Garagua Photo Challenges App Review

  • July 27, 2015
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Garagua Photo Challenges App Review

Every once in a while we review an app on that really impresses us. The Garagua photo challenge app compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch is one of those apps. Playing Garagua photo/video challenges will give you amazing ideas how to have fun when you are bored, need to express yourself or want to spend interesting, exciting and unforgettable moments with your family, friends, kids and even strangers. Share how you complete those challenges and get a lot of likes and comments from everybody.

Garagua challenges you to open the family album and take a photo of your first picture ever, to put on different socks for a day or to make a poster for your next birthday. Meet those challenges and many more, and have lots of fun while doing it. All versions of this app get a 5 out of 5 stars based on 62 ratings.


– More than 450 unique and exciting challenges
– Organized in categories
– Elegant and neat interface
– Photo and video share available
– Easy to use #hashtags

Garagua brings back the long lost ‘social’ in social networking. Someone said all the magic happens when we leave our comfort zone. You will achieve that in a friendly and fun way with Garagua. It is interactive, it is dynamic, and it is social.

Learn more about the Garagua app here:


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Setting Up E-Mail Account With BlueHost On iPhone or iPod Touch

Setting up an e-mail account with BlueHost on the iPhone or iPod Touch

BlueHost provide the feature for iPhone and iPod Touch users to control and manage their BlueHost account directly from their phone with their already existing Email account. Following tutorial will easily guide you to set up and configure an email account with BlueHost on your iPhone and iPod Touch.

You just need to know standard email account information such as username, password, and incoming and outgoing mail server host information for your domain.

Steps to configure account:

1. Go to Home screen and choose Setting -> Mail -> Accounts -> Add Account. If you are setting up your first account in your iPhone or iPod Touch then tap Mail.

2. Click on Add Account and choose your email account type. Choose Other for setting up email account with BlueHost account.

3. Select the server type from IMAP or POP and then fill the account information.

4. Fill out the information:

Address: [Your full email address]
Description: [Your full email address]

Incoming Mail Server information –
Host Name:
User Name: [Your full email address]
Password: [Your password]

Outgoing Mail Server information –
Host Name:
User Name: [Your full email address]
Password: [Your password]

5. After filling out the entire information tap Save.

6. If all the information entered is correct then after successful completion you will be taken back to the Mail Setting screen.

7. If you have chosen the IMAP setting then follow few additional step below-

If you want to download the Inbox folder, then Go to Home Screen -> Setting -> Mail -> select your account. Click on Advance and then for IMAP Path Prefix fill INBOX (all in capital letters). You can also choose your iPhone and iPod Touch to store your Draft and Sent Messages on the server or in the phone. You can change this setting at anytime in Advance Setting area.






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