Float Tank Personal Experience – Are They Worth It?

  • November 7, 2014
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Float Tank Personal Experience – Are They Worth It?

A couple weeks ago I had my first experience inside a float tank here in the Seattle area. I first had the idea of floating after listening to the popular Joe Rogan podcast. Joe Rogan raves about his tank going as far as actually installing a tank inside his own home. The first time Joe Rogan went inside a tank he couldn’t believe why more people aren’t on board with this idea. To him the float tank was life changing and it seems the word is finally spreading around the country.

I purchased my float tank Groupon, scheduled my time/date online and I was set. When I arrived I was lead into a reception area where the décor was industrial, modern, and inviting. I waited around a while and was lead into a smaller room where I was invited to drink some tea before my float. I poured myself a cup and it was time to go into the float room. They company has multiple rooms, this room was much larger than I expected. There’s a shower off to the right and a changing area with a bench to the left. I got ready put in my earplugs and it was time for my hour float.



The Float Tank Isolation Experience

The tank first off looks like recycled NASA parts from the International Space Station. I went in like I was going into some NASA lunar module. I opened up the door to the “capsul” or whatever you want to call it and walked in. This tank is unlike many in that you can almost stand up in it, it’s like being inside a very small room. I laid down, pushed the lights off button and I was ready for my float experience.

First Thoughts Of Floating

My first thought I had is this is so weird! The feeling of being in pitch black darkness and floating inside a tank with enough salt that you don’t sink is so strange. It literally is something that I’ve never experienced before, it’s definitely novel. So for the first 10 min. I was just smiling because it’s kind of like losing your body. You’re floating so you can’t feel the tank, can’t hear anything, and can’t see anything. All you have are your thoughts.

I know the goal of the whole isolation tank experience is to quite your mind, but I took it as an opportunity to just think. I noticed with no outside stimulus how much more vivid your thoughts can become. It’s almost like I could connect more with the emotions of current life experiences with the lack of outside distractions. If you are one of those people that likes to walk to clear your mind I think floatation could give you better results.

Floating in the tank isn’t like floating in your bathtub. You are laying in water with tons of salt and as a result you float. You’d spend a fortune on salt just to recreate this in your own house. Also, it’s silent and pitch black and the water temperature matches your skin so you can’t feel it.

Would I Do It Again

Absolutely!! I would do it again in a heartbeat, but at this time there simply isn’t enough competition to drive prices down. Floats go anywhere from $50 – $100 depending it you buy packages, subscriptions, or one time floats. It’s really freaking expensive. I know how hard it is to run a business so I understand that these places need to charge something, but I just wish they could figure out a cheaper pricing strategy. May be like a $30 float Sundays or something. Once they figure the pricing and more float tank companies open up I really think this could catch on.






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