globe for a blogger or business will never miss a beat in the modern world of commerce and business.

WhiteSmoke Writer for Business is used for professional writers and bloggers. Taking all the basics from above and adding in an extension of the basic WhiteSmoke Program, a writing review and error explanations are added. Grammar mistakes are shown and the reason why. Then, solutions to fixing the problems are provided. With the writing review in WhiteSmoke, a writing score is given for your written text. This will help to brush up on things if it needs to be more professional for business.

WhiteSmoke Writer also provides writing templates when a person is stuck. This helps with professional letter writing and using and writing the correct documents when it comes to business. This makes things look very professional by using WhiteSmoke.

The reviews are very positive with WhiteSmoke as different languages can be used. If a person spoke German and needed to write in American English, that is no problem at all. All the grammar and sentence structure would be compatible with WhiteSmoke. Some people have used WhiteSmoke to learn English. It is hard to figure out grammar and spelling, but the challenge pays off in the long run.

With a lot of ghost writing jobs now online, writers need a solution to make sure all their writing is correct from start to finish. This helps bring in more business as writing is more polished. By becoming more polished, then rates can go up due to quality which brings in more money to the writer and blogger. WhiteSmoke will help home based businesses to achieve this. This is very cost effective and a much needed tool for writers to run their businesses correctly.

Up To 50% OFF WhiteSmoke Software Products!

Review of CoffeeCup Software by

Review of CoffeeCup Software by

Visit CoffeeCup Software is about gadgets, technology, and marketing. If you are looking to market your products online by creating a killer web site hands down CoffeeCup is the best web design software out there. If you are just started out with web design or a seasoned professional CoffeeCup has something for everyone. I’ve been a user of CoffeeCup for almost 4 years and I’m so glad I discovered them.

A lot of people love coffee. When waking up in the morning, it helps to give people a boost of caffeine to wake up or it is drank to relax and read a good book or drinking it cold on a hot, muggy day. So, the name CoffeeCup already gives visions of something great. There will be great conversation over something that is very familiar, a coffee cup.

Born in 1996, the people at CoffeeCup wanted to make websites. But, it was still very difficult to do back in the day. This is when times were calling for only professionals to build them at hundreds of dollars. CoffeeCup Software changed that by making websites simple and easy by using HTML.

The CoffeeCup HTML Editor is award winning. They also have a Web Form Builder along with Flash software and Photo Gallery with CoffeeCup. There was of course no such thing as Flash back in the day. Now, we all can watch music videos, awesome movies, play killer video games, and of course do not forget every day videos.

CoffeeCup makes the things that sound hard and impossible into something that is very easy so everyone can use it. It is designed for everyone, not a limited group of people that have to have a BA degree to use it. They let everyone try CoffeeCup for themselves by offering a free download trial. Try everything out, play it, and see what it can do for your business. They will even take your advice and suggestions into improving or creating new products.

The HTML Editor 2010 SE by CoffeeCup will have a person creating websites that will look very high dollar with knock out quality.  There is built-in validation and code completion tools. Even a beginner will learn website themes and tag references. Professionals will be provided with CSS3 and HTML5 technical support through CoffeeCup.

Website Projects is the tools that are given for the HTML Editor CoffeeCup Software. There will be right click menus, toolbars, and shortcuts provided on the keyboard. The validation codes helps for everyone to see the web pages displayed properly instead of page not displayed or a red x. All pages of the website will be compatible with any browser a person is using when using the CoffeeCup software.

There is a total of three tools provided with CoffeeCup. Tag Reference will tag correctly as your pages will be hand coded. Every single thing displayed from a paragraph to a menu will be put in the correct place. While typing, Code Completion will suggest tags needed. Then, the Validation tool, which is built in, checks the coding by letting a person use W3C standards to validate the web pages. The CoffeeCup software provides everything that is needed.

Visit CoffeeCup Software

Once learning the CoffeeCup software to make websites, definitely check out the web forms as it will be very handy for your business. There is even eCommerce software with CoffeeCup. Design and make your own shopping cart for your website. CoffeeCup can definitely help with every aspect of any website need.

Click Here for CoffeeCup Website Design Software






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